Saturday, November 15, 2014

"Super-Amnesty Will Turn Every City Into Detroit."

The gun obsession is one of the few things that cops and leftists have in common. It’s the last politically acceptable form of prohibitionism in a society that enthusiastically legalizes drugs, even if possessing crack cocaine is statistically much more likely to lead you to kill a man, than possessing a gun will.


PO'd American said...

Won't be long now....trouble is a comin (wait a minute, it's already here)

Anonymous said...

I guess by way of interpolation then, the government must own most of the illegal drug traffic, which makes sense because they don't want anybody but them, to have any guns....

Makes sense to me. They're a bunch of greedy control freak Marxists who ignore or misrepresent everything but what they want.

Anonymous said...

That article gets a lot right but misses the mark on one point: drug legalization. I wish he were correct when he claims that society is intent on legalizing drugs. Drug prohibition is the primary cause of today's gang violence, just as alcohol prohibition was responsible for the gangland violence in the days of Al Capone.

When something lots of people want is made illegal, it becomes very expensive and profitable to sell. That leads to cutthroat competition and violence, since legal avenues of competition are out of the picture. Make drugs legal for adult sale and use, and watch how drug violence vanishes as quickly as the violence from alcohol prohibition.

This pragmatic argument doesn't even address an even more compelling reason for drug legalization: adults have the right to ingest whatever substances they wish in private. Any denial of this right is a denial of self-ownership and is an expression of slavery.

Sadly, legalization isn't likely to happen soon. Too many special interests (police suppliers, private prisons) are gaining from the status quo. And too many Americans continue to fall for the lies.