Monday, November 17, 2014

Heads up. Ferguson decision apparently coming down the pike.

Nixon Activates Missouri National Guard
The comments at the Daily Collectivist are priceless.


Anonymous said...

Hope the unorganized malita has also been alerted!


Anonymous said...

From my researches i can't see the GJ returning anything but a "No Bill", unless they're willing, (or coerced) into a decision violating MO law for police officers. Its not even certain the OI violated any departmental policies during the encounter.

But this is a seminal incident. What's at stake is whether or not we're going to have a "two-tiered" system of justice where race/ethnicity trumps "equality before the law", our nation was founded upon. >Jeff

coyote said...

karma will surely be a bitch when the national guard is busy somewhere else when the rioters come calling in their little ivory towers...

PO'd American said...

What's so wrong with plainly stating "if you violate the law, appropriate action will be taken?"

Protest all you want...that's your right, but if you infringe on on other's rights, damage property, or act like animals, you will be treated as such and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Anonymous said...

Beyoncé said "take that mitches"
I say now - "bring it on Bitches".

Enough of this myth that we are scared of skin color.
Enough of this myth that we cower to threats.

You commie punks want to start a race war? So be it. Play the music then, and let's dance.

Hilariously, many many "minorities" will fight on the side deemed "whitey" because they understand the level of bullshit taking place this day.

Is it true that a lot of cops act like punks? Yup. Is it true that jack booted thuggery exists? Yup.
Is it true that it happens because of or only to dark skin? HELL NO! It's time to dispel that hogwash once and for all!

Anonymous said...

Got my front row seat and a big bag of popcorn ready.

Anonymous said...

The cop in question killed this kid at a distance of about 30' for stealing a box of cigars. If anyone thinks this is right you should really enjoy living in a police state. this should not be about race this should be about police overreach. This cop should at least go in front of a regular judge and jury. if the rolls where reversed ware do you think that kid would be.

Average Moke said...

I think it's funny as hell that one of the lynch mob organizers had a car stolen while chanting "f--k the police" with other useful idiots. The festivities could start as early as today.