Friday, January 16, 2009

A Call for a Praxis article on rifle scopes.

From Ranger Rick, I have this request:

"Once you have finished your remaining chapters, recommend a Praxis article on inexpensive, but quality glass for rifles. Focus should be on two categories: 1) - CQB, low-power, and 2)- mid-range, 2x7 or 3x9 (or 4x or 6x fixed). You might want to see what your readers can come up with on the blog sites for recommendations. Scopes can cost as much or more than the basic rifle."

Please forward submissions to


Anonymous said...

1) Scopes are 'in addition to' *not* 'instead of' iron sights.
2) You can mount the way-coolest scope in the universe onto your Mauser or Enfield, but if you occlude the charger bridge, just what have you accomplished?
That having been said, here is one cheapskate's venture:

Ishapore 2A1: NcStar 6x42 mil-dot, 1" tube ($29). Williams FP aperture sight, issue front blade.

Mauser K98k; UTG 4x40 mil-dot, 5" eye relief, 1" tube ($51). Repro LSR mount (QR), Mojo sight set. This scope is also equipped with target knobs and both red and green backlit reticles. Who thinks of this stuff?

Enfield No4 Mk2: "Leupold Mark IV" (rolls eyes) knock-off. 30mm tube, 3.5x10 mil-dot with the mall-ninja target knobs and side focus (parallax adjustment)($57). Cad-Technik mount (QR), Parker Hale Competition rear ladder sight (a more finely made No4 sight with windage adjustments) and a PH FS22A foresight.

The Ishapore, being chambered in 7.62, is in case I, um, 'find' some ammo, you know, lying around. :) The scope mount is not quickly detachable, but I have spare mags and have massaged the mag well so they can be changed easily.

The other two rifles have quickly removed scope mounts, which usually sit in a padded bag tied to my web gear until needed. I'll make use of them until they break, at which point, I'll keep on using the iron sights that I took such pains to install.

Personally, I think hanging $200-600 worth of glass on a battle rifle is silly. They're too easily broken. For the above prices, one can buy two, sight them both in, and carry the spare in one's ruck.

tom said...

I've been shooting the NcStar Red Dot 1x45mm with integral weaver clamps on my .375 H&H Magnum pistol, YES, .375 NOT .357, and haven't broken it yet. Sometimes it jumps brightness settings but the elevation and windage haven't moved.

I paid about 45 bucks with shipping for it and I've broken almost every red dot on the planet with that particular hog killer pistol.

45mm and Zero magnification is nice for both eyes open and rapid target acquisition and if you want to take it off you can unscrew the base clamps with a quarter. Works good on running hogs so it could work on other running forms of porcine too.

Even has decent Ruby Coated lenses. Many pricier Red Dots have been killed dead by this pistol.

tom said...

These aren't well known in America, but they give Swarovski a run for their money and leave Leupold in the dust in my field usages.

Used one to put a bullet in a zebra's ear at 335M.

Not pricey either, but not common in the USA.