Saturday, November 29, 2014

On my way back home.

Will try to get back in time to post some more tonight.


Anonymous said...

Let’s just take Mike Vanderboegh, for example. Mike is an ex-communist, from what I understand (see video below). I’ve been “watching” him for a while. I check out his blog on a regular basis.

I mention all this because I find it very, very interesting that Mike, as an ex-communist, is targeted by Media Matters and the White House. What is it about Mike Vandergoegh’s blog that requires attacking by the admin and its minions?

Capitalist Eric said...

Glad you're doing ok. Here's a funny bit for you:


Anonymous said...

The blogger that was attacking you was part of a gangstalking operation. Look up gangstalking and learn about it. Its a govt program to take down dissidents.