Saturday, November 1, 2014

There will be raids. "Gentlemen, prepare to defend yourselves!" Connecticut on the knife edge of civil war (and nobody has a clue). Dr. Bettelheim's advice to Red Mike Lawlor's intended victims.

I spent Friday largely in frustration, receiving advice about my trip to Connecticut that I did not want to hear, trying to get the attention of people who did not want to hear me and chasing down rumors I did not want to believe were true.
As for the advice, medical, political and otherwise, it can be summed up by this email I received from a long-time friend:
Mike, Being the mule-headed person I am. . . I have found out through bitter experience that God first whispers. When we don't listen, He shouts. When we still don't listen He reaches for a 2x4 to clunk us in order to gain our attention (just like like having to smack a mule to get it's attention). Consider not going and staying home. . .
At the risk of boring those who have been paying attention, let me sum up briefly the events in Connecticut of the past two years.
On 14 December 2012, in Newtown, Connecticut, 20-year-old Adam Lanza fatally shot 20 children and 6 adult staff members at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The blood-dancers of the citizen disarmament lobby came out in full gyrations and by April Fool's Day 2013 it was announced that a deal had been reached in Hartford amongst House of Representatives politicians, some of whom should have known better, to produce what they bragged was the "toughest gun law in the country." This Intolerable Act included a ban on standard capacity magazines, mandating further that existing mags must be registered with the state. It also mandated registry of semi-automatic rifles of military utility and demanded background checks for private firearm sales. On 3 April the State Senate passed this "deal," followed shortly thereafter at midnight on 4 April by the House. It was signed into law by Governor Dannel Malloy on 4 April. The blood dancers were ecstatic at their victory.
Reaction among Connecticut firearm owners was immediate and outraged. On 20 April 2013, the Connecticut Citizen's Defense League held a large rally on the State House steps. I was privileged to speak at that rally and I urged Connecticut citizens to defy, resist, evade and smuggle in opposition to it. My speech was well received.
I pointed out during that speech that an unconstitutional law was null and void. It is evident that either some folks were paying attention or that great minds think alike, for it rapidly became clear that the law was going to be met by massive resistance and non-compliance. By the time the law kicked into effect on 1 January 2014 this became perfectly obvious. Something between 100,00 and 300,000 Connecticut firearm owners are now Class D felons. Having won their great victory, the blood dancers were flummoxed. They'd prevailed over the "gun queers," why wouldn't they just submit?
In frustration, the politicians who passed the law, the citizen disarmament blood-dancers and their media toadies have demanded that their diktat be enforced. In the middle of this, the CT state police mouthpiece declared that the state minions like him were the masters of the people.
Governor Malloy, against the urging of his own "gun control czar," Red Mike Lawlor, decided to issue whispered, unofficial orders to the state authorities to hold off on raids until he was re-elected. Rumors, since confirmed, came out of the governor's office that promises have been made to the anti-gunners that the law, still working its way through the federal courts, will be "vigorously enforced" after Malloy's re-election. Since 1 January of this year then, the non-compliant firearm owners of Connecticut and their state government have been eying each other nervously, waiting for the other shoe to drop.
As for me, in the meantime I made myself a nuisance by smuggling magazines and ammunition into the state in defiance of the law, writing open letters to the governor, state legislators and state police and -- my worst sin in their eyes -- publishing the names, home addresses and phone numbers of the tyrants who passed the bill. It turns out that such people like to put others on lists but get all hot and bothered if they get put on a list. Go figure.
In my open letter to the governor, I suggested that he merely take the pressure off by declaring publicly that the state would not enforce the law until the Supreme Court ruled on it. That would buy us a year or a year and a half, before the raids, and the shooting, started. Others have demanded that the law be repealed, as it should be. But the suspension of enforcement was, I thought, more immediately achievable. My sources, and other political analysts familiar with Connecticut politics, tell me that I was not the only one who suggested this. It is significant that even in the middle of a political campaign with his future on the line, Malloy has refused to do this simple, reasonable compromise. Even in the face of massive non-compliance, he wants to retain the ability to send in the raid parties to enforce the new diktat despite the risk to his political career and to the lives of innocents.
I even outed Red Mike Lawlor as a Russophile who had come to the attention of the KGB during his stay in the Soviet Union and other East Bloc countries at the height of the Cold War, reporting that my sources confirmed that he had files at both the FBI and the CIA after being investigated as a possible KGB mole.
Since that time, I have been trying to find a "mainstream" journalist to pursue that story, but my last hope of that apparently failed today. I am certain of my sources, for they are some of the same people who guided me through the Fast and Furious scandal with unerring accuracy. No one else, it seems, is interested in the possibility that the governor's designated "gun czar" may have been a Soviet agent of influence (or, at least, was once investigated as such).
Which brings me to the latest rumor straight from Lawlor's office. The governor and his minions, it seems, are genuinely frightened that they may lose this one, despite the best efforts of Joe Visconti to split the anti-Malloy vote. This week, the water-cooler rumor at the Connecticut State Police barracks around the state is that Red Mike Lawlor has promised that if the governor IS defeated that the raids will not wait for next year, but that he will, in the words of one source, "punish the gun nuts" by starting the raids within days of Malloy's defeat.
On Friday, I heard from another source I trust that they, too, had heard this and believed it to be true.
Thus, if the rumor IS true and Lawlor has his way, it doesn't matter if Malloy wins or loses -- there will be raids. Innocents will be killed, and the two-way shooting range of civil war will begin. If this guy isn't an anti-American agent of influence in somebody's pocket, we'll have to redefine the term.
So, what can Connecticut firearms owners do in the face of this breathtaking arrogance, of this clear and present danger to themselves and their families? To quote Command Sergeant Major Basil Plumley, "Gentlemen, prepare to defend yourselves!"
I wish I could find a Connecticut "journalist" interested in asking Malloy and Lawlor what they intend, but I cannot. So we are left, dear friends, at the end of a very frustrating string of days, weeks, months and now years, with the Second Amendment remedy and Connecticut on the knife-edge edge of civil war: "Gentlemen, prepare to defend yourselves!"
Addendum: In the wee hours of the morning, struggling against the competing forces of illness and insomnia, I pulled down a random paperback and found a quote from Dr. Bruno Bettelheim that, frankly (and somewhat surprisingly), I had never read before. Bettelheim's observations are very appropriate today in Connecticut, albeit to two different audiences. Both of these audiences, the self-declared tyrants and their intended victims, could benefit by considering them now, before the first shots are fired in Red Mike Lawlor's bloody plans.
The quote:
But this was only a last step in giving up living one's own life, in no longer defying the death instinct, which, in more scientific terms, has been called the principle of inertia. The first step was taken long before anyone entered the death camps. It was inertia that led millions of Jews into the ghettos that the SS created for them. It was inertia that made hundreds of thousands of Jews sit home, waiting for their executioners, when they were restricted to their homes. Those who did not allow inertia to take over used the imposing of such restrictions as a warning that it was high time to go underground, join resistance movements, provide themselves with forged papers, etc., if they had not done so long ago. Most of them survived. . .
I have met many Jews, as well as gentile anti-Nazis, who survived in Germany and in the occupied countries. But they were all people who realized that when a world goes to pieces, when inhumanity reigns supreme, man cannot go on with business as usual. One then has to radically re-evaluate all of what one has done, believed in, stood for. In short, one has to take a stand on the new reality, a firm stand, and not one of retirement into even greater privatization. . .
The Jews of Europe could equally have marched as free men against the SS, rather than to first grovel, then wait to be rounded up for their own extermination, and finally walk themselves to the gas chambers. It was their passive waiting for the SS to knock at their door without first securing a gun to shoot down at least one SS before being shot down themselves, that was the first step in a voluntary walk into the Reich's crematoria. . .
This book then is most of all a cautionary tale, as old as mankind. Those who seek to protect the body at all cost die many times over. Those who risk the body to survive as men have a good chance to live on.
-- Dr. Bruno Bettelheim, writing in the forward to Auschwitz: A Doctor's Eyewitness Account by Miklós Nyiszli, 1960. (Dr, Bettelheim was arrested by the Nazis at the time of the Austrian Anschluss in 1938 and was held at the concentration camps at Dachau and Buchenwald. He was very lucky to have been released in a propaganda ploy of the Nazis in 1939 and to flee Germany before the Holocaust really got into high gear.)
As for what lessons Connecticut firearm owners may take from the above, they can draw their own conclusions. A word to the wise, it is said, is sufficient. On the other side of the street, if Malloy truly understood how the potential strategies of Fourth Generation Warfare are targeted in the context of a future American civil war, he would not let Red Mike Lawlor pressure him down this bloody road. Not unless, that is, he has suicidal thoughts for himself and the corrupt proto-tyranny he temporarily heads. Compared to the universally dangerous probabilities that such tyrannical bad behavior risks, a brief stay of the enforcement of the Intolerable Act while awaiting a Supreme Court ruling doesn't look so unreasonable, does it? Unfortunately, like the story of Cassandra, the inertia is too powerful, no one of importance to the outcome is listening, and the potential of a disastrous tragedy awaits the entire country.
"Gentlemen, prepare to defend yourselves!"


Cal said...

I do not know if this will help, but I am putting the information out to every group I can so that it can spread across the USA to as many Americans as we can.

If they realize the eyes of America is watching their *terrorist and treasonous azzes, maybe they will back down a bit. Then we need to start fighting for charges to be filed against them.

*28 C.F.R. Section 0.85 Terrorism is defined as “the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives”.

God Bless, Stay Safe!

Not sure what is wrong with you, but have you tried drinking 1 teaspoon of baking soda with 1 teaspoon of molasses in 1 cup of clean filtered water a day?
Check and make sure that it will not conflict with anything you might be taking of if the change in your body chemistry might make it worse.

WarriorClass III said...

There are many fronts to this war and Connecticut is just one of them, although it does have the potential to go hot first. While you may not see our point of view, Mike, we just don't want to lose one of our most important leaders in the first battle. But if you are intent on forcing them to show their hand, at least have the trump card up your sleeve - and a battalion at your back.

Left Coast Conservative said...

So, what if SCOTUS declines to hear the case, or finds the law passes constitutional muster? Do you really think there will be civil war? Really?

Anonymous said...

The artist that the secrete service investigated for criticizing Bath House Barry jokingly tweeted that he would offer them $10,000 worth of Brazilian prostitutes to look the other way, maybe we should offer Lawlor $10,000 worth of rent boys to vacate the unconstitutional law.

Anonymous said...

Too many people toy with the concept of civil war, and the notion that there can be a "winner".

In a technological age when someone can assemble guided rockets, binary nerve agents, and a countless collection of nasty surprises in their garage, the speed of escalation is likely to make any side unable to control any of it.

Both sides are essentially setting fire to the forest they live in, and trying to burn the other side out first.

I would guess in a civil war situation, after 3-4 years, 95% of the population of north america will simply be gone. The best tactic would be to find some place well away from here. South Africa, Southern Chile, some island that has no inhabitant outside of penguins, etc. ;)

bondmen said...

Good advice from a long time friend Mike. Rosey needs you home and you need her by your side. The Patriots in Connecticut have their homes and their sacred honor to defend and their victories will exhibit a shining example for their fellow Americans that standing upon the Constitution, exercising their God given rights as free men, will rip and tear the bonds of tyranny that have so encircled US all these past few years. They and you are in our prayers in these dark, damp days.

Pericles said...

More Clausewitz: A war is made when a government believes that only through war, and at no serious risk to itself, it may gain its ends.

NAVY man said...

I live in Connecticut I fear for my fellow firearms owners, we are in the cross hairs of this fight for the second amendment. I once took a oath to protect and defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. To my knowledge I have never been released from that oath. If Malloy's minions descend on fellow gun owners in raids then war is declared. And God help us all. Because I will till my last breath defend the principals of the constitution of the United States of America.

Notrega said...

Dan kept working through his list, comparing names and serial numbers. He really wished there was a better way to do this, he really wished that there was a national database, but he knew that was a pipe dream, for now at least. He was comparing the list of newly registered rifles against the 4473 forms kept at Miller’s Firearms in Danbury, Connecticut. Governor Malloy signed Public Act (PA) 13-220, which amended PA 13-3, in April of 2013 and this had created a stir among the citizens of Connecticut as well as some portions of the nation. All the hue and cry for such a minor change, didn't people realize that Connecticut has had a registration requirement for all long guns for over a decade. Dan wished people would understand that this was to protect the citizenry and more specifically children. PA 13-220 was even named, “AN ACT CONCERNING REVISIONS TO THE GUN VIOLENCE PREVENTION AND CHILDREN'S SAFETY ACT.”

Dan was the newest member of the Connecticut State Police Statewide Firearms Trafficking Task Force. He had previously worked in the State Police Special Licensing and Firearms Unit after transferring out of the uniformed section of the State Police after 16 years on the road as a Trooper. The FTTF had grown after PA 13-220 was signed. The legislature appropriated more than 150 new positions, with over half of those being sworn officers and the rest being records and data analysts.

Dan was assigned to a new sub-unit that was mainly tasked with compliance checks on gun stores, comparing store records against the state’s database of registered firearms. If there was a discrepancy, his unit would then apply for a search warrant to determine the disposition of the firearms in question. Often this would be a fruitless endeavor as they were told by many of the people on the 4473 that the firearm had been sold and there was no written record of the private sale or that they sent it out of state. However, most times after a diligent search, because they always searched, that the owner never ‘sold’ the firearm and willfully failed to register it. In those cases the owner would be arrested, charged with a felony, and face years of incarceration and hefty fines. They would also find ‘unregistered’ magazines which would be added to the charges.

As the deadline closed for registration there were around 33,000 residents who had declared a firearm and close to 20,000 that had declared magazines, many of the same people on both lists. Dan knew that based on sales records that these numbers basically meant there was large scale non-compliance. Estimates were that there were well over 200,000 ‘assault weapons’ in the state before PA 13-220 was signed. Dan understood this to be job security as the word from higher ups were that this 'civil' disobedience would not stand and that enforcement would be strict. He envisioned that the unit would end up expanding even more with this zero tolerance stance.

Dan had even heard from a friend in the communications office that there was an initiative to implement a toll-free tip line as well as an anonymous website to provide information on people suspected being in violation of the new laws. There was still work to be done to determine the amount of the rewards to be given and obtain the legislative funding for that program, but Dan knew that this would generate more useful leads for his unit than comparing 4473s. He had even suggested some members of the unit gain membership into local shooting ranges and clubs to obtain actionable intelligence.

The lawyers were still debating the legalities of conducting ‘compliance checks’ on those people with permits, the question being not whether they could do it but rather how to do it. Should they push for unannounced checks in the law itself or find a judge to sign off on search warrants based on legal finessing of probable cause.

Dan finished up his compliance check at Miller’s and headed back to the office to assemble his team. He had fifteen discrepancies that he had to get search warrants for. Today was a good day…

rayra said...

The answer is simple. Red Mike needs to be removed from his office.

Truth Is Reality said...

Mike, have you seen this?

They are flying the islamic Turkish flag over the Connecticut State Capitol. The CT State Police have the picture on their website:

Anonymous said...

"If they realize the eyes of America is watching their *terrorist and treasonous azzes, maybe they will back down a bit."


Their media will promote their every lie.

No truth or fact will be allowed to be heard, without the spin that the "authorities" have the "right" the "power" and the "duty," to "crush dissenters," to "prosecute law breakers" to "protect society" to "deal with the terrorists among us."

The people will never be told that the laws are unconstitutional and anti-American and that the people promoting them are in fact flat out traitors, knowingly committing treason, who richly deserve to be hung.

Remember how helpful the media has been to them and their treasons. None of this would be possible without the media leading the way, spouting lie after lie. Be sure to remember them if the worst becomes reality, be sure you deal with them with the hardest of hearts.

Consider. They could have told the truth or compared "truths" and left it to the public to decide. Instead they chose to lie and conspired to do so with others.

They deserve no quarter.

Anonymous said...

If there is really a toll-free tip line then it will be time to grab a phone book and report each and every resident in the state as a gun owner. Overload them with false reports and run them down blind alleys.

Anonymous said...

more flags flown over CT capitol blding

What's wrong with the people of Conn., that they let this happen? It's only a scrap of cloth, right?

PT more, stock deep.


Musashi said...

When I hear talk of "enforcement" I am led to ponder the recent events surrounding Eric Frein. There were hundreds of "enforcers" looking for this one, unremarkable guy. After 48 days and millions of dollars they "stumbled" upon him by accident. I'm not impressed with either the bravery or skill of our would-be masters. The most important thing to remember is: They have been trained to be cowards, concerned exclusively with "going home at night". It's easy to be brave when no one is shooting back. Warriors they are not.

Reg T said...

It is time for folks to read - or re-read - Neither Predator Nor Prey, by Mark Spungin. There are some good tips and tactics in there. Especially on check points.

Braden Lynch said...

So what happens when one or two citizens kill a couple of police serving these unconstitutional confiscations?

Does it actually erupt in civil war or does it die down as the government pulls back and then perversely uses these incidents as propaganda to justify their initial and future use of force?
(I know it is circular reasoning on their part.)

Anonymous said...

Hey Left Coast Conservative. If you think SCOTUS has the power to take away your freedoms and liberty then you're nothing more than a useful idiot. They have no such constitutional power. They have ASSERTED that power and have usurped our freedoms and liberty, as has POTUS, Congress, and many many many state and local govts, but asserting a power does not make it constitutional nor does the existence of a law make something constitutional.

If you're willing to just throw up your hands and say, "oh well, the robed princes have spoken", while your freedoms are being stolen then you're not a citizen, you are a subject. The founders had choice words for such persons.

Anonymous said...

There will be no civil war. There might be some resisters, and the news that night or the next day will include the means of their deaths, but no civil war. After it is shown how horrible certain resisters were, the news outlets will push the meme that these kinds of gun owners are angry and hot-headed survivalists, and that they prove the case that guns need to be registered and taken away.

How I see it, IF there are raids.
Many will be arrested, but many more will give in and hand them over. Some will be warned of huge fines, and will hand things over - becasue it is much harder to pay fines and lose property than it is to be killed and be done with it.

Some will resist and lose.
Some will resist and be killed.
None will win a fight, and the rest?

THE REST WILL GIVE IN. The media will play cover and clean-up, and the left will scream victory from the east coast to the west.

There won't be a war because the right side won't show up. They will just grumble about how their rights were taken away and sit in their couches, promising that NEXT time, DAMMIT, there will be a war.

We've raised too many pussies.

Anonymous said...

You have their home addresses? Politicians are snakes at the end of the day and think only of themselves. You have their home addresses? Is this really rocket science? My guess would be after a few examples they would start looking out for number 1. There would be votes they would choose to be absent from.

Anonymous said...

Democratic Connecticut Governor Benefits from Gun Control Millions

Anonymous said...

Sadly, Mr. Vanderboegh, those unfortunate to be stuck in the AO (who still have two-plus synapses left to fire) need to consider, thoughtfully, the best COA of how best to "handle" these bastards.

If they're not, they are seriously behind the eight ball, right now; "table curve" respects no one.

Unknown said...

Big talk about a set of people who have complied with odious laws for many years.

I'll believe it when I start seeing elected officials getting picked off.

Anonymous said...

Entire post re quoted from anonymous 12:11 AM Nov 2:

"There will be no civil war. There might be some resisters, and the news that night or the next day will include the means of their deaths, but no civil war. After it is shown how horrible certain resisters were, the news outlets will push the meme that these kinds of gun owners are angry and hot-headed survivalists, and that they prove the case that guns need to be registered and taken away.

How I see it, IF there are raids.
Many will be arrested, but many more will give in and hand them over. Some will be warned of huge fines, and will hand things over - becasue it is much harder to pay fines and lose property than it is to be killed and be done with it.

Some will resist and lose.
Some will resist and be killed.
None will win a fight, and the rest?

THE REST WILL GIVE IN. The media will play cover and clean-up, and the left will scream victory from the east coast to the west.

There won't be a war because the right side won't show up. They will just grumble about how their rights were taken away and sit in their couches, promising that NEXT time, DAMMIT, there will be a war.

We've raised too many pussies."

Oh really? So the same "pussies" who somehow had courage to face being ripped apart by mortar attack, IEDs, sniper attack, etc., etc. in desert hellholes (i.e. recent vets from Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.) are not going to fight when children get slaughtered from overbearing raids? You want to piss off men, then just rip their fresh toddlers in two with machine guns and watch what happens. Most real men would rather die after watching their fresh toddlers become in multiple peaces with blood and guts everywhere. I can tell, you that no amount of reasoning would pull me from the brink. Think about what patton, said: if you put your hand in a bunch of goo that was your comrade's face, you will know what to do. When my son or daughter goes from one piece to more than one piece after a botched raid, me and others will know what to do.

As for the media, we are damned if we do and damned if we don't, just like the 1930s and 1940s German Jews. If you are screwed either way, then what do you have to lose? If we do nothing, we lose, if we fight we lose (in the eyes of the media), etc., etc. If we are nothing but diseased rats, we might as well act all bad ass like them and bite and spread our disease. Real men dont give a shit what others think. Real men set their own clothing fashion, real men face adversity and just laugh, and real men become fearless again when wife, dog, daughter, toddler, baby, etc., goes from one piece to several.

Oh well, in 10-20 years AT THE MOST, we will find out if men are really men or wimps. We will find out if the same men that fought so hard in desert crap holes for the MIC (military Industrial Complex) will just wimper out and meekly go to the chambers or FEMA camps when there is a better reason to fight then to line the pocketbooks of the MIC. Seeing as how most combat veterans fight just fine when the goal is lining the pockets of the MIC, I have faith in the vets at home.

DAN III said...

I would think if there are raids in Connecticut,there will be Patriots responding from outside the state. This won't be pretty and it could be the start of larger conflagration. There are many folks tired of the Marxism that pervades this nation.

Anonymous said...

Rules of the Game

#1 Everybody Dies.

#2 You can't change rule #1.

Then ask yourself.How would I rather die?
Fighting against the tyranny that will not only enslave me,but also my children and my children's children for generations to come.
Or would I rather die in the bottom of some stinking ditch with my hands wired behind by back begging for mercy.

Anonymous said...

American patriots in Connecticut, I was stationed there for several years and have taken an oath to defend our constitution. When the shooting starts, I assure you reinforcements will come from as far away as the Deep South. Do not surrender, do not be fearful, blood may be shed but our Constitution will prevail. If and when it starts, get the word out by whatever means necessary as I am sure the media will bury it. But you must stand with your neighbors until we get there. Do not let them take you one by one.

Anonymous said...

Andy Will a war in Connetticut go nation wide , quite possible if DC gets involved and starts to send troops in to help the state police in Connetticut , there will be a lot of volunteers going to the state to help the citizens fight tyranny , as there were citizens who helped Clive Bundy , it is also possible that if enough of a force of citizens do show up to defend against tyranny that the governor might have enough sense to back down instead of having a revolution on his hands , and if it does go nation wide there will be quite a few troops and law enforcement that will stand down against unlawful orders , but if they don't stand down they will be out gunned and outmanned , as for the more modern weapons , well there are enough of us that have been trained on them to use them against the traitors . Be prepared and ready . Keep your powder dry.

skybill said...

Hi Mike,
The last post here by "any-mouse" on how he'd rather die....the last being very grimm!!
Perhaps he should, as I do, that I'd like to die as an old man with my family and friends by my side knowing that I leave a "Free Country" for them to live in. God Help us, or die trying! When you are up against tough odds, I can only think of the people on the plane that went down in Shanksville Pa. on 9/11 and their last words,"Lets Roll!!" And give it your best shot!!!!!!!!..............To Be continued...
please do not adjust that dial,
skybill- stand by

skybill said...

Hi Mike,
what any-mouse said in the last post about "Rules of the game" can fight, and don't get to that "last scenario!!!" Forget trying to "negotiate," that time has past, there is only one thing to do when the chiips are down, other wise you may end up like the guy in the ditch, "Don't Be That Guy!!!!" Like Ely sayz......just watch the clip...... there are no more warning shots!!
Got Gunz??,

Anonymous said...

Update his wikipedia Bio with your information. Should be a balance entry.

Paul X said...


Just like clockwork, the defeatists chime in. I suppose they are preparing the ground for their own surrender.

I too do not believe there will be a revolution - yet. Some cops will be killed and Lawlor et. al. will back-pedal at high speed. They are plenty brash until they perceive a bullet may come through the window at any time; then their self-preservation instincts kick in.

The revolution will happen when the economy crashes, and not before.

Anonymous said...

This list of CT tyrants...

Where is it?