Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Have Pragmatism, Will Travel: Sebastian at Valley Forge

Later, Sebastian at his keyboard, safe and warm:

"As a member, I expect the National Rifle Association to fight gun control in the 111th Congress. If they have to get down on their hands and knees and kiss Harry Reid’s rosey red ass as part of a deal to stop a gun control bill, I’ll buy them the lip balm."

The whole thing is here.

Must have been an inspiring visit.

Washington at Valley Forge


jon said...

funny thing -- something beck posted today on boaz and keynes reminded me of the terrible trivium. then i found there was a list of all the other demons of ignorance on wikipedia, including:

The Triple Demons of Compromise, a demonic team of three negotiators; one is short and fat, one is tall and thin, and the third looks "exactly like the other two". They can never truly go anywhere because, rather than reach agreements, they constantly compromise.

John said...

Valley Forge, one of my favorite visits in PA, second only to Gettysburg. Looking forward to moving back to PA sometime in the next two years. Thanks for the interesting posts.

tom said...

What does sebastian charge for BJs?

He could move beyond blogging and maybe make more money, especially with the gun controller anti-Christian sects.

He's buying lip gloss and lube and I'm buying primers and firearms...funny world (if you're 'funny')

I stopped reading his loudmouth shit a long time ago because it was so vomit inducing I realizes that negative people were a vexation to my soul and I shan't read what they write.

I'll read brady bunch shit for tactical and strategic reasons, but I won't arm wrestle a zero armed man. Waste of time. People like him are already licking the hands that feed them.

FUCK THEM (pardon my frog). Got no use for them. The prags have been DISMISSED.

Wouldn't hire him to peel taters or clean toilets with a toothbrush, much less be at all affiliated with myself in any way shape or form, political or social.

I'm sure he feels the same about us threepers.