Monday, January 12, 2009

"Hope is not a method."

Go here and read The Bitter Fruits of Compromise by Michael Gaddy

H/T to Clell


Mike H said...

She is quite a gal indeed. Suzanna Hupp inspired me to keep on when I thought I should give up re getting the word out.

Anonymous said...

The Bitter Fruits of Compromise? Here's my interpretation of the George Washington quote on your sidebar:

"The time is now near at hand which must probably determine, whether Americans are to be, [ruled by King George or by Alexander Hamilton and myself.] [...] Our cruel and unrelenting Enemy [which is Statism, motivated by power Lust in my heart and Envy in yours, although anyone who understands that was wise enough not to be cannon fodder here] leaves us no choice but [this false dichotomy which I present to you: that no matter how you vote, government always wins. Less than twenty years from now I will raise a standing army larger than this one, and seize your farm products from you by military force, as fitting tribute from a newly conquered people.] [...] [You] have therefore to resolve to conquer [my enemies for me] or die. [Suckers.]"

I imagine that in the future some person in the freedom movement, who is of course immune from the corrupting influence of power, will decide to give up the moral and military advantages of a defensive position and attempt the "restoration of the republic", or some other such demonstrable insanity. They will act as a general, and lead some lower-middle-class Americans to kill other lower-middle-class Americans, thereby keeping both groups of lower-middle-class from increasing their material self-sufficiency and thereby threatening the upper class. If the general wins, they will eventually lord it over the surviving lower-middle-class. I hope you can see that I view this entire political panoramic wheel of karma as the Bitter Fruits of Compromise. Sucker.