Monday, January 12, 2009

Two Basic Types of Yoga

There Are Two Basic Types Of Yoga

1) Yoga from India

2) Yoga from St. Clair County, Alabama

There is, however, one very important difference. If you attempt to take the liberty of the first man, he will beg your forgiveness for offending you.

If on the other hand you attempt to take the liberty of the second man, he will kill you first in righteous self-defense, and go out for a hangover remedy later.


ParaPacem said...

I just hope that the other end of that bench doesn't hold their reloading equipment.... Lord only knows what they might have loaded up, as alcohol is known to cause illogical experimentation with explosive materials.
"Wha, Hayull's Bayulls, Cletus, cain't NOBODY far a casin' that's loaded with powder plumb up the neck!!! That thaing'll blow the barrel out, an' prob'ly shoot that bolt rat through yore headbone!"

"Hey, doubtin' Bubba, I figgered this load out jest now, in mah own haid - this oughtta get that thirty ought six to spittin' out 200 grains at around 5900 feet per second with about 2600 foot pounds. Set that bottle up on the back steps and hand me my Sprangfield an' jist you watch!"

Anonymous said...

Ah, you HAVE been to St. Clair County, Alabama.

ParaPacem said...

Well - Bessemer is close enough ;o)

Sean said...

I don't reckon a man in his likker kin shoot straight, so I'll stay sober, jest the same.

triptyx said...

Couldn't have said it better myself.

As you've stated so well so many times, "they have us surrounded, the poor fools".

Anonymous said...

LOL! ParaPacem!

It doesn't just apply to St. Clair County, Alabama either :D My former Wushu lao shi (teacher) said that whoever tried to violate his civil liberties would experience first hand what it feels like to have your head turned 360 degrees, twice. It was a conversation about gun rights/Holocaust/Nazis, and I am not surprised at what this wise old gentleman from Szechuan, China would do if anyone tried to hurt him or someone he cared about.

When I talked to him how important it is to own a rifle and practice with it, he replied "I do not own a single gun, because my enemies will bring me the guns I need if it comes to that". "When we first started to fight the Japanese, all we had were just swords and spears. The Japanese were kind enough to give us their guns", he continued with a chuckle.

I could only think... WOW! And that was years ago.

As for this thread, I have to agree with Sean, thats why I don't drink. These two guys in the picture are tough, no doubt, but if they stopped drinking and stopped putting their livers through all that harmful pressure, they can be even tougher. "First, if you want to possess righteous feng shui, your body must be cleansed of all poisonous miasmas"

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one that noticed the bottles of beer are poorly "photoshopped" into the picture?

It actually adds to the humor rather than detract from it, but someone could have put a little more effort into it...

( Apologizes if the "someone" is Mike V. ;) )

Anonymous said...

No, I didn't photoshop it. It came to me in an email from a fellow Alabaman and is an inside joke on St. Clair County boys.