Thursday, January 22, 2009

Victim Disarmament Zone Once Again Works Flawlessly at Virginia Tech

Student Decapitated at Virginia Tech

BLACKSBURG, Va. (Jan. 21) — A graduate student from China was decapitated with a kitchen knife in a campus cafe at Virginia Tech by another graduate student who knew her, police said Thursday.

Xin Yang, 22, was killed Wednesday night after arriving at the campus from Beijing on Jan. 8 to begin studying accounting, Virginia Tech Police Chief Wendell Flinchum said.

Her accused attacker, 25-year-old Haiyang Zhu of Ningbo, China, knew the victim but no motive for the slaying has been determined, Flinchum said. School records showed that Haiyang was listed as one of Xin's emergency contacts.

Haiyang was charged with first-degree murder and was being held without bond at the Montgomery County Jail. It was not immediately known if he had an attorney.

Haiyang and Xin had been having coffee in a cafe in the Graduate Life Center, where Xin was living. About seven other people who were in the coffee shop told police that the two hadn't been arguing before the attack.

Police received two 911 calls shortly after 7 p.m. Wednesday, Flinchum said, and were on the scene in a little more than a minute to take Haiyang into custody.

Flinchum said Haiyang was not known to the campus police or to the university team that deals with mentally disturbed students.

University officials said Haiyang arrived on campus last fall and was a Ph.D. student in agricultural and applied economics.

The stabbing was the first killing on campus since a mass killing on campus in 2007, when a student gunman shot 32 people and then took his own life.

"An act of violence like this brings back memories of April 16," university President Charles Steger said. "I have no doubt that many of us feel especially distraught."

University spokesman Larry Hincker said a campus alert system put in place after the mass shootings by Seung-Hui Cho in 2007 sent out messages to 30,000 subscribers by e-mail, text messages and telephone voice mails Wednesday night.

Because a suspect was in custody, the messages were sent out as notifications rather than as emergency alerts, he said.

Virginia Gov. Timothy M. Kaine offered condolences to the campus.

"My thoughts and prayers are with the friends and family of Xin Yang today — and with the broader Virginia Tech community," he said in a statement. "The tragic attack on campus this week has no doubt revived terrible memories for countless members of the Hokie family."


Anonymous said...

Just goes to show that the cops will NEVER be there to save you, no matter how "responsive" they are. You are on your own.

And goes to show that violence can come to anyone, anywhere because there are two legged predators and rabid dogs walking among us - they are out there and the proper response it to be ready to stop them.

But of course no one there was equipped to do so.

At VT, she was as stripped of her right to self defense and disarmed (and surrounded by others also disarmed) by order of the law to as complete a degree as if she were still in Communist China.

That's what college campuses are now - little islands of totalitarianism (or petri dishes of communism) where you are stripped of the right to the realistic and effective means of stopping your own rape, beating, murder, or decapitation.

You can't even legally carry a pocket knife on most college campuses (though I still did so when I was in college).

And of course, no one in the cafe did anything except call 911 on their cell phones. Like good little sheep, they only looked on passively while bleating for the shepherd.

No one thought to bash him over the head with a chair? Repeatedly? No. That would be "violent" and they are taught over and over again that "violence is never the answer."

What perfect Eloi, just standing around in their fashionable metrosexual duds, sipping a late, waiting to be eaten.

What is happening to our youth?

jon said...

"a little more," indeed! they arrived four minutes after the attack began.

get fully geared up and try boxing with someone who is in better shape than you for just 90 seconds.

Warthog said...

Damn, you got details that weren't available when this broke late yesterday morning.

I guess I better update my post.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Mr. Helmke wants to address this in his next "essay", if such ignorant words can be called essays?

More gun control laws could have prevented this recent tragedy, couldn't it?