Thursday, January 29, 2009

"Camps": We are not "good Germans." We will not acquiesce in our own enslavement.

Pete has a post here that everyone needs to read. Here is the bill it refers to.

My attitude is this:

What? You think we weren't paying attention to the central lesson of the 20th Century?

You may build the camps, we will not go.

Try to put us in them by force, and we will kill you.

Try to fill them with political prisoners, and those of us you have not snared will break the wire, shoot the guards, slit the throats of the commanders, burn down the businesses of those who collaborate with tyranny to support them and blow up the rails, roads and bridges leading to them.

We are not "good Germans." We will not acquiesce in our own enslavement.

Build the camps if it pleases you. Use them for tyranny, and watch what happens.

Mike Vanderboegh
"If this be treason, then make the most of it."


Anonymous said...

Mike and fellas,

Section 2, (4)to meet other appropriate needs, as determined by the Secretary of Homeland Security.

It is exactly the "other appropriate needs" that is always going to bite someone in the a**.

(6) required to consist of a complete operations command center, including 2 state-of-the art command and control centers that will comprise a 24/7 operations watch center as follows:

(A) one of the command and control centers shall be in full ready mode; and

(B) the other shall be used daily for training; and

So if there is daily training, there is also a full-time 'staff' that is must come with this bill.

Fun for all. Even if it were merely restricted to 'acceptable use' as normal people define it, who would like to go to a SuperDome type environment by force?

Not me.


Anonymous said...