Thursday, January 8, 2009

"A Company of Cowards"

Korean War Veterans Gang Up To Distance Themselves From the NRA


Ever since I posted what I presumed was the Anthem of the National Rifle Association, I have been bombarded by complaints that by comparing Korean War veterans to the NRA, I have slandered and libeled the veterans. We don't do retractions very often here at Sipsey Street, but I hereby acknowledge that Bugout Boogie cannot possibly be the song of the NRA. This is for the simple fact unlike the NRA, the veterans who wrote and sang the original song had real enemies, deadly enemies, and faced them in real battle at risk to their lives. The only thing the NRA has ever risked is their shaky reputations.

Not only has the NRA risked nothing, but they face an enemy that not only is unarmed but is made up of "liberal pukes who couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag," in the words of a veteran.

Not wanting to offend veterans who have served their country admirably, I hereby withdraw my suggestion. However, just as I was being compelled to change my mind, my good friend John Russell offered the following substitute:

Dear Mike, in 1963 there was a light comedy titled "Advance to the Rear" starring Glen Ford and Stella Stevens. The plot essentially was the story of some Yankee misfits that were such an embarassment that they were sent West to keep them out of sight. Needless to say they end up redeeming themselves. The movie was the basis of the television series "F Troop" Part of the film score provided by The New Chistie minstrals was a little tune titled "A company of Cowards."

Company Of Cowards

As I was walkin' down the road, 'twas on one summer's day
What d'you suppose I chanced to see, goin' the other way?
Well I knew it weren't the Navy nor the whole McDougal clan
'Twas a company of cowards, I could tell by the way they ran

Oh get around oh get around get around
Oh get around get away
'Tis a company of cowards
And they've come to save the day

You should've seen their uniforms, shabby as you please
Mighty shy of buttons, rather baggy at the knees
And such was their appearance, we laughed until we cried
It's a pity, Mr. Lincoln, they're not on the other side


I don't recall I ever heard that bugle sound retreat,
I could only hear the thunder of a hundred scamperin' feet.
It was forward into battle they came marching one by one
But I guess they thought it over, and they thought it best to run


All men who bear the saber share the scandal of that day
Napoleon would have died of shame to see them run away
Remember George at Valley Forge made the British boys behave
You can well imagine now he's rolling over in his grave


I can see how this might actually be a better song for the NRA than Bugout Boogie. Let's see how about:

As I was walkin' in D C, 'twas on a fine spring day
What d'you suppose I chanced to see, desp'rate to get away?
They tumbled out the Senate's doors, afraid to take a stand
'Twas a company of cowards, I could tell by how they ran

Oh get around oh get around get around
Oh get around get away
'Tis a company of cowards
And they're called the N R A

You should've seen their fancy suits, as shiny as new glass
And when they passed E. Holder, they kissed him on the ass.
And such were their pretensions, we laughed until we cried
It's a pity, Mis-ter Obama, that they're not on your side.

Oh get around oh get around get around
Oh get around get away
'Tis a company of cowards
And they're called the N R A


Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

I think that as a recruiting promotion, the NRA should offer new members a ticket to Obama's inauguration, complete with a small version of the new NRA flag, thus allowing the NRA to show their true colors, and preventing anyone from mistaking what they are all about.

Anonymous said...

The French may have invented pre-emptive surrender, but the NRA perfected it.

Anonymous said...

As far as I know, the NRA was founded in I think 1871? by two retired Union generals becuase they wanted their men to learn how to shoot better. It wasn't an RKBA organization.

Also the NRA endorsed the so-called "full auto" ban of 1935.

I don't know about the GCA of 1968 but it also seemed like the folks over at NRA just took a nap and let it pass.

The recent Heller ruling was not just solely the NRA's efforts. The main reason why we won the Heller case by such a narrow margin was because of the libertarian lawyers who came in on our behalf. The actual engine that powered this bus was the libertarian lawyers, not the NRA.

MPA dragon said...

Thanks for making me grin, Sir.

This whole thread is why I am not a member of the NRA... Of course, though, I am a lifetime member of the Gun Owners of America...

Anonymous said...

How appropriate that the NRA has borrowed the design of its new flag from the French. After all, the man at the helm of the NRA is Wayne the Dehydrated Frenchman.

Anonymous said...

Now Mike, you know what happened to Gen.Patton for trying to shame a coward. mthead

ParaPacem said...

CAN the NRA be turned around? is it too late, as many feel about the apparent decline into degeneracy of 'freedom's greatest experiment'? Can the voice of the people stir the NRA to again stand as boldly as in old days, when men like Charlton Heston were ready to make a stand, no matter the cost? Or....

tom said...

Roll your leg over for Holder (and anyone else that asks) with the NEW NRA!.

Anonymous said...

Probably the 1st Cav Division weenies that were complaining. The 1st Cav lost their colors in Korea and have yet to get them returned.
Quite a job to the old timer especially from the 2d Inf Div, I would imagine. Who cares what you sing about the NRA....
Make it long and mean and let them string along....

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the next scene. Puff the Magic Dragon made the Cong go poof, they retook the camp and down in the dirt goes the Cong flag.........

(Tactical withdrawal)