Friday, June 3, 2011

A criticism up for discussion.

WarriorClass left this comment on the post below. I present it here, highlighted, for further discussion by the readership.


As bad as this scandal is, it has taken over your blog. You used to inspire us, but you have lost your balance over this rather minor trip of tyranny that is but a blip in the over-all loss of our freedom.

Our country is sinking fast and we need to be reminded where of we came. The American revolution was started because the brits tried to take our weapons. The Texas revolution started for the very same reason.

It matters not what is their pretext or rational, war has been declared on the America we once knew and the government is arming our enemies.

You can push this if you want, but the bigger issue is gathering the people behind us. I think you have now lost them.

Remind them who they are, where they came from and where they can go, if they will gird up their loins and take back their country.



Anonymous said...

I would remind him that the concept of "liberty" would propose that he thusly start his own blog.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

Uncle Al said...

Mike, I have read all of your posts on Gunwalker with keen interest. You and David have done a stellar job of digging into the this particular story and the general mis- and malfeasance of the ATF, and I thank you.

SSI is yours to do with as you see fit. I trust your judgment in almost all regards, and how you allot your time and prioritize what you write about is your call.

I am glad that with all the time you spend on Gunwalker you still include lots of other items.

My personal preference, and this is not a criticism, is for your Gunwalker coverage to focus more on harder news items and less on opinion. After all, your readers already have formed their own opinions and nobody's mind is likely to be changed at this point.

Again: thank you for your good work.

Jay said...

I agree move on

Anonymous said...

Well said, Warriorclass.

It's a political scandal, Mike. And politics ain't going to get us out of this.

You have a done a good job bringing it to light. That was needed badly. But at this point, you are wasting your time and energy. The game is rigged!


Anonymous said...

The issue needs to be hammered every chance you get even though covered up and ignored by the "media" and the politicians. Pressure needs to stay on Issa to do his duty. This is one of many ways to finish off the Constitution used by both r's and d's and it goes all the way up.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, tunnel vision and all that - sorry you missed the praxis on rifle grenades, spanking praxis(!), the Viers Mill story, M-1 classified, Tommy Burst, Jose Guerena, Weinergate, and the failed state of Kalifornia...

And that's just the first page.

Gunwalker happens to be Mike's front line primary target, where his aimed fire is currently directed. To say he has somehow lost his way because of this skirmish is ludicrous.

Thanx Mike, keep it up - and I hope enough of us have your back.


Cederq said...

I am in agreement with Warrior. I don't think you have lost sight of our struggle, just a blip of it. The long dissertations are, well, too long and tiresome, they invoke fatigue. We, your loyal readers miss that which you did so well, inspire us, chastise us and sometimes ridiculed us when we needed it, kinda like a dutch-uncle. This is my 2 cents, of course adjusted for inflation...
Kevin III SD Bob

Anonymous said...

Yes, he is absolutely right that Gunwalker has taken over your blog. However, it IS YOUR BLOG and Gunwalker is your baby. I continue to read your stuff and would like to see other things besides Gunwalker – but it is YOUR BLOG. I also happen to disagree with you in that I think “our USA” is lost – irretrievable. But, IT IS YOUR BLOG. I will still stop by every day to see what you have to say.

Bad Cyborg said...

I find myself pretty well agreeing with WC. Gunwalker appears to me to border upon an obsession for you. I am especially afraid that you have so much invested emotionally in seeing the miscreants brought to justice that if it does not happen you will suffer a severe blow to your psyche. I am concerned for your health.

While it has the POTENTIAL to be, Gunwalker is NOT Watergate. If for no other reason than the lame stream media's worship of the man, I do not see Gunwalker bringing down Obama - or even hurting him. If Obama fails to win a 2nd term, it will not be because of Gunwalker. If all the press coverage of Watergate didn't stop Tricky Dick from getting his "Four More Years" then an official "non-story" like Gunwalker will not slow Obama down measurably. Issa and Grassley are politicians and that breed has notoriously short memories and microscopic testicles. I expect that e're long they will move on to other projects.

You and David have done yoeman service. Were it not for your efforts this awful set of events would never have come to light. I just don't want to see you devastated if all your hard work comes to naught.

Hang in, Dutchman. You, too David. If Gunwalker is meant to cause trouble for the highest-ups then it will - despite the LSM's best efforts to bury it.

You have my every loyalty, Dutchman.

Bad Cyborg X

Anonymous said...

Well it would be nice if Absolved got finished sometime in the future. However with the dynamics of Gunwalker and the Government I could see this bit of reality coming to the pages of Absolved as well.

Anonymous said...

I believe keeping this in the forefront is necessary. I also think that reminding people what we are and where we came from is very important. To sum it up keep posting on the "GunWalker" scandal, and add some more of the other type of posts.

Bill St. Clair said...

It's been over a year since you told us that "Absolved" was done, yet I still have no book. Please do whatever is necessary to push it through publication. I want a paper copy and an Amazon Kindle copy (on my iPhone).

Alan W. Mullenax said...

I would have to agree.

While I would take great delight in seeing all those responsible punished to the fullest extent of the law, I have doubts that that will really happen. Even if it did, our situation wouldn't be changed much in my opinion.

I have to be honest, I just don't take the time to read every word being posted about the topic anywhere anymore. Just a quick skim sometimes, other times just the headline.

Others are posting more pertinent subjects. Subjects that I find important to prep, mindset, and understanding just what the hell I am about to face.

With all the uncertainty swirling about, one thing I do know. What does or does not happen to the ATF and/or certain individuals means absolutely nothing to and has no effect on me.

Scott J said...

I'd say it's taken over 90% of your life, Mike. Not just this blog.

At the risk of bringing down further delay ;) it's distracting from the book.

In your defense it really is the big, f'n deal you've made it out to be and with the "mainstream" media serving as Ministry of Truth for the guilty on this it's up to the Lilliputians to attempt to bring the truth to light.

Personally, I'd like to see coverage (and your personal efforts outside this blog) fall back to about 60% but I defer to your longer experience in this cold war in deciding what's appropriate.

Anonymous said...

I stop by every day to read about updates on the gunwalker scandal. I found this blog because of it's coverage of the scandal. PLEASE continue to carry the torch until the light of day has exposed these tyrants. If it were not for your pots and pans this story would already be burried.

Santander said...

Since you are asking for comments, here's my 2-cents worth.
I enjoyed your posts before the story broke. I also enjoy the reporting that you do with regards to the GunWalker/Fast & Furious scandal. However, I do agree that the current scandal has taken over. The reason why I say that is that your objective reporting posts are beginning to become tainted with rather less objective. Yes, the topic is personal to all of us... but we do need to remain objective.
Write about what you want (as you should). But this reader would enjoy a balance and would also like to keep up to date with the facts in the gunwalker case.
Just this man's opinion.

Anonymous said...

I agree with WarriorClass. I think maintaining a broad front is better than concentrating all of your efforts on one issue. Your regular readers are already on board. The new or occasional visitor won't invest the time to get oriented on this issue as a whole to try to understand the context of the current post. I have learned so much from reading your blog and I think that many more could be won over if you were to vary your subject matter and provide introductory information for those unfamiliar with the concepts of liberty, freedom and the rights bestowed by the creator. Also, many of us need all the praxis info you can provide as well.

FSHB said...

Gunwalker is the key, the big exposed soft belly of the opposition. Hang on with all you've got, lock your jaw on it. Don't let it fade away.

Rep. Issa and Sen. Grassley can only make the issue stick if they have enough loud public backing because that's the only thing the bozo politicos around them fear.

There are other blogs, and if WarriorClass wants to, he can start one. Stay on target Mike, you have the right angle of attack and another opportunity like this will not come.

For confirmation look at the noise and distractions coming out of the machine - they are beyond desperate, cornered and struggling for a breath. They need this thing to go away, and it's not, it's getting closer despite anything they can think up. When your opponent fumbles a bishop you don't let up pressure on the king to chase easy pawns.

Oakenheart said...

Read and pay attention. Is it better to continue preparing, or fight the fight you already have? Discrediting all the pols that pass laws for people like the VPC, and discrediting the VPC et al advances the cause of liberty without having to fire a shot. If people know they are a bunch of mendacious fools, more the better for those who speak the truth. Fight smarter, not harder.

Sean said...

It's your blog, and you run it any way you want. I agree with Warrior Class, and there is a stupefying amount of info that you are putting out about Gunrunner. It's all good, and I believe your info is accurate and well researched. I don't see that the FedGov is going to hang itself over this, and few in power are going to participate. In the end, some lower rung idiots will pay a small price, and Obongo's Socialist Malignancy will continue, worse than ever. TPTB are not in any real danger, as they have to power to make it all go away, will do so, and most people won't even notice. Unjust, corrupt and malevolent? You bet. Going to amount to anything? Nope. Remember, Mike, the media hanged Nixon, and this guy they love. I don't even think he'll accept the results of the next election if they go against him. ATF will ride this out, just like the Mafia has done, for centuries. I made me a rule a long time ago, I leave people to do what they want.III.

Anonymous said...

He's right...You can't focus solely on one issue. What's going to get the 3% to stand up, take notice, gird their loins, and SERIOUSLY prepare will be the sum totality of what the federal and state govts are doing to erode our rights on a daily basis.

TXGunGeek said...

While the Gunwalker scandal has really taken a life of it's own on your blog, You and David are the only real sources of information on this with regular updates. Maybe a Gunwalker Blog would be in order and you and David could both be authors and maybe add a few others dedicated to following the story?

Anonymous said...

Don't know if I agree with the conclusions; however, the sentiment he expresses certainly rhymes with mine. Your work focusing on BATF is valuable and has paid off in skills, credibility and exposure. I wouldn't suggest terminating the interest but you could consider refining your role, realizing that others like David C. are part of the team. My enduring interest is the synergy between your blog and the book, especially the novel. This effort cannot be shared, these characters belong to you only. I don't know where the project is now but I hope you can get it delivered to the street. Good enough is good enough. There can be no 2nd edition without the first.

Virginia Rifleman said...

I would disagree. I think Mike's work on Gunwalker is valuable for the following reasons:
* It shows people that Obama is a low down, no good, dirty sonofabitch (with same working for him in DoJ, ATF, and State), although that should be self-evident to anyone
* It does material damage to those who would propagate the New Brown Scare (if militias are so bad, why do they work to expose criminals in the government?)
* He's one of only two journalists who are actively investigating this scandal.
If I were to suggest anything, I would say that Mike should post one or two updates on Gunwalker per day, as well as one or two militia related posts. That way the content stays balanced and the heat stays on.

Longbow said...


Drive on with the mission. Without you and David there would be no exposure of GunRunner.

Do what YOU think is best. God will guide your hand.

Anonymous said...

Warrior Class does have a point in that for the most part until recently, Gunwalker has pretty much consumed a great deal of your attention. He mentions the reasons for the American and Texas revolutions were an attempt by TPTB to disarm the common citizen. Hopefully he acknowledges that Gunwalker is in the same league in that it is an attempt to provide the proof of the statements made by the State and Justice departments that the cartels are getting their guns from the shops and gun shows. Clearly to have a reason to further abrogate the 2A. The Hildebeast and Hold’em are both certifiable hoplophobes and The One can not finalize his agenda with an armed citizenry to deal with.

This is a situation that requires constant monitoring so that the ball does not get dropped. I understand that you have a sense of proprietorship over this having been in on it from the early stages and giving it the attention it fully deserved. I also, as does WC III get a gut feeling that you may be losing some of your audience due to this. Not me…. SSI is my first stop on my daily round-up of news aggregators.

Many have come to look to you for some leadership and direction in the current tyranny and judging from WC III’s comment, fear you may have lost your way. Perhaps a balanced approach is in order at this stage of the game.


Dedicated_Dad said...


Scott J said...

Here's another bug to plant in your head.

What if "Absolved" was hitting shelves right about the time the Gunwalker hearings got goining?

Use it as marketing. The book shows what happens when things like Gunwalker and those responsible aren't held in check.

Newbius said...


Keep the pressure on. Focused fire on an exposed target is much more damaging than area fire for effect. They are exposed, keep up the barrage.

As for the cynicism...that might be a valid criticism. Keep up the objectivity, keep exposing the facts as they come to light, and keep putting it out there.

Oh, and when is Absolved due? :)


W W Woodward said...

Mike, keep the heat turned up on those crooks who would deny us our liberties. Keep shining the light of day into the nooks and crannies where they seek to hide.

I'm just guessing, but I do not believe you and David jumped into the Gunwalker fray for its entertainment value and/or to sell beer or tampons as does the MSM. Unfortunately, many folks seem to lose interest as time drags by with no hope of immediate gratification in the near future.

Most if not all of the media coverage I've seen in the past few weeks has been nothing but rehash of what you and David have already reported. I've grown to depend upon y'all's reporting for current developments because; what's actually going on will not, if ever, see the light of day in the MSM for weeks or months.

Keep the bastards honest!


Anonymous said...


There is now a breach to be exploited. Compel the loop, divert their assets, control their reactions, and in time as they go on the record... Let the rest of your goodies go. The pot of gold is in El Paso

The patriotic bloggers will absorb the logistics of information while you influence the loop. And the loop goes round and round

The Allegory III

Anonymous said...

Your Gunwalker updates are important.

The work by you and David Codrea may be what's kept the Obama team from enacting more 'regulatory' gun control. It seems pretty clear that was their intent until you and David wouldn't let Gunwalker die.

The administration's alleged justification for more gun restrictions (guns to Mexico) suffered serious blows. This might not have happened had it not been for you two.

That said, I'm glad to see you seem to be offering more broad content lately.

Balance your time and resources as you see fit.

Anonymous said...

I'd like a more balanced perspective. If you made a Gunwalker post one out of four posts total, no one's going to forget.

Anonymous said...

You keep on writing and I'll keep on reading.


Anonymous said...

Rarely visit the site anymore for the very reason Warriorclass mentioned.

Too an entertainer that stays on too long.

Reg T said...

Any claim that Gunwalker has "taken over" your blog is baseless. You continue to post other useful information.

However, finishing Absolved will both satisfy and enrich a lot of people, and it will help to bring some needed income to you. I can certainly understand the fears and reluctance involved in completing the book, but it will be a win-win for everyone involved.

While maintaining the Gumwalker updates is very important, most of us who read them here are already on board. The information is valuable - I copy all of it to archive - but Sipsey Street is bigger than Gunwalker. If you and David, as I'm sure you do, keep each other up to date on new findings as they happen or are revealed, that info can be made available to the troops without consuming as much of your time, your resources. And, as an added benefit, Absolved will get published. To everyone's delight.

Old Phart Who Remembers said...

@Bad Cyborg: "If all the press coverage of Watergate didn't stop Tricky Dick from getting his "Four More Years" then an official "non-story" like Gunwalker will not slow Obama down measurably."

Watergate did not break until AFTER the 1972 re election of Nixon

pdxr13 said...

Right now, Gunwalker IS THE FIGHT. It is the thing that the Dem's and Obamanoids fear most: being discredited and exposed as purely power seekers who will use and say anything to get and hold the power. Even lifetime 3rd gen Wilson/FDR/Ted Kennedy Dem's have to rationalize their "objectives" to the electorate. The American electorate is culturally/nationally behaving as if suicidal, but not yet admitting it.

The Fight for the ATF/Holder/POTUS is taking energy away from their objectives. A couple of bloggers and a part-time CBS reporter have forced the power of Congress to focus on this issue. The time bought with this delaying tactic is dear for those of us who are only half-running the last mile 3 x a week.

Another harvest, another good productive summer, are times to lay hands on the right rifles, travel for training, get enough ammo, time to custom-map the AO, time to pack the cans with strippers on bando's, time to pack winter gear in buckets and find cache points, time to teach the young men who have returned intact and confused from the wars for Empire about what is really going on at home and in the invisible economy, and what to do about it.

Mike, SSI is just right. Stretch it out as long as the system allows. Would an ad bar on the right side provide a little cash? Effective criticism of the bad guys and info/encouragement for our side is worth plenty!


Anonymous said...

WarriorClass makes a good point....I have personally been just skimming a lot of the gunwalker posts as much of the info is a re-hash. I read the new information with interest....but I'm a victim of my short attention span.

I think Mike and David's work is important on this.....and perhaps we should all be looking to other sources for news on other happenings in the freedom movement. I know I've started doing that since Sipsey has been taken over by the gunwalker scandal...and rightly so, b/c gunwalker IS important.

One thing I don't care for is the apparent hypocrisy of the "no more free Wacos" when it is VERY likely we've just had another in the wake of the Jose Guerena slaying in Tucson. Now granted, we don't have all the facts yet, but is this going to be like Waco where we wait for several years for the truth to come out? If so, we are all a bunch of worthless windbags. We need answers and we need them now, but I have no idea as to how we'll get them.

I'm disappointed that the 'not one more inch' site has apparently been so wrapped up in the gunwalker controversy as to not give much mention to the multi-faceted story of Guerena.

Regardless, I support Mike and David and their efforts, but I'd like to see a little return to balance if possible. If not possible, I certainly understand.


thedweeze said...

Well, yeah, all Gunwalker all the time is too much.

OTOH, who else (besides David and a very few others) is keeping this front and center?

I guess some balance is in order. What sort of balance is yours to decide.

Personally, I find the word for word transcriptions of news articles with the odd commentary inserted here and there to be the most tiresome. Man does not live by fisking alone.

And to my fellow Irregulars: Mike (and a very few others) is pushing this solo. Have you written your congresscritter? I haven't, so I'm part of the problem. Have you written a letter to the editor of your local paper about this? I have not, so I'm part of the problem. I could continue, but if you cannot get where I'm going with this, then you should be following another blog.

So yes, there's a bit too much Gunwalker, and so long as we treat this as a form of daily entertainment instead of shouldering part of the workload, there will continue to be a heavy Gunwalker slant. Help with this or STFU, threepers, to include me.

Anonymous said...

Quote: Remind them who they are, where they came from and where they can go, if they will gird up their loins and take back their country.

My .02 worth, I am thankful Mike got this going and appreciate hearing the latest news about it. I wouldn't change that one bit. However, WC does have a good point which is summed up very nicely in the quote above.

As some others have said, "Never let a crisis go to waste." How can this crisis/scandal be used to help restore freedom and liberty? I think Mike is helping others see it as a reason to get rid of some bad apples in government and I thank him for taking that approach before pursuing another. So far it is an interesting situation to watch, but it doesn't appear to be producing the desired results.

What happens if the scandal blows over and those responsible are not held accountable for Brian Terry's death, one death among many others? Will this just become another "causa belli" ("cause for war") which fails to stir the Patriots into action? Preventing that from happening is the concern I read in WC's comments.

Yes, it has been exposed and we need to keep it from being covered up. However, those responsible have ignored and denied the truth, even refusing to be held accountable by Congress. Are they accountable to anyone for their fatal misdeeds which violated not only federal law and the U.S. Constitution, but also fails on the ethical and moral scales too? If they can not or will not be subject to accountability, isn't that called tyranny? Clearly, their motive was to undermine the 2A even at the expense of human lives. What more evidence does one need to prove tyranny is already here and they are trying to take our guns? The mere act of trying to take arms was enough to spark the shot heard 'round the world, as it should be today.

Having said all that, I wouldn't change a thing about what is being written. I would only add more thoughts on how we are, can, and should be using this situation to our advantage. We simply cannot allow something of this magnitude to fall by the wayside. If Congress won't do anything about it then the People should and they would have every justification for doing so.

BA said...

This was one of the first sites that I found that let me know I was not alone. Up to that time I had given up hope. I agree that this will not be solved politically. Even something as serious as gunwalker is not enough. The system is corrupt to the core.

J. Croft said...

Most civilized people... most of us... need reasons to fight.

The enemy? They employ people who typically DON'T need a reason to fight.

Sipsey Street Irregulars has done God's Work in exposing the batfaggots gun running-selling OUR GUNS STOLEN AT GUNPOINT TO DRUG CARTELS and it is because of Mike Vanderboegh and David Codrea that the enemy can't ignore this scandal.

I mean, who else among the Threepers-or anyone else-can, could, or was meant to relentlessly hammer away on this issue...
There's a state of mind most of us operate under; it's called reality. Maybe the dipshit complainant should join us.

craig said...

I agree with Longbow and Virginia Rifleman. You and David keeping this alive and in front of America is of vital importance to our cause. We have to "win" the battle for truth in as many minds as possible. This is in my opinion the key to what lies ahead. Ours will need to be seen as a righteous battle and as the right thing to do. I do appreciate the other topics you cover as well however! Keep up the good fight.

Beagle2 said...

Please do not dim the lights on the Gunwalker scandal. If not for your diligent presentations and the work of David Cordea, this travesty would have gone unnoticed and those who launched this seditious, treasonous act would be well on the way to enacting fiat legislation and regulation inflicting grievous irreparable harm to our precious, precious and oh, so fragile Second Amendment rights.

Issa & Grassley will make their political hay... maybe. Holder etal will lash out and use their poisoned tentacles to punish everyone they can to maintain their powers. They cannot be allowed to escape scrutiny and lawful justice for their treasonous behavior.

Please keep the lights shining bright... no one else is doing the hard work, no one else is moving the ball forward. No one else is charging over the ramparts into the fray.

Gunwalker is the story of murder, deception, betrayal, treachery and political treason. It's about tyranny and a conspiracy by elected and appointed officials in our government to act in an extra-constitutional manner to deprive Americans of constitutional rights and to intentionally inflict terror on innocent Mexican citizens.

Without constant, unrelenting pressure Issa & Grassley will fade from their duties. This episode will fade into a dusty file and the perpetrators of this injustice will go unpunished. Their criminal actions will have been rewarded with more power for themselves and the regime they serve and with liberties stolen from us.

Need I remind anyone that liberties stolen are forever lost and never regained... without a life and death struggle.

Anonymous said...

If it were not for this blog, there would be no Gunwalker story. Can't help but wonder how many who would direct your efforts have reached deep into their pockets to support them. You could give them everything they ask for and they'd still find a reason to bitch and moan.

Anonymous said...


Your blog, your call. Do as you wish.

For me personally, it wasn't this type of thing that woke me up. I would like to see more praxis, more history, more variety, personally. Codrea has his established "only ones" series, but there is variety as well.

I can understand the Gunwalker emphasis, though, and your investment in it.

You do what you think best Mike; it's your blog. We all have a part to play. Your part, whatever you choose it to be, is bigger than catering to my preferences.


My opinion though? I think the political establishment is going to let Gunwalker fade and die.

Your site is a library of gunwalker info though, you are recording the crimes that the .gov will continue to ignore.

Your call.

Stay safe,


Dakota said...

Gotta admit that I have seen a lot more "fast & furious" than anything else lately. I understand why however ... appears to me that no matter what someone is going to complain.

I guess my thing is that I have no faith in the system anymore "0". Can we expect any type of real retribution for this scandal? Probably not is the logical answer ... hell the Feds burned out and machine gunned the Davidians and got clean away with it .... got promoted in some cases. Like I said I have no faith in the system .... it's "gangsta" bureaucrats.
It makes no difference whether they have a D or an R after their name ... they all serve the same "Sick" master I figure.

We are over the tipping point ... IMO, we just don't realize it yet! In any case Mike I have your back and always will ...

Pericles said...

If we accept that war is the continuation of politics by other means, it must also be the case that politics is the continuation of war by other means. I think Gunwalker is an effective way of fighting the war. Any major operation takes time to develop, and with the prospect of the Issa and Grassley hearings, there is a good chance the scandal will mature to the extent that it will take on its own life. At that point, it will not need Mike's constant case and attention. Our task is to get the scandal to that point.

Those having to play defense on Gunwalker are not in a position to push "assault weapon" bans, ammo restrictions, various reporting requirements, and other schemes that could well be underway. Gunwalker gives us the opportunity to play offense for a change. If we are successful in this, we might be able to use the generated momentum to hack away at the NFA 1934 and portions of the GCA 68.

I consider Warrior Class a buddy and fellow patriot, and would like to offer this to my brothers who would like to see more leadership from Mike directed to 3% efforts:

It is our job to be the leaders of the movement and bring that leadership to our units. It is unfair to MV to ask him to do our job for us. If you are reading this blog and not involved in a unit, it had better be because your state has very restrictive laws that make it impossible to to have a certain type of freedom of association that can't be worked around. Most of the praxis taught here, you should already know, or be part of a unit that will teach you.

The great use of this blog is as a sounding board for ideas and motivation. Most importantly, by providing example, it strengthens the message of deterrence, that means by which when we say something, it becomes credible. By clearly stating our intentions and being prepared to carry through, we can be the force for good that we want to be.

Anonymous said...

What I want to know is how to nominate a couple of individuals for the Pulitzer Prize and also for the Nobel Peace Prize. Once they are nominated, the MSM absolutely CANNOT ignore them and the reason they were nominated. Burn their asses and don't stop till a bunch of nitwits in DC are behind bars.

TJC said...

"minor trip of tyranny that is but a blip in the over-all loss of our freedom"

WRONG. This is a huge, legally vulnerable act of complete tyrrany that is a major step towards the overall loss of our freedom. Mike, keep up the good work. Eventually, the investigation will become a big enough deal that it can't be ignored anymore, and when that happens, people will be thankful for those like you who have pursued the dissemination of information so wholeheartedly.

Anonymous said...

There would be no "Gunwalker" exposure if it weren't for Mike and David's hammering at it day after day.

Look how long it took for Grassley and Issa to pick it up. Look how long it took for CBS, then finally Fox News to pick it up.

Gunwalker is a chink in the enemy's armor. This chink needs to be exploited to the fullest extent, to cause as much harm to the enemies of Freedom as possible without firing a shot.

I encourage Mike to keep after this like a bulldog. Those who have read Fred's columns in Shotgun News know how he encourages us to fight the soft war so we don't have to fight the "hard" war. Mike is doing just that.

John in IA said...

As some of the others have said, SSI is my FIRST (and in my opinion most valuable) stop on the interwebs everyday. I could not imagine trying to tell you how to do what you do, or to only cover certain subjects. As Longbow said, "let God guide your hand." While some here may end up being correct in thinking that the obamacrats won't ultimately be hurt by Gunwalker, I know for a fact that without you and David leading the way and keeping the flames roaring underneath this kettle, those predictions are sure to come true. The propaganda machine will forever try to cover for them. You and David have access to info on this thing that won't come to light by ANY other means. I for one, want that info. Yes, I'm anxious for the arrival of Absolved too, but it'll come when it's ready. This is now, and it's HUGE. They can only keep a lid on it if you're talked out of spreading as much truth about it as you possibly can. Thanks for EVERYTHING you do Mike.

Some Guy said...

Absolved Absolved Absolved Absolved Absolved.

Gunwalker is good work - GREAT WORK - but I would venture to say that Absolved is even more relevant. I am especially looking foward to the, ahem, technical manual you proposed, as enthralled as I have been with your prose.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog very much, and I look forward to the release of your book Absolved. on the gunwalker stuff remember how to win a fight once you start you can't quit until you win. carry on and I will continue to visist every day.

Anonymous said...

Don't change a thing.

James B. Smith said...

I agree with Warrior Class. I have the greatest respect and admiration for Mike, and that respect includes what I feel is Mike's natural wish to totally expose every single day-in-and-day-out crappy aspect of ATF. That's for Mike's research and exposure of ATF. But the part for Warrior III is that I agree it's time now for Mike to paint again in broad strokes. You can't do both, Mike.

Anonymous said...

ol' rick nelson once sang "if you can't please everyone, then you got to please yourself." you write, we read. that's how this works. any of you guys don't like it, then write your congressman.

WarriorClass III said...

I agree with most of the comments here, especially Pericles and BA, and I am glad to see all the comments in response to my comment because it shows that we are all still here. And I was beginning to wonder where everyone went since there were so few comments on Mike's posts on gunwalker or anything else.

I have a lot invested in Mike, heart and soul. I have no intention of starting my own blog since, well, who really does a better job than Mike? Not me, and nor could I. Mike is so very important, even if I was a decent writer, I would not get in the way of someone doing such an excellent job. And Mike is well aware of my efforts in getting the word out about gunwalker and contacting my congresscritter and senators. But I'm not trying to tell him how to run his blog, I just want him to remember all the inspiration he gave us all and really brought us all together. I used to feel all alone too, not knowing there were others out there that loved the idea of freedom and felt it was worth fighting for too.

This is the thing though, new readers aren't getting the inspiration we older readers got from Mike's writings when it is now all about gunwalker.

And really I need Mike's book in book form. I can't sit at the computer reading all that is already out there; I need the book, Mike.

I know I don't write so well, and probably haven't expressed my thoughts as well as I'd like, but this you can take to the bank: I support Mike 100%, especially in all the work he's done on gunwalker. And before I got laid off, that support was in dollars.

I hope all you other readers can say the same thing.


Kevin Wilmeth said...

Mike, the only thing I would add to this (really good) discussion is this:

If you dim Gunwalker attention now, and it goes away, you'll always second-guess your choice.

If on the other hand you keep it up until either it catches flight or goes away, you can be satisfied with your effort.

I'm among those who don't believe that any political response is going to fix the problem of politics, but despite that I have found your (and David's) flashlight work inspiring. Without your tireless efforts there is no way that the expose would have ever made it this far, and for what my opinion is worth, if there is any chance of working within the system, brother, you're on it.

Whatever you decide, for yourself, is fine by me. As others have suggested here, you earned my respect long before Gunwalker, and I'm not the sort to forget that. I'd just hate to see you set yourself up for regret.

Thank you, Mike, for your work. It matters.

Anonymous said...

You have my complete support. Having said that, I must say I agree with your staying after the story throughout, till the end. I have been following this blog about 2-3 years on a regular basis. It is most important. My opinion, though it maybe not important to some, is that THIS story, above all the fluff stories being bantered about by MSM, is exactly what you and we need to be remained focused on. When you think about all the stories, about all the controls the government is attempting to bring to bear, this story is exactly what everyone needs to be focusing on. The bottom line is CONTROL. In my opinion, this was part of an attempt to forward their agenda to increase bad publicity about firearms to further allow the push for the upcoming U.N. Treaty. This has been in the works for some time now and from what I understand, this summer it will be brought to a head. It may be passed, and will be further pushed to bring control more to the U.N. than to our own U.S. Constitution. This, I believe is where Mrs. SKillary (intentional spelling) comes in. Although this story might, if it continues will put a real crimp in her style when she starts bashing guns, gun safety, and gun-owners in general this summer. This will be really interesting when gun-owners continue pushing back with the agenda of the U.S. Constitution and the latest findings of the Government DOJ bureaucrats themselves star getting published widely. Excellent Job Mike! Keep up the good work.

Taz- Pensacola, FL

Anonymous said...

I've pretty much quit reading this blog 'cause of your obsession with Gunwalker. It's not like anything will come of it. The same people will keep doing the same crap and keep getting away with it. Harsher laws on gun owners is the only likely outcome. This is all a diversion from our focus on preparing for the coming unpleasantness.

TPaine said...

Mike, keep it up. No problems on this end. At this time, Gunwalker is the big fish, and you're not letting it go.

The only complaint I have is, when the hell are you gonna finish your book? I want to purchase it, and I think that you need the money.

Anonymous said...

Mike, Stay the course. Keep up the good work. Gunwalker may end up being a lynchpin, that when pulled, may take down the administration's house of cards.

fgd-anchorage said...

My first impression of WariorClass was not complimentary. I have learned not to give expression to such impressions, and rather than to suggest he take action, I have taken action. Please await patiently my email describing the action I have taken.

enemyofthestate said...

While it does make up a vast majority of the blog as of late, those complaining about the coverage seem to missing something. The ATF got away Ruby Ridge. The ATF got away with Waco. The ATF got away with David Olofson. This could very well be the thing that brings the tyranical bastards down.

Keep it up Dutchman. Hang the traitors from the highest tree.

In Liberty,

The Three Percent

Anonymous said...

Mike, I agree with WarriorClass. I appreciate you bringing this to our attention.

Dedicated_Dad said...

Did I mention ABSOLVED??!!

CaptainAttila said...

Keep the coverage coming! Gunwalker is/was an assault on our rights first and foremost. Coverage of the scandal aims straight at the other side's center of gravity, power.

Anonymous said...

Good: Gunwalker. Better: Praxis. Best: Absolved

Bubba said...

This long war needs to be fought on many different levels. Whenever a weakness or vulnerability is found it must be exploited. In the future the gunwalker scandal won’t be thought of as a minor mistake caused by incompetent ATF personnel. No, it will be remembered as a series of illegal acts by different departments directed by the White House the purpose of which was to conflate the danger of firearms ownership by citizens of the United States. The politicos are correct, but for the wrong reasons, that armed and aware citizens are dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Some might say it's taken over your blog. I say it's simply the major story of the moment, as in the current battle.

Right now, what is necessary, IMHO, is follow through on Gunwalker between you and David. If not for you two it would not have seen the light of day. And for all we know, continued coverage of same is keeping the heat on Issa and Grassly to some degree at least.

As in taking an aimed shot, you and David have ID'd the quary, fired to the rear, fired to the front and are firing for effect. Keep shooting (fire at will) until the quary is vanquished. If you and David don't, no one else will.

Yes, I look forward to Absolved, but perilous times call for follow through on Gunwalker. If I were forced to make a choice, I would rather see the scumbags that perpetrated this treasonist act(s) hung from the yardarms than ever seeing Absolved finished.

Keep on keepin' on. BTW, have you considered breaking Absolved into Volume I and Volume II? Sure, the publisher would have to buy in and/or maybe that doesn't make sense. Many of us would gladly buy Vol I as a show of support...Jest sayin'.

Bob Katt

Anonymous said...

Hammer than on Gunwalker.

Hammer them, hammer them, hammer them.

Never let up

Anonymous said...

Mike, keep firing until the target changes shape or catches fire. And, if you can squeeze in a praxis from time to time (and get Absolved to us!) that would be great too. I was hooked before this came up and ain't going anywhere.

A question for Pericles though (or anyone else, ftm) ....I've been living for the last 1.25yrs in what I understand to be a militia-friendly area. Folks don't advertise their affiliation....which is good OPSEC but makes it difficult for someone wanting to make contact. I ain't from these parts so what network I have is basically work-related, none of whom are involved based on conversations. Knowing there's no such animal as an "army of one", what to do?


aughtsix said...

I cannot adequately express my admiration and gratitude for the job you've done on the travesty of gunwalker.

An Old Navy exhortation says:

"For six days thou shalt labor, doing all thou art able.

The seventh the same, and
Pound on the cable!"

Keep pounding, Mike. Hold the rotten bastards' feet to the fire until it consumes them.

Meanwhile, please keep up your spiritual armor and guard your physical health as best you may. I know this effort is taking a toll and your country needs you. You have proven that you can and will do this job like no one else.

I, too, am one who gained new hope and purpose when I found this place.

Three Forever!


Anonymous said...

Years ago when I had a nice paying job in Industry I got a subscription to what was named "The Limbaugh Letter". I recall one cover 'cartoon' showing Limbaugh shining a flashlight on the RATS scurring to get out of the light. The caption as I recall was "Rush Shining the Light of Truth" and the coverage of the Gunwalker story is quite simply Mike and Dave SHINING THE LIGHT OF TRUTH on those evil bastards at ATF & Justice as well at the current occupant of the White House. Time for the Light of Truth to continue to shine till they are gone and the mess cleaned up.

Taylor Holmes said...

Pure Bull-Fucking-Shit. Keep it up, Mike. This whole ball got rolling when you took it for real.

Some want the book, some want to be inspired, some want shorter posts, some want entertainment....

BFS. Life is about life, and Gunwalker pushes life into the toilette. It promised to do much more. It was said well enough weeks ago that if this beast gets away clean, the bastards in charge will feel emboldened to do more. Do you WANT the cumbags to take steps to begin a real-life "Absolved"? Want the book for real? Y'all will get it IN SPADES if the brassholes in charge get away. I promise you entertainment in the form of lead or stiff prison dicks if this unholy thing breeds.

Need a book for happy diversions? Siddle your ass over to Barnes & Noble and get a book on field maneuvers, counter espionage or psyops. Learn about diversions that will help you survive the Absolution.

Than again... maybe Mike will add a chapter about how a few more Cathcarts came to be, and not to be....

Historian said...

The Gunwalker scandal has the potential to generate the sort of powerful cognitive dissonance that shatters strong existing paradigms, both within and without the FedGov. It has broadened your intel network, and will continue to do so, as you recruit and hand off intel sources within ATF and Justice. Those are excellent reasons to continue to devote resources to this issue, but I would argue that the greatest potential effect will be to strip the blinders off those who have willfully ignored the nature and extent of the lethal metastasis now going on in the government. If this scandal is shown to go to the highest levels of this administration, as I think it will be, the blow to the moderate supporters of the present administration will be enormous, and even the hard core leftwing will take a big morale hit. Conversely, Libertarians and Conservatives will see a big boost in morale.

Wars are won in the minds of the people, and this one especially so; this is, as Billy Beck has said, a war of ideas first and foremost. Sun Tzu said that perfection is war is the ability to destroy the enemy's willingness to fight before the battle, and the Gunwalker Scandal will help do that.

So will "Absolved," BTW, and now would be a good time for such a cautionary tale to be released. The fact that the bad people time the release of their attacks with current events does not mean we ought not do the same. It can be an effective tactic for us, too.

The fact is that without you and Codrea, and ancillary support from others, this scandal would have been covered up. You and David have changed history, for the better, and if we are to have any possibility of getting out of the mess we are in with little or no bloodshed, your coverage of the Gunwalker scandal will be one of the reasons why. Gunwalker will become a virtual "Liberty Tree" regardless of what happens.

It's true that we are already navigating the Ship of State through seas of blood, past enormous icebergs of tyranny, and we may find ourselves swimming at any moment, but as lovers of Liberty, as moral men, we have a duty to attempt to resolve things peaceably if reasonably possible, and this is one means by which we might do so.

Right now, this is a war of ideas, (with skirmishes across that line,) not an all-out shooting war between the productive class and the consumptive class. I'd like to keep the war of ideas alive, and postpone the physical one. For several reasons:

-LibFor (Liberty Force) gains adherents every day, especially with issues like Gunwalker.
-LibFor has more opportunity to organize and train with every day passing.
-FedGov gets more and more demoralized and confused, with every day that passes, and more and more FedGoons desert, either to flee the field or come over to the LibFor overtly or covertly.
-LibFor has more opportunity to develop strategic and tactical intell.

War does not determine who is right, war determines who is left. When it comes to an all-out shooting war, regardless of which side ultimately wins, we all will lose.

John Smith. said...

My my looks like the BATF is having a show of hands on your blog Mike...
Amazing how many people are only 3 percenters when it is convenient. I always wondered if the actual 3 percenters are really .001 percent.

Sgt Survival said...

Keep up the good fight Mike (as always), just throw us a bone every now and then. Anxiously awaiting "Absolved", but realize there are more pressing matters.

Reagite ut Defendatis

Anonymous said...

Mike, thanks for what you do.

Right now, Gunwalker is front and center and should remain so.

My only caution is not to let tactical security lapse in the face of strategic pressures: Do NOT allow the deterrent effect of the sentiment behind "No more Wacos" get lost in the press of Gunwalker coverage.

Absolved should be your next priority, as it is essential to that deterrent effect as well.

May our children know peace by your actions, brother.

Anonymous said...

Mike, the Gunwalker posts have been very important, and I would hate to see important information and progress go anymore under reported than they already are. However, while the tenacity is appreciated, the fact IMHO is that it has taken a lot out of the blog.

Someone (sorry, I do not remember who) recommended making a separate blog for the Gunwalker crisis of yourself and Cordea and maybe a couple others. I think this would be fine, especially if old posts (from both) were compiled there as well as a one source information site.

Either way, keep up the good works. And what happened to Absolved...?

Keep the Faith,



Anonymous said...

Mike: Those who dsiagree with your coverage of "GUNWALKER" need to read or re-read UNITENDED CONSEQUENSES. In our upside-down culture, life has a way of imitating art.
The rogue elements in BATFE need to be kicked while they are down. Keep kicking!

Atlas Shrug said...

Here goes,

Numerically, in rough order of importance:

1. Gunwalker has clearly consumed you. While it is important and I give you praise for your tireless work, it's too much too often, IMHO. There is little balance left. Balance is important.

2. I used to strongly encourage others to make your blog a daily stop. I no longer do. That trickle of new interest thus may be lost.

3. As I noted to you when you first started the blog, you don't have to post every day. You don't have to apologize for not posting. You don't have to tell us you're going to the doctor.

This is not effing Facebook! When it becomes so, it has lost a good bit of it's potential. At one time that potential was great. Now, maybe not so much. Not too late to change, though.

4. Absolved. Don't make promises you can't keep. When you do, don't keep repeating them.

5. Perhaps a solution is an "All Gunwalker All The Time" blog run in parallel to Sipsey Street. As it is now, Sipsey Street is but a small side alley on the Gunwalker Freeway. I feel run over by crosstown traffic.

Please take this as constructive criticism from one who has stood with you on the banks of the Potomac and in Greensboro, as well as a few other less public places.

Keep your powder dry,

Atlas Shrug

Grantmeliberty said...

Keep up the good work.
Gunwalker could make a big difference, and you have done a great job bringing it to the attention of the world.
You have consistently brought us great Praxis articles, and as much as I appreciated Absolved, I agree with the other posters who would fore go the novel's completion to see Gunwalker have an effect.
It seems that traction is being gained, in congress with the 31 Dems, the possible cooperation of Hoover, the documents to Issa; DON'T REDUCE THE PRESSURE NOW!

Anonymous said...

Who would be arrogant enough to tell you how to write your own blog? I think the only reason we all know you exist is that you have something we all desire, and that is the significant encouragement and hope you give us in the present twilight. As we are taken ever farther into the darkness by those who would steal our freedom and attempt to extinguish the light forever, we should remember the founders feared future generations (us) would not be up to the task of sustaining the republic. Readers, please also remember "freedom" also applies to this blog and whatever the heck Mike considers the important issue of the time. I'm in. I thank God that someone is doing it and I think he is doing it right. Mike is characteristically running toward the sound of the guns, and for that I am thankful. Godspeed Mike. Kentucky Jones

Tommy Atkins said...

Folks, we are already in a war for freedom. Gunwalker is just one battle, but it is an important one. If "we" win this one, it might put off the shooting one... I suppose you all read about the Indiana Supreme court ruling that one no longer has "a right to resist" even an ILLEGAL police entry into your homes? How about the SCOTUS decision that now enables LEOs to kick the door in if "they hear noises that indicate evidence is being destroyed"? (Gosh, I bet their hearing improved a whole bunch) Did you ever stop to think that TPTB might end the 4th amendment before going after the 2nd, so that now they have an excuse to shoot first? Keeping Holder et al's nuts in the fire over the treason of Gunwalker just might slow down, or prevent their planned next step... Sure, I like some of the other stuff to be found on this blog, read it all everyday. I work 10 minutes (and have been around here for 30 yrs)from where the battle of Wheaton took place, and never heard about it at all. Too bad Mike doesn't have 2 heads and 8 arms so that he could write more stuff faster... Come on, I realize that in the age if instant gratification Gunwalker seems to be taking a long time. Good scotch can take years to mature. Give this the time it takes, as we all know that it is a must win for our side

Taylor Holmes said...

Let's see now..... Operation Fast & Furious has the potential to get a lot of tits in the wringer. It could conceivably reorg the BATF&E. It very well might get a few assholes imprisoned.

All of this is happening because of pressure from here and at Codrea's house. More and more pressure is actually turning in results in the form of whistle blowers, informants, and media investigation.... all leading to Congressional investigations.

Seems like there is a structured effort here, and that said effort is working. Why stop?

Mr. V, if you stop now, the inertia might well carry the effort through, but you knnow and we all know that the quotes from this site, the references to you and your work and the relationship between here an WOG is the blood infusion that the other information efforts need to stay healthy. AND... anyone that is a regular reader NEEDS to recognize that there is a whole lot more going on a SSI than what is published. Fo Shizzle! To think otherwise is ignorant or just plain stooopid.

Keep it up. The only reason to back off the pressure now is to let people go, and we can't have that now can we? Would they let you go?

Hell no.

They're hiding. Flush them out and let their own eat them.

There... I was polite, civil and to some measure, sensible.

Michael in KY said...

Put me in the "keep it up" column. The attention span of the news media and the general public is very short on these matters and someone needs to keep it up front.

If you and David don't do it, who will? Fox News? Don't count on it.

Also, like several earlier commenters said, this may be an excellent time to publish Absolved. Along that same line of thinking, I can't for the life of me figure out why John Ross doesn't re-release Unintended Consequences in an affordable paperback right now.

Anonymous said...

If you quit now and fade into obscurity, Kerodin will claim credit for having "discovered" Gunwalker. :^D

If you break off the hunt before the raccoon is treed, the varmint will wreck your neighbor's corn field at its earliest opportunity. It would be a breech of Southern etiquette to quit now.

God gave you your writing skills, investigative acumen and blog audience. You owe it to Him to make the very best use of your opportunities.

Very best regards,

Anonymous said...

Never let this go, ever. You said it yourself, one of the things that needs to happen is thier appearance of legitimacy has to be stripped from them. There is no better way than this, both the animated porta-potties in government and the media. Government for thier actions in creating it and media for thier complicit actions in attempting to hide it by ignoring it.
I read every update and look forward to each. Press on and God watch over you.

That is all.

Pericles said...


You can reach us via the email link at the website in the link, and I will try to see if we know someone near you.

Rhodes said...

Brother its your platform go where the spirit leads.

Easy to say hard to do I know. Guard against obsession and tunnel vision, fight for the truth, and never lose sight of the goal.

Perhaps restating the goal in terms of where we all stand today would help all concerned.

God go with you Mike.

avordvet said...


Many of us hammered the info you fed us onto the Net. When NOT ONE MSN OUTLET would carry the story, you kept the story burning... You hammered it until the "media" took notice and then you hammered it again until Congress took notice.

Now keep on hammering until everyone of the oath-breaking scumbags that took part in the "operation" are in prison or strapped in the executioners chair.

Without your work, the ATF's hand in the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry would have been covered up forever.

Hammer on Mike, Hammer on!

Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed your work. I am not as optimistic that much will come of Gunwalker.

A bigger point as to some of these replies, no offense intended as I value your work, but if you or any other single person is the only glue to hold together and motivate this movement, then we have already lost!

Don't seek a leader, become one!

Anonymous said...

If it weren't for you and Dave we wouldn't have GunRunner and our biggest domestic enemy running to hide in the shadows.. keep at 'em hard, drive them off the cliff and put the spike in 'em when they hit bottom so we can regain our lost rights and fight on to get back others as well.
God Bless and never give in.

Yank lll

Anonymous said...

I visit here several times a day just to keep up with your posts.
Gunwalker is a huge story. Who else is covering it?
Your efforts have propelled public knowledge forward.
You are a thorn in the side of the Left Wing.
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

If it weren't for you, David, Kurt and Dave, we wouldn't have GunRunner and our biggest domestic enemy running to hide in the shadows, keep up the good work. Without your works, the ATF's hand in the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry would have been covered up and gone forever. Tommy Atkins said...
"Folks, we are already in a war for freedom. Gunwalker is just one battle, but it is an important one. If "we" win this one, it might put off the shooting one..." And I've been predicting that shooting war for the past 46 years. I'm 75 now and I may live to see it, but God I hope not. Mike, You and your 3 friends keep up the good work by doing what you are doing now.
GoodDay, GunHand from Ok.

Greg RN said...

Do what your heart tells you, prayerful consideration and appeal for guidance from the only one that matters in the end will lead you to a course of action. We are in a battle against spritual wickedness in high places, you have wounded them, show no mercy, make them howl in agony, be the Warrior God has prepared you to be.If I can be of assistance, tell me what you need to pursue this evil, do not allow it to escape!

Anonymous said...

I agree completely with pdxr13. You found a large chink in the evil empire's armor.
Who else has damaged O's team as much as this cause. It took alot of work to bring this story to the light of day. Why stop now, the battle is just beginning.
For those who are bored with Gunwalker, there are zillions of places on the web to find praxis. I like Mike's praxis as much as anyone BUT who can point to another wound in the beast? How many other efforts are causing them apin like gunwalker.
Stopping now would give a victory to the enemy. Who else is causing the beas to roar and react?
Only a few did anything useful re: the Jose Guernera (sp?) murder. Who else is causing the beast to take notice???
Work, dig, and report like Mike does; add to the battle cacophony to bring this un-Constitutional rabble down!
My vote is for Mike to continue the fight. (my inflated opinion).

J. Croft said...

So, about half the people responding would rather read a piece of fantasy than hammer the enemy in the real world. Says a lot about the Threepers and it ain't good.