Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Wow. I slept through, pretty much, the entire night. Again.

I will have something on Connecticut more later, though.


Anonymous said...

Good. Your body is finally catching up to itself. Take the hint. We in the FreeFor III-PER "society" need you for awhile longer.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

In a sound sleep the soul goes home to recruit her strength, which could not else endure the wear and tear of life.
- Ibn Rahel

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better. Get my subscription money yet?-Johnny Gee.

Dutchman6 said...

Johnny Gee. Sure did! God bless you, sir.

Anonymous said...

Stop looking at that horse's teeth, Dutchman, and just enjoy the rest. As one who sleeps when he can, I know all about the "joys" of insomnia.

Sleep when you can. We'll keep.

Anonymous said...

More homework while your thinking about CT.

Taz, FL

Knuck said...

Mike, Sounds like you had an interesting "visit" to the northeast. Being from Mass,40+ years ago,I remember the days when it was a good,proud thing to be from the region. The liberal agenda is a direct result of the large number of institutions of higher learning in the region that have been hijacked by the Progs and their ilk.The learned retardation of the population is not an accident. Beware of Elizabeth Warren and her crew. They are the essence of the evil,know it all windbags from the region. Lying,evil scumbags. They are similar to an infection or parasite that lives off the host until they consume it. Wash and disinfect yourself well Catching the libtard parasite can be fatal. Glad you are back.