Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rep. Issa: ATF Program Was a Mistake. "Internet conspiracy theories. . . not without some possibility."


Anonymous said...

..."lost track"?

Dip me in dog shit. I am a conspiracy theorist!


Dakota said...

No other alternative purpose my achin ass .... the whole thing boils down to a government funded operation to add legitimacy to the anti gun would be slave masters wanting stricter gun laws here. Of course a few dozen Mexicans and maybe a few Americans were a necessary risk ...."do it to protect the children". "It's for the better good", don't you know.

As soon as the Feds can worm their way out of this there will be a rally call from Chuckie Schumer and the gang for more gun legislation!

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

I think you've already uncovered the approach the collectivists are planning to take: press the "botched sting operation" fable--the idea that this was an honorably intended, if poorly conceived, plan to rein in the violence in Mexico in spite of the "weak gun laws" here.

If we let them get away with that, they'll still be able to spin it into justification for more tyrannical new gun regulation.

pdxr13 said...

The only thing that is not exactly a fact is the possibility that some of the "straw buyers" were actually Agents who carried weapons all the way to cartel hands in Mexico. It's currently A Fact that gun running straw buyers were escorted to the Mexican border.

This is an unauthorized act of war against the State of Mexico, at least unauthorized by Congress. The Executive branch obviously had control of the whole operation including several alphabet agencies who coordinated-cooperated in Operation F & F. The trick is going to be finding the memos and some living witnesses.

"Awareness" without contrary action is "Authorization". Unlawful war against a peaceful neighbor is treason against your own country. See Constitution for penalty for treason.

Anonymous said...

Well , they have recieved some "recent criticism" .

Dedicated_Dad said...

"Not without some possibility"?

The only thing "Not without some possibility" is THE IDIOTIC "Official Story"!!

I keep waiting for someone to tell me how this "bust the big bad guys in Mexico" thing was supposed to happen!


Do we not already KNOW who are the heads of the "Cartels"?

Do we not already KNOW they have guns?


WE know the truth - and we must NEVER let the opportunity pass to rub their noses in it!

Why can't Issa et al ask the same simple question:

HOW - EXACTLY - was this supposed to work??!!

fgd-anchorage said...

I note that Rep. Issa is very careful with his words. This is my warning to be very careful with my words.

Anonymous said...

Good points raised in the previous comments - but I think Rep. Issa (inadvertently) hit on one of the keys to unraveling this issue: 'follow the money'. Who provided the money to the buyers?? Somebody had to have given it to them, remember the scene in 'Dirty Harry' where he had to sign for the ransom money? That amount of cash doesn't just come out of the coffee fund.
I heard that one of the buyers (24yr old female) drove up to one of the gun stores in an old beater mobile (junk car) and plopped down $10K in cash for AK type rifles - who provided the cash???
Follow the money and we might track down some of the 'authorizers'.