Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Holy jumping Sulzbergers, Batman! NYT actually writes a Gunwalker story for the first time. DOJ tries to get Terry murder suspect off the hook.

Justice Department Accused of ‘Reckless Technique’

Some of those agents blew the whistle to Congress this year after two such guns were found at the scene of the murder of the Border Patrol agent, Brian A. Terry. An official with knowledge of the investigation said that neither the bullet that killed Mr. Terry in December nor the casings found at the scene had been linked to the weapons that were recovered there.

The official emphasized that “the murder weapon has not been discovered.”

Whoa up, hoss! Isn't that what Elijah Cummings has been accusing Issa of doing, risking letting the murderer of Brian "Kelly", er, ah, Terry, off the hook? Now we have somebody, presumably in DOJ or even the White House, who tells us that the Gunwalker weapons were not the one that killed Brian Terry and that “the murder weapon has not been discovered.” You think THAT won't come up at trial?

So maybe we are getting closer to the rumor which has been circulating -- that the weapons found at the Terry murder were "throw downs" in order to link the killing to American civilian firearms. Mind you, they had no way of knowing that the murder of Terry would prove to be the last straw for the whistleblowers.

Of course the "official" could just be lying to take the heat off the testimony of the Terry family tomorrow.


Female III said...

I just checked the online news before lights out and saw this. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/06/14/house-panel-releases-scathing-report-on-fast-and-furious-gun-operation-sure-to/

It was the main story on Fox News online and a massive photo of a wall filled with ARs was front and center.

I truly pray this is the downfall for many in this regime including the head Nazi himself. Bunch of filthy bastards.

Mark Matis said...

God damn every filthy maggot pig straight to hell for what they have done to this country.

fgd-anchorage said...

I note the term, "murder", is being used in lieu of some delicate euphemism.

otterhauser said...

The NY Times article is a 2nd amendment hit piece and does little but shill for Holder and the Regime. It's those darned gun lovers in the US who are responsible for all the "bad stuff" after all, not the ATF of the Obama Regime. Incredible!!