Friday, January 16, 2009

The British want their guns back.

H/T to John Russell

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jon said...

this is somewhat old -- i wonder whether they're even allowed to have that procession anymore.

kahr40 said...

Too late. At this point you'd need guns to get them back and you poor schmucks gave 'em all away for "security".

Anonymous said...

Re Jon: No, not at all. All centerfire rifles in Great Britain must be registered and kept at rifle clubs and ranges only. All pistols and revolvers are banned from civilian possession.

Even people who want to compete in Cowboy Action Shooting events must obtain an explosives and demolition license first, which must be renewed every year or so, along with an outrageous fee. Shotguns are also outlawed, and skeet shooters must be registered, licensed, and their weapons kept at their shooting clubs at all time.

Now if, y'all excuse me, I have to go puke. I'll be right back. (Sounds of retching in the background)

Anonymous said...

Was it Kevin Baker who referred to citizen disarmament as a mistake a free people only get to make once? England is done, someone just needs to stick a fork in them.

Anonymous said...

Well, the film said the street criminals have no problem getting guns, so perhaps they are not totally "done" afterall - they just have to hold their noses and get their guns from less respectable sources. Who knows, perhaps the IRA will show pitty on them and serve as a source.

I think the warnings to us given by British citizens at the end of the film, urging us to "never give an inch" and to resist confiscation at all costs, are very poignant and powerful, and something we should heed. And we should send that film around to everyone we know.

Note how the fox hunters got the big "F you" too. All the fudds over on this side of the pond should see that and take heed.