Monday, June 6, 2011

CBS: Congress set for first 'gunwalker' hearing 13 June, just like my sources called it. A prequel to "stick it where the sun don't shine."


The first in a series of Congressional hearings into the so-called "gunwalker" scandal is set for Monday, June 13th. The title: "Obstruction of Justice: Does the Justice Department Have to Respond to a Lawfully Issued and Valid Congressional Subpoena?"

As CBS News reported on April 1, the House Oversight Committeesubpoenaed documents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF). House investigators say that instead of complying with the subpoena, the Justice Department (which oversees ATF) showed them a "handful of highly redacted documents" and provided additional documents already in the public record.

"They didn't comply with terms of the subpoena," says a House oversight staffer.

On Friday, 31 House Democrats sent a letter to President Obama saying "the Department of Justice has delayed action and withheld information from Congressional inquiries." The letter urges the President to "instruct the Department of Justice to promptly provide complete answers to all Congressional inquiries on this issue."

In response to requests for information from Congress, the Department of Justice has said that it has asked the Inspector General to investigate the allegations of "gunwalking," and that it doesn't want to interfere with that probe by giving certain documents to Congress.

The moment CBS broke this story, I called around. "How does this fit into the three-phase hearing schedule?" I asked. "Think of this as a 'pre-Gunwalker' hearing," one source said. "The Chairman (Issa) wants to get the law and past practice out there for everybody to see before he takes it and sticks it where the sun don't shine."

"'Where the sun don't shine?'" I asked.

"Yeah, right up Eric Holder's ass."


Anonymous said...

link is broken

Anonymous said...

link works fine


Mickey Collins said...

If this is the 'most open and honest administration ever' which Senator Obama promised to the masses, I'd sure hate to see a secretive and dishonest administration.

Anonymous said...

Re: those who say this gunwalker thing has taken over your site and it's depressing, wearisome, there's no need for this we have other things to worry/focus on, whatever their pathetic excuse is.
To see one individual take on leviathan as you have and accomplish what you've done.
Is simply beyond the words motivational or inspirational.
It also backs up what you've said before, "they need to be stripped of thier legitimacy in front of everyone, as that is one of the chief sources of thier power"
Ignore the naysayers, you keep going and God watch over you.

That is all.

skybill said...

Hi Mike,
Funny you should mention that?? Big question is can Issa and Grassley pull off this mission? Other posters seem to think Barry and Eric will slide thru. Who has the "Power??" Everyone thought Tricky Dick was going to float out of Watergate until he got on the podium and resigned! Barry I believe has no such intention. We live in interesting times. Until the blade drops and the heads roll we won't know?? Till then, keep your powder dry boys and girls!!

Anonymous said...

The problem has always been, getting thus information in front of the public. The left has a strangle hold on facts and information and therefor, public opinion.

BUT, the net has modified this to a degree and believe me the information brokers aren't happy at all.

We will now see who will win the argument for the free access to fact and information. If it fails, there is only one course of action left to those who would be free. We may yet avoid that. If not, it won't be Mike and David's fault.