Monday, June 27, 2011

This just in from the desert telegraph: Vince Cefalu to be on FOX News tomorrow at 10AM Eastern.

Just received this email:

The buzz saw known as Vince Cefalu will be back at it tomorrow morning on FOX! Spread the word!

10am hour eastern / 7am hour pacific

America’s Newsroom with Bill Hemmer and Martha MacCallum - FOX News Channel

This should be good.

ATF, for the record this show pulls a 3 Million viewership audience share. Ouch!


Anonymous said...

What's this business tonight with ABC15 in Phoenix claiming they have a F&F serial number list or "documents" ?

I see someone is already taking them to task for ignoring it till now .

Thomas/PatriotofPast said...

Watched Vince and Rep. Issa.
Congressman Issa said the firing of Mr.Cefalu could be the BEST THING for him...
Now he does not have to worry about the Political Channels. I look forward to seeing Melson on the Stand. Will he spill the peverbial Beans on Holder? God I hope So!

CowboyDan said...

I saw this segment on FOXNews this a.m. Tough guy, and righteous. He'll be a major PITA to the brass for as long as he stays healthy.

Go Vince!