Sunday, June 5, 2011

On the other hand, Farago is dead bang accurate about this one.

Robert Farago rightly takes Dr. Petit to task for failing at the most important job a husband and father is charged with -- protecting his wife and daughters. And I don't just mean by the application of defensive force with a firearm. It is apparent that Dr. Petit lived in that chimerical land where evil things do not happen to good people and thus failed at preparing his wife and daughters for recognizing and resisting predators on their own hook. The first weapon of defense is the prepared mind of the intended victim.

My daughters have been taught to have situational awareness and to be able to use anything as a weapon of resistance. They have been taught how to take an ordinary pen and where to stick it at just the right angle in the eye of an attacker and then how to drive it home with the heel of their hand into his brain stem, leaving a would be rapist flopping out the last moments of life on a sidewalk like a fish out of water.

Dr. Petit, the poor bastard, did not do this, and now is condemned to spend the rest of his life in guilt and regret.

His is a cautionary tale, written in the blood of unprepared innocents.


Anonymous said...

Gun ownership is a personal choice. Some people are dead set against violence for some reason and they choose to be victoms because of it. My wife and daughter are examples of that particular mind set. They will not listen to me about the simpilist means of self defense which is awareness. Dr Petit will have to live with his choice but do not put him into a negative light because of it.

I personally choose on going down fighting, but I do not look down on those who choose not to fight.

Jimmy the Saint said...

@Anonymous: "I personally choose on going down fighting, but I do not look down on those who choose not to fight."

Keep in mind that someone who chooses not to fight may also may choices that prevent you from ever getting a chance to fight. The fun part? You'll never know until it happens.

It's one thing for a person to throw their own life away. It's quite another if they make decisions that get others dead.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy I agree with what you say. What it ultimately comes down to is the individuals will to survive. When a person has a strong will to servive nothing will stop him\her. My wife and daughter know they can not stop me if I feel my life is in danger.