Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"MV is a PUSS ": Are my eyes really brown?

Major Strasser: We have a complete dossier on you: Richard Blaine, American, age 37. Cannot return to his country. The reason is a little vague. We also know what you did in Paris, Mr. Blaine, and also we know why you left Paris.

[hands the dossier to Rick]

Major Strasser: Don't worry, we are not going to broadcast it.

Rick: [reading] Are my eyes really brown?
-- Casablanca, 1942.

From one Nazi to another . . .

Keep and Bear Arms provides us, by way of comments on my post on the Deacons for Defense below, this magnificently reasoned and eloquent criticism of your humble scribbler. Typical of the genre, it reminds me of nothing so much as a pimple threatening suicide by promising to pop itself. I reprint it below without correcting spelling and grammar. I admit that it is rather incoherent and difficult to comprehend. I can only comment that the level of education and discourse demonstrated by devotees of the former Austrian homosexual male prostitute who motivated Germans to kill tens of millions has certainly declined since the 1940s. And, I guess I should ask, "Are my eyes really brown?"


Comment by: MV is a PUSS (1/20/2009)

Because he would never go against His zion bolshviek communist bankster mobster masters in DC.

Because he likes phony patriotism.

Mike V unwittingly aids the communist/bolsheviek satanist and zionist Brits banker masters, that brought the south to it's knees.

STOLE the souths honor and constitutional rights with War.

Even while the north used Blacks as linch pins to demonise christianity & constitutionality, BoR's for envy of theft!

As the so called free north phonies, were involved in slavery as much as the south was.

During the enviest theft of the Souths Honor and dignity & Property.

All for a bunch of British Rothchilde bankers bent on ruling America.

Continuing the theft of hard worked for freedom/Liberty, to this very day.


Anonymous said...

I just got back from the supermarket, and try as I might, I could not find that particular flavor of Kool-Aid.

old jack said...

In response to MV is a puss: In the second World War my father was an oss officer who spent his time cutting the throats of Nazis. I see the quota hasn't been used up.

Anonymous said...


Not only I couldn't understand what the rant was about, it sounded borderline...schizophrenic.

Anybody ever heard the "Raleigh Soliloquy" on a Sublime album called "Robbin' the Hood"? It's available on U-tube. The album contained a completely incoherent, extremely profane 30 minute rant by someone supposedly named "Raleigh T. Sakers", a resident at a state psychiatric facility. The rant covered everything from Zionist imperialist conspiracies to some pretty graphic descriptions of fellatio and anal intercourse, then back to incoherent singing and yelling.

Listen to the tapes. It's pretty chilling.

kahr40 said...

Maybe it would be a bit clearer if he'd pull the white hooded condom off his head first.

Mike H said...

Mike, obviously you are making sense and a difference for someone to lace lies and truth re history to smear you.

I shall add this to my collection of 'conspiracy theories'. What a gamer.

Sean said...

Really couldn't make any sense out of any of it. And Mike, it's careless of you throwing away girls like that, someday they may be scarce.