Saturday, January 10, 2009

What I heard in the john at the gun show.

So, I'm sitting down, minding my own business at the Indy 1500 gun show, when I hear 4 guys walk in.

First guy: "OK, all of you write down my cell phone number so if you see something you're interested in you can call me and I check it out."

Second guy: "Do I want a pistol or a rifle?"

First guy: "We'll see what they have and talk about it."

Third guy to Fourth guy: "Did you get Martin's memo?"

Fourth guy: "Yeah, that (redacted)."

First guy: "OK, Irv, let's go back and look at that shotgun."

Deduction: Four guys from the same company. Three of them don't know crap from breakfast about guns. They persuade a work buddy who DOES know crap from breakfast to take them to the gun show and help them pick out suitable weapons.

Conclusion: More weapons are being bought by newbies than anybody thinks.



jon said...

call me paranoid, but, over the internet, it just as easily reads as four guys looking for an easy asset forfeiture -- and the company they work for is the FBI.

Welshman said...

Dang, I think I know those 4 bastards! LOL. Depends on whether they mean 'Martin'--the American spelling, or 'Martyn'--the Welsh spelling.

Anonymous said...

I just hope these newbies go to the range afterward and practice with their new guns. After all, having guns is one thing. Having guns and not knowing how to safely use them, well, thats pretty much not having them at all.

And lets truly hope these newbies don't mix Hollywood with the real world and forget that you can't curve bullets or Glocks never run out of ammo.

urthshu said...

Went to one recently in upstate NY. Extremely well-attended, good selection of guns, a lot of first-time buyers and first-time gawkers.

But it wasn't much for finding deals. The dealers all knew that demand was high, so they didn't mark down all that much. Instead, they brought out more pre-bans and charged way over what most were willing to pay at a typical show.

Only things I got were the last of the AK mags. All 3 of them.

Anonymous said...

Since background check = registration, it just means that the new purchases will be the first knocks on the door. Good though since it spreads out the liability and maybe will wake up a few more, maybe even get them angry.

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess I'm just a damn pessimist, but my best guess is that the newbies buying guns are indeed trying to hurry and get guns before they are banned. Good idea, except I seriously doubt that one out of a hundred will refuse to turn them in when ordered to do so.

Too many of us just cannot in our programmed and propagandized minds realize that official station and authority does not guarantee non-criminality.

I fear most of the newbies want protection from "criminals", but just are not capable of realizing that organized, government sponsored violators of civil rights are just as criminal as the house-breaker and rapist.

I fear many of them think if government does it, it isn't illegal, no matter what the constitution or the law actually says.

I sincerely hope I am wrong, but there are just too many snowflakes that melt at the first sign of heat. I think if they were really committed to the underlying principle they wouldn't just now
be newbies. It seems odd that they would go from total ignorance or apathy of the issue to commitment to liberty two and a half months.

Christ, with as many I's as there is in this comment, I should be an opthamologist.

Anonymous said...

You could be right, straightarrow, but there's at least some room for hope: After all, who is more fanatic than a convert (especially a recent convert)?

Anonymous said...

That's kinda what I thought, Jon. It sure sounds like BATFEces code-speak to me.

ParaPacem said...

Jon - make room for two, on the Paranoia Bus. That was my first, gut-reaction, except I was thinking of 'plainclothes' ATF goons trying to coordinate their apparently random wanderings, while looking for hapless US citizens trying to exercise their God-given rights to buy and sell.BTW - OT, but I think that this day should be designated a holiday for the first weeknight return of Jack Bauer / 24.

Think of it - it would be no less fake or made up than 'kwanzaa' and could be celebrated by all 24-o-philes having the day off to spend at the range. Someone ask mr. Obongo, or his buddy Urkl Holder, to arrange it.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely. More than ever before