Friday, June 24, 2011

The Gunwalker Scandal connection to the Vince Cefalu whistleblower retaliation firing.

From we have several reactions to the retaliatory firing notice served on Vince Cefalu.

ATF agent Microscope, reacting to the news that Melson does not wish to leave the agency and become a scapegoat:

Oh that's just super Ken. Now that your ass is on the line your testicles drop and you all of sudden form a backbone to stand tall?

With everything going on how did you find the time to fire Agent Cefalu? When we find out what attorneys on your staff orchestrated the whitewash frame job you did on him they are going to be looking for the door too.

ATF agent Simple Man explains the Gunwalker connection:

DAD Bill McMahon and SAC Andy Anderson were the two agents on the disciplinary panel who voted to fire Vince. There were a couple other twits and the Bureau Deciding Official G. Elaine Smith.

Don't care about the twits. Don't care about Smith. She may have final say but she is just a puppet for Chief Counsels Office.

Andy Anderson voting to kill off an agent based on one-sided IA report? No surprises there. He wears the right cuff links and has his shirts monogrammed so he can do whatever he wants in the world of ATF executives (except ever have the respect of another hard working ATF Agent again). All you have ever done is say 'no' to agents that is until it comes time to fire one and they you say 'yes'. You are one of the ones who has to be buried in the reorganization.

Bill McMahon voted to get rid of Vince. OK. Let's review. Bill McMahon is Bill Newell's first level supervisor. Bill McMahon is in the chain of command for Fast and Furious. Bill McMahon has supervised for years, John Torres, Bill Newell, Kelvin Crenshaw. Bill McMahon could have fired any of the three, done ATF a service and been completely justified and supported. . .

Bill McMahon. What happened to you? Do you remember the day your balls fell off or did they just slowly dissolve once you started drinking the headquarters KoolAid and you never really noticed they were gone?

Vince is going to shock the House with the details of his railroading. As the truth comes out the embarrassment to ATF will grow larger. He'll have his gun and badge back with back pay soon enough.

McMahon, you'll hopefully be sitting in a jail cell, broke after the Terry's take your money in a civil suit, and you can think about what a coward you turned out to be by supporting Fast and Furious.

Hey Bill. We were going to let this one go but since you turned into a total douche, get ready to explain all your cool trips on ATF's dime where you dragged your girlfriend around. Some to Europe too, huh. You better have this covered and buttoned down tight because a whole lotta people know what you been up to, watched you do it, heard you talk about it, watched you cheat the G for your personal pleasure.

Game on bitches!


Anonymous said...

I just have to say something about all of Mike's coverage of Gun Walker.

Anybody that doesn't think that Mike and David's work so far is not akin to driving a fully loaded freight train right into the middle of the Asshole of the Universe (ATF HQ) doesn't have a clue.

Keep up the good work Mike!

oldsmobile98 said...

I might take some fire for this post. So be it.

Simple Man's post is very telling about how he views the public.

Alleging that McMahon misappropriated funds, he says, "We were going to let this one go but ... "

So if McMahon had not fired your friend and fellow agent, you would have let him get away with stealing money? Whose money is it, pray tell?

"get ready to explain all your cool trips on ATF's dime"

Oh, so it's ATF's money. I wasn't aware your agency was privately funded. Maybe Sarah Brady sends the ATF a chunk of the hundreds of billions of dollars that the Brady Center receives from the voluntary donations of grateful Americans.

"watched you cheat the G for your personal pleasure"

Hold on a second. G means government. And that means your agency gets money from the US Treasury. And the Treasury steals its money from the taxpayer!

I think I understand now, Simple Man. You were fine with McMahon stealing from the taxpayer. But you weren't fine with him firing your friend.

Tell me, do you really think of yourself as a public servant?

Anonymous said...

All the way to the White house.

But we're free. So they keep telling us. But we know better don't we?

I can hear them laughing at us. The new Stalins and Hitlers. They don't burn books anymore they just rewrite them and in so doing, rewrite the minds of their new slaves, the young. History does indeed repeat itself.

Anonymous said...

"Hey Bill. We were going to let this one go but since you turned into a total douche, get ready to explain all your cool trips on ATF's dime where you dragged your girlfriend around."

Anon (from another anon):

Simply put, these lower level agents didn't have the ability to do anything about it, since this guy had his head up someones protective ass.

No more than a low-level corporate employee has when he knows his hated boss is screwing the new secretary behind his wife.

Any whistleblowing would cause the agent to get fired, or performance reviews be adjusted (ask Vince Cefalu about that).

Now they do, thanks to Gunwalker. Any attempt at retaliation will be met with a congressional inquiry, or the microscope of a special prosecutor.