Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Poor Paulie. Despite the facts he still beats the same discredited drum.

Me and Paulie shaking hands, 19 April 2010. You know, he is a bit of limp-wrist.

"In the ATF 'Fast and Furious' Controversy, Congress Needs To Question Its Own Behavior."


thedweeze said...

Here's my comment over at HuffPo, which if things go as usual, won't get posted:

"Ah, Paul's last hurrah. For those of you who are unaware, July 10 is his last day with the Brady Bunch. He's done a really good job, you know: Heller, McDonald, and most recently, Illinois is the only state left in the Union that doesn't allow concealed carry for it's citizens.

We'll miss your effective leadership­, Mr. Helmke."

Kicking someone when he's down means you cannot miss.

Anonymous said...

This looks an awful lot like somebody dumping an empty mag and running for cover.

J. Croft said...

I think you could take him in a straight up street brawl.

Anonymous said...

Just read the 'article' (or was it a diatribe by helmke?) - won't try to post on huffpo..............
A couple of quick comments here:

'weak' gun laws - OK paul - which ones would those be? Perhaps the word he was grasping for is un-enforced.

'reasonable' gun laws - same thing - which of the ones currently on the books are not reasonable enough for you?

And then finally he calls melson the "Acting Director of the FBI". And implies it was the fault of the weak gun laws that he is being forced to resign. HINT: maybe criminal enterprises by a federal agency had some small amount of causal effect for that.