Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dear Mr.or Ms. GS-6

Mr. or Ms. GS-6
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
Washington, DC

re: 4473 Exhaustion

Dear Sir or Madam,

Please accept my apologies for the trouble you're in now vis-a-vis the exhaustion of 4473 stocks at the ATF. This embarrassing state of affairs has certainly by now got you in trouble with your superiors who do not like to be shown up for the incompetents they are for having failed to properly plan for the logistical considerations attendant to the Great Obama Gun Rush.

As a taxpayer I would like to assure you that we did not intend to get you in trouble. We have been buying firearms in record numbers to guarantee our own natural liberty and access to arms. Not even we knew how many we were buying. New gun owners make up much of this increase and we had no warning of their arrival.

So if your boss blames you for running out of forms and bringing attention to the fact that the ATF was wholly unprepared for the Great Obama Gun Rush, tell him it is really all our fault. We didn't believe President-for-life-elect Obama's sweet assurances and we voted with our wallets.

Mike Vanderboegh

PS: If you get fired, you might try getting a job at a gun shop.


tim said...

I was a GS employee for quite awhile, and I rarely cared what my "superiors" said. If there was a screw-up and enough forms weren't available it certainly wouldn't be for a GS-6 to decide, and should that be the case then the higher GS's and Executive Service members of the ATF aren't needed. A quick call to an elected official can take care of this. The ATF jumps anytime a Senator calls and they will call if there has been a complaint. Trust me. This is the type of crap they live for.


John Higgins said...

You know, this gives me an idea.

How about targeting, specifically, the ATF for propagandizing and persuading? Try to bring as many of them over to "our side" as we can, or at the very least degrade morale.

Undermining their foundation would be the first step in turning things around anyway. Maybe a real campaign could help.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the mindset was after the great-one got into office, there wouldn't be much need for ANY 4473's in the future.

Anonymous said...

The December NICS numbers were posted today.

It set another new record, as did 2008, by a mile.