Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Gunwalker conspirators in ATF's Chief Counsels Office. Traver's "reorganization." Will he thank CCO for Gunwalker? He should.

If the Gunwalker conspirators don't like the exploding cigar of the Gunwalker Scandal, they should know that it was the ATF Chief Counsels Office that put the load in the stogie.

From come the following colloquy:

First, from ATF agent Pro Confesso, responding to this earlier post:

The word on street from the highest levels of accuracy says that a crew of future ATF executive defendants watched the hearings together at a command center. Reportedly Melson was dumbstruck by the comments from the Terry family. Pellietiere was busy sucking Melson's ass and adjusting the monitor. McMahon was a giant lump on the chair as he always is and always has been. Nothing to offer either way. McMahon is a modern day Dewey Webb. Where was Hoover. Reports are that he and Chait weren't there. Probably in a bar drunk off their asses. This is the kicker. Newell was their with Needles, Gillett and Voth are scribbling notes feverishly as if something that was said in the hearings was critical to their defense.

PC: Is there any "leader" in this Agency who doesn't line up single file behind Chief Counsel's Office? I laughed when the names of potential successors to HQ leadership positions was previously discussed. Jellyfish, one and all. The sanguine posts about resurrecting this outfit are entirely fantasy. Nothing has changed from days gone by. Face it. That memo by the AG is retred worthless nonsense. More gun crimes today and tomorow. A few press releases won't change facts in the inner city. No one is serious about illegal guns. The POTUS still hasn't addressed the issue - nevermind a cogent strategy by anyone in authority. It's left to the PD's of the major cities to deal with. I know some unarmed school security guards who have recovered more guns.

Moderator and ATF agent Doc Holiday responds:

Now that our Bureau is totally defunct and dysfunctional, NOW Melson leaves. Why is ANYBODY even mentioning Travers name? He was trained and mentored by Martin, Billy, John Torres and is as NON-inspirational as any of our leadership currently pending Congressional review. I defy ONE ATF employee to articulate Traver's views or position on the current state of the Bureau. What's his opinion? He doesnt have one. He has sat on the sidelines watching the ship go down as the NOMINEE. He didn't want to leave his gravy train in Chicago unless they confirmed him. That's cowardly and self serving. Not one peep out of him because hes a politician, not a COP. He was a marginal Agent, a poor Supervisor and a worthless Manager. Hes in it for personal gain. Otherwise why did he not demand to take the reins? I'll tell you why, he was told to sit silent and stay out of the fray. Andy, when in command, command. He has an agenda, and there is NO room for agenda in ATF. Only MISSION. Leave the politics to the politicians. Gene Hackman said in the movie the "Replacements", "Players want the ball". Andy doesn't want the ball until Obama and Holder say he can have it. Does that sound like a warrior? OUTSIDE Law Enforcement leadership is our only hope NO MORE Lawyers, and NO more ATF followers like Hoover, Melson, Chait, McMahon and the others. Crazy wiretaps under Martin that got zero guns off the street, but did seized one black rhino horn. No more lies to Congress or legal unethical conduct by counsel. No more Thomasson spins. Seriously Scott? "Mr Melson continues to focus on firearms violence and stemming the flow of guns"? Do you read that shit before you put it out?

Word is Traver is feverishly throwing together a NEW reorganization all weekend. You can't just reorganize and make this go away. And WHY would you without having boots on the ground before you start knee jerking. SMOKE and MIRRORS.

Then our old friend Len Savage at Historic Arms LLC points out:

Doc Holiday and Ike both bring up good points which got me to thinking.

My question to the forum and Chairman Issa; How much of a role did ATF Chief Counsels Office (CCO) play in "Fast and Furious" (and other operations patterned just like it)?

Would cleaning out the executive staff excise the issue in a reorganization? Or would that cleaning out have to include the entire CCO in order to re-establish ethical management at ATF?

I've often wondered if Mr. Rubinstein or Ms. Ficaretta were involved in this current mess. Now that former Associate Chief Counsel Ms. Ficaretta is now Deputy Assistant Director Ficaretta It's clear that all along ATF Chief Counsels Office was "The man behind the curtain" in running ATF management or the "puppet masters" if you prefer, during the leadership vacuum created by the revolving doors on the fifth floor offices. [Let's face it, you needed a score card to keep up with the changes of management personnel in the last six years].

I have read too many memos from the past that prove they (CCO) were pushing an agenda with respect to Industry Operations, Disclosure Division, Enforcement Programs and Services, Firearms Technology Branch, etc...

I would find it hard to believe that CCO was not involved in "Fast & Furious". Don't get me wrong the management personnel who even had information on this and allowed it to happen can never wash the blood from their hands. ATF management must of at some point consulted with ATF Chief Counsels Office, Why didn't CCO pull the plug or blow the whistle when they learned of it?

The only obvious answer is they approved of it and endorsed it...In the words so familiar to CCO that would make them "co-conspirators" would it not?

Am I wrong in this line of thinking?

No, he's not. And Len has reason to know more than most.

You know, the ironic thing in all of this is that the Gunwalker conspirators Obama, Holder, Melson and Traver have, besides themselves, one group to thank most for the explosion of their gun-running conspiracy: the ATF Chief Counsels Office, and not just because as lawyers tasked with responsibility they did not raise a red flag on the "felony stupid.".

For it was the CCO that organized the Coalition of Willing Lilliputians who brought the Gunwalker Scandal into the light. The CCO has been instrumental in making enemies among a disparate group of folks, folks who share little beyond the fact that each has been identified as enemies by the CCO. They are united as targets of CCO discrimination and misadventure.

Readers will recall that this blog has denounced the serial felonies of the CCO. In the process, other CCO victims and critics noticed, among them ATF agents. We had formed an informal web, if you will, into which the Gunwalker scandal dropped with the first rumors on

The rest, as they say, is history.

Without the CCO's framing of David Olofson, I would not be blogging.

Without CCO's vicious vendetta in the "economic Waco" against Len Savage, they would not have motivated him and his friends into defending him the best way they could. Can you say "Ramsey A. Bear," James P. Vann? I knew you could.

Without CCO's persecutions of honest ATF agents and whistleblowers, without their perversion of the EEOC process, there would be no

The CCO forged the common resistance to to their depredations just as sure as the sun comes up in the east. They have no one to blame but themselves for the destruction of the Gunwalker conspiracy and its cover-up. How their superiors react to that when they realize it should be funny from this vantage point.

I doubt they'll find it as amusing, proper and just as their victims and critics will, though.


Anonymous said...

We're in bed with the devil on this....the street agents are only slightly more palatable than their masters.

" More gun crimes today and tomorow. A few press releases won't change facts in the inner city. No one is serious about illegal guns. The POTUS still hasn't addressed the issue - nevermind a cogent strategy by anyone in authority. It's left to the PD's of the major cities to deal with. I know some unarmed school security guards who have recovered more guns. "

If most of these agents had their way, most of our guns would be "illegal".

Let's not lose sight of that fact.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the "dogged online media efforts" (American Rifleman July 2011, p 39) - probably the closest thing to recognition you'll get from the NRA.

To their credit, a good portion of the current issue is devoted to Gunwalker.

Keep your head down, and your powder dry.


Anonymous said...

I am in concurrence with Sean on this matter.

These guys at ATF are no heroes nor are they friends of gun owners.

End the ATF! They are on the ropes. If this congress is serious about cutting budgets they should start with de-funding this bunch of thugs with badges.


Anonymous said...

Going back a couple of weeks regarding the commenter who said your Blog had been neglected by your spending too much time on Gunwalker; many are seeing the fruits of your labor in this endeavor. Even the MSM is being forced to deal with it.
However, it ain't over till it's over. Ride it out to the end, keep hammering, and thanks for ignoring the critics.


Alan W. Mullenax said...

Ya know Mike, you changed my perspective a little bit with this post.

MamaLiberty said...

There are not, and must never be, ANY "illegal guns." There are only illegal uses for guns or any other tool = the initiation of force.

And it is only the person who initiates force who is a criminal.

Let's never lose sight of this fact.

Dakota said...

"Old School" wrote at clean up atf:

"I was around during Waco but at least our intent was honorable - Koresh was a dangerously insane criminal. Management dropped the ball then too, and a cover up ensued."

Are you kidding? That is the way you remember Waco? Let me tell you something "Sparky" ... there was not one damn thing that ATF did at the Davidian compound at Waco that was "honorable". You assholes should have all been arrested and sent to prison for murder. Killing women and children for any reason, subjecting little children to C S gas when you knew there was no protection for them ..... honorable my ass buddy!!!! The only "insane" people were wearing the black suits with hoods.

Anonymous said...

It makes no sense to think our government thought it could one day effectively arrest, charge, convict, and jail cartel members for gun crimes when it can't seem to charge them now with murder, kidnapping, drug-related crimes, etc. With our advanced technology our government surely know exactly where the cartels are located in terms of residences, manufacturing plants, warehouses, training grounds, and distribution centers. If our government really wanted them gone, they would be. The truth is hidden in plain sight: The U.S. government doesn't want the cartels to stop what they are doing and actually went out of its way to arm them!

I believe the end goal of this "under the radar" operation was to weaken the 2A. Not only were the heads of several U.S. government agencies and offices willing to put Mexican lives in harms way to accomplish that goal, but they didn't care if American tourists in Mexico got caught up in the crossfire either. Sickening!

I think it is very likely a few masterminds behind this scandal knew it might one day blow up in their faces. After all, you don't send thousands of guns to Mexican cartels operating along the border and expect the violence to stay on their side of the border.

With that in mind the masterminds would still want to accomplish their goal of weakening the 2A even if this planned operation failed at any point or time. They expected it to work, but for sure they had a backup plan in case it did not. These same masterminds have wanted Traver to head up the ATF for a while now. His name started floating around in the Summer of 2010 about 8 months after Gunwalker began, but I believe they were thinking about it long before then. Mike has already covered Traver's anti-gun and anti-2A positions.

Having Melson be the fall guy for a failed operation would pave the way for Traver to replace him permanently. From the perspective of the masterminds behind this operation, it's a win/win situation. Traver will continue to advance the anti-2A ball as far as he can until he is replaced by another who will do the same thing. This has to stop!

Regardless of what happens with Issa and the hearings, regardless of how many resignations occur (even Napolitano and Holder), even if some are convicted and face jail time; they win if Traver heads up the ATF.

What price did this operation cost in terms of number of lives ruined, through death or otherwise? We know Traver will continue to demand similar costly payments from hundreds more who will later be charged, convicted, and even killed in the name of gun control enforcement.

Brian Terry and other deceased victims will never rest in peace so long as the ATF remains a viable entity. Olofson and other examples of systematic ATF abuse wasn't enough to stir up a righteous anger among us, but will Gunwalker be the final straw?

icecathook said...

BATF and the Twithouse both not only know,.....but remember a few weeks ago about Banana's comment to Sarah bradey, "don't worry I am working gun control under the table". My revalation is fast and furiousis really an attempt to put more negative focus on small FFL dealers that they are the main cause of illegal guns on the black market and as a result of a still secret (if it had not become public)would have made more people here agree to more gun control. Why is nobody talking about this idea?????????? come on people get smart