Sunday, January 18, 2009

And so it begins?: An Unconfirmed Rumor About Russian Ammo

From David Codrea we have this so far unconfirmed rumor about the Obamanoids intentions. As for me, I'm inclined to believe it.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

An Unconfirmed Rumor About Russian Ammo

As long as we clearly understand this is totally unconfirmed, I still feel compelled to share it on the chance there could be something to it:

I attended the ...Gun Show today... this 600 table show draws exhibitors from throughout the Southeast, including the NRA and the BATFE (separate rooms in the exhibit hall). While I was at the BATFE table (I would simultaneously talk to Jesus and Satan if I could arrange it), an exhibitor approached the two BATFE agents (who actually were very nice and advising two FFL’s how to better handle a particularly obnoxious and notorious overzealous local BATFE agent to effect a positive outcome for the FFL’s) and complained that U.S. Customs in the Port of Miami impounded his shipment of Russian small arms ammunition in anticipation of a ammunition import policy change effective January 20, 2009 (Obama Inauguration Day). The two BATFE agents basically stated that they would be “the last to know”, but as far as they knew there was no policy change, and they advised that the exhibitor’s attorney should contact U.S. Customs to inquire what the particular problem was to effect immediate release of the shipment. Common sense and logical advice, but a few days will tell. I was impressed by the two BATFE agents and how they handled the people approaching them at the show.

I'm keeping the name of my correspondent and identifying information about the particular show out of this because I don't want anyone embarrassed by this (but me, and I don't embarrass) should it turn out to be nothing.

As for being impressed by the personable BATFU reps, I do wonder if they'd leave such a favorable impression were someone acting like "shall not be infringed" means what it says in front of them...


Loren said...

I think that a lot of locals, even in the federal bureaus, may be a bit more helpful than people think, when things get worse like we expect they will. As workloads increase, and raids start going sour, we should look to find agents willing to give heads ups, and to look the other way as long as no one is getting hurt.

One should always be careful in relationships with the feds, but some might be willing to say, take a token turn-in, and not bother with a search, rather than risk his or other's lives in a raid. This even more on the local levels, if we can take control of the city councils, and get the police to actually be police, rather than enforcers. As the local workload increases, the local police might be more willing to pass on the three S's, and ignore signs that anything technically illegal is going on, provided there's no signs of foul play.

Or maybe I'm getting my hopes up too high, but it sounds better than considering everyone with a uniform an enemy.

CCK said...

I don't understand why anyone would ever talk to an BATFU agent in the first place.

Haven't we all learned that lesson?

Mike remember about a month or so ago when a guy from a web board was posting about the ATF agent and local LE that came to his door to ask questions about a fellow board member?

The man who was questioned was reassured that "he wasn't a suspect" "they (the ATF) knew he was one of the good guys..." etc.

You at the time gave advice never to speak to them alone because they will twist your words. And even advised that the reason for them to come to your door in two's was for that very reason, two testimonies against one.

I post this every time something like this comes up but I still don't understand why people don't get it.

The first thing Professor Duane says is "UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES"

Anonymous said...

I called my favorite gun store to make sure they had plenty of .223 ammunition before I drove out there. The owner said it was getting tough for him to find any to sell and he did not have a single box. He said that he was told that the government was seizing it for military needs.

Anyone else having problems finding it?

tom said...


I've got piles of once fired brass in .223, 5.56, and .223 Ackley Improved. Not keen on selling it but there's a lot of brass and bullets and powder around. I'm a non-commercial entity when it comes to firearms.

I highly suggest learning to reload. It's more relaxing and better for you than many other zen-like activities. $200 dollar initial investment and a walk through by somebody that's done it and it won't matter if the shops have it or not. Only potential problem is primers.

If the US gets that bad, that's what the black powder guns that are flint operated are for...

As to availability, .223/5.56 isn't at all thin on th ground in the Great State of Texas, yet, so I've been buying slightly inflated priced practice rounds and conserving my brass and primers. Working out to about 35-40 cents a round for generic .223 (brass saved of course) around here at the moment through normal trade channels.