Friday, June 24, 2011

CBS finally giving Sharyl Attkisson more screen time.


Anonymous said...

Mike couldnt find your email but this file showed up in the hackers, LulzSec file dump they did on Arizina LE.. you will find it interesting. Its a pdf.

Google this name.. it will be the 1st hit.

ATFE Southwest Border Strategy Project Gunrunner Weapons of Choice SW Border Weapons of Choice.pdf

yank lll

Anonymous said...

Im relatively new to the gunwalker scandal. Has anyone noticed the various Democrats for Gun Rights blogs aren't touching this story either? This is their time to shine if they are for real.

Anonymous said...

Arrrr! But you see there be Marxists Heer!

What the left does is penetrate your organizations and while they do that, they make up their own. That way if they aren't able to completely take your's over they can destroy the existing organization/s and replace it with their's!

They lie, cheat, steal, corrupt, extort, assault and kill their way to power using primarily 3 weapons, fear, lies while controlling information that the public gets to see, and the public destruction of people and institutions they don't like, one piece at a time and more if possible. Oh, I forgot the tactical use of violence which is ALWAYS used.

Unlike us, they are offensive 24/7/365...

Mark Matis said...

For Anonymous at 3:42 PM:
Why would ANYONE even remotely think they are for real? They are all just shills to confuse the FUDS. Much like the NRA with THEIR ratings. Any bets on how their next ones look, regardless of how Reid et al deal with Gunwalker?

Anonymous said...

Someone please tell Sharyl these were not "assault rifles". That is a technical term and it does not apply to the rifles in question.