Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Seattle cops offer free AR's to passersby.

What a steal of a deal.


Chef said...

I'm really suprised that they didn't try to cover it up by saying it was placed there "on purpose".

millerized said...

Since when do LEO's get/buy/order semi-automatics? Thought they were all select fire or full auto?

And no mention of the 'assault' weapon part....evil autonomic automatic assault weapon....just waiting for it's next victim to walk by.

Anonymous said...

I am outraged!
This unattended rifle could have suddenly gone off and killed dozens.
We all know that rifles have to be secured with locks and restraints lest they go off on a rampage.
We need a new law that protects us from police rifles left unattended on the back of cars.


Erkl Holder said...

1. It was left there to see if Mexican drug lords would take it back to Mexico to use in drug wars.
2. I know it speaks to one of my deep flaws, but if I saw that, I may very well have absconded with the thing, just to keep it out of the wrong hands. That is, the hands of careless cops and other criminal elements.