Friday, June 24, 2011

Counterpunching against the Empire: Vince Cefalu to be on FOX News tonight, 6:05PM Eastern / 3:05 Pacific

Just received this by email.

From CleanUpATF:

OK people here we go with the first concrete wave. You gotta understand that these ATF undercover agents are a different breed of cat. They don't roll over and lay down like the sissy's that run the join. They get up, rally together and fight back.

Who: ATF Special Agent Vince Cefalu

What: Appearing on Fox's National Cable Television Program America's Nightly Scoreboard

When: TODAY! 6:05 eastern / 3:05 pacific

Where: Nationwide on your televsion. Here is a link to find the station on your local cable

Why: Because ATF retaliated against Cefalu for blowing the whistle in the face of Congressional warnings and DOJ representatives stating that this never happens

How: Because ATF management does not care what anyone says, tells them to do or the law states.

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Anonymous said...

On Fox Business Channel.