Friday, June 24, 2011

The Obama administration has declared war in the Gunwalker Scandal -- now punishing "traitors" and pinning medals on "good little Gruppenfuhrers."

Upon arriving in Phoenix, AZ in December 2009, I was assigned to work full time (more or less) on an investigation, which later received OCDETF designation and funding. That investigation was titled Fast and Furious. The investigation was initiated before my arrival by a newly hired ATF Special Agent, Jose Medina, sometime in or around November 2009. Special Agent Medina’s assigned training officer was ATF Special Agent Hope MacAllister. Shortly after Special Agent Medina opened the investigation, Special Agent MacAllister had the investigation reassigned to her. Based on my experiences in ATF, this type of reassignment is uncommon and unusual, especially in a trainer / trainee situation. . .

As the investigation progressed over the next couple of months and additional suspected straw purchasers were identified, again with no obvious attempts to interdict the weapons or interview suspects. Around the same time, the Phoenix Group VII Office started to receive numerous firearm traces detailing recoveries of firearms in the Country of Mexico. Many of those traces disclosed that the aforementioned straw purchasers were responsible for purchasing those recovered firearms. Also around that period of time the investigation received OCDETF funding and was titled the Fast and Furious. At this time, several Special Agents in the group, including myself, became increasingly concerned and alarmed at Case Agent McAllister’s and/or Group Supervisor Voth’s refusal to address or stop the suspected straw purchaser from purchasing additional firearms. Special Agent John Dodson and I continually raised our concerns directly with Case Agent MacAllister, Co-Case Agent English, and Group Supervisor Voth, to no avail. In response to our increasingly voiced concerns, Group Supervisor Voth issued the infamous “Schism” e-mail to the group. In essence, the e-mail was a direct threat to the Special Agents who were not in agreement with how Case Agent MacAllister, Co-Case Agent English, or Group Supervisor Voth managed the investigation. Based on my eighteen years of experience with ATF, I did not think the e-mail was an empty threat and took it very seriously. -- Testimony of Olindo James Casa, Senior Special Agent, ATF, 15 June 2011.

Remember this post from 17 May?

Another move involves Agent David Voth, who directly supervised the Phoenix ATF "Group VII," that executed Fast and Furious. Sources say he's also been assigned to the U.S. Attorney's office along with Agent Hope McAllister. Sources say McAllister was the agent in charge of Fast and Furious.

In other words, let me be blunt, Agent Hope McAllister, good little Nuremberg-defense soldier that she is, has Gunwalker blood on her hands. She saluted and said, "Yes, Sir!" Not only that, she did everything she could to suppress dissent in the ranks. She is up to her ass in culpability for the hundreds of Gunwalker Scandal dead in Mexico and the United States.

Now John Richardson, writing at No Lawyers -- Only Guns and Money, observes that "The powers-that-be at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are tone deaf."

Tone deaf doesn't begin to cover it.

Sharyl Attkisson of CBS News posted this Tweet a couple of hours ago:

ATF Phoenix case agent Hope MacAllister --headed ATF's controversial gunwalking op-- today reportedly recvd national ATF "Lifesaving Award."

Today, it was also confirmed by CBS News that "gunwalked" two AK-47 variants were found at the scene of a shoot-out in Mexico between authorities and the suspects in a high profile murder. The murder victim was the brother of a Mexican state attorney general. . .

I don't know what Ms. MacAllister did to be awarded an ATF "Lifesaving Award" but it sure wasn't protecting the innocent from the narco-terrorist thugs running much of Mexico. If you helped these thugs become armed, then you are complicit in the murders committed with them. To then get an award on top of this indicates a divorce from reality by the upper echelon in ATF's Washington headquarters.

I beg to differ with John on this point. This does not indicate "a divorce from reality by the upper echelon in ATF's Washington headquarters." It merely reflects the fact that these people have now decided that they are at war.

Recall that the DOJ is now punishing whistleblowers with termination.

This latest move rewarding McAllister just confirms what a couple of my DC sources have saying for days -- the Obama administration is now on a war footing. "This will be a war to the knife and knife to the hilt," said one. "Punishing 'traitors' and rewarding good little Gruppenfuhrers for carrying out orders is characteristic of war."


We'll see which side will win.


Col Bat Guano said...

They may win for awhile. But I've seen it written on this site "No more free Wacos.". Gunwalker IS another Waco in the level of carnage and callous disregard on the part of senior Federal officials in ATF and most likely above. Ken Melson didnt dream up this abortion all by himself. The rope to the anchor around his feet is snagged on more senior people. He knows it and so do they.

To date, at least two elected officials (Issa and Grassley) would probably agree with the Waco analogy to this crime and are seeking to make it not a free pass for those responsible. They derserve support for the present course they are on. If they succeed, crimminal government bureaucrats will go to jail and the gun control lobby will wear this Scarlet Letter for a long, long time. We'll see what happens to either their person or their convictions as this crime drama plays out.

Anonymous said...

We need to come to grips with the fact that the BATFE bureaucracy and maybe many within the lower echelons of the agency are highly sympathetic to the 'gun control' aims of the Obama regime.

They're an agency serving the regime. In fact, any regime that further empowers them and develops and expands their bureaucratic controls.

The Obama regime has pushed them into a 'war' mentality by directing them against The Constitution. Their compromise is forcing them to defend their agency from being reorganized, redirected and possibly disbanded.

No one should be surprised at all the "Gruppenfuhrers" and their kool-aid stained lips with all the 'rewards' offered for service to the ruling regime.

It's one thing to be in law enforcement. It's a whole other thing to rise above the law and become the interpreters, makers and administrators of the laws you're directed to enforce. What mortal could resist that sirens call to power?

Mark Matis said...

What would make you think that ANYONE in "Law Enforcement" is going to arrest and prosecute the people responsible for Gunwalker, when they won't even bother to enforce a Federal contempt of court citation for the Obamatorium?

Anonymous said...

@ Mark Mattis:

This is my second attempt to answer your question and I promise it will be my last. If you don't want to hear the answer don't waste everyone's time by asking the question.

An arrest warrant can be issued by the House or Senate upon calling of the House/Senate motion.

The Sargent-at-Arms then presents the warrant to the person named and performs the arrest.

If the House has the necessary number of votes, an arrest will follow.

What is there about this simple procedure that is too difficult for you to understand?


Anonymous said...

This is all very simple although everything is cloaked in lofty words and pseudo altruistic claptrap.

They use our tax money to enslave us, laugh in our faces and relegated us to the fringe where we cannot be heard or considered. When they can they will stop even this. And our youth have no clue because those who do this cannot have it otherwise and still win.

But there's no plan or anything. No conspiracy against our way of life and Constitution. Just ask anybody, especially the media and Hollywood.

Try and ignore the hammer and sickle "holiday" tree ornaments at Christmas.

otterhauser said...

Isn't it remarkable that criminals are so readily leaving their "Gunwalked" rifles at the scenes of murders?? How many killers leave their weapons "at the scene" unless they are killed there as well? There is an odor surrounding this...a very noticeable odor. Would anyone really put it past the Obama Regime to TELL straw buyers to leave weapons, or have them left behind so traces could be run??? It sounds impossible, I know, but remember who we are dealing with. And remember the real purpose of Fast and Furious--new, tougher gun laws.

Anonymous said...

Is it time for the short ropes and tall trees yet?

Ready, Willing, and quite able