Sunday, May 11, 2014

Dozens illegally ride ATVs into Utah canyon in lands dispute rally

Scores of ATV riders enter off-limits trail to claim temporary victory in jurisdictional dispute with the BLM over canyon access.


SWIFT said...

Resentment against the BLM runs deep in San Juan County. It is my hope that the BLM does try to prosecute the ATV riders. That would be a catalyst for taking resentment to unbridled hatred of BLM. The goal should be to form a chasm, between the people and BLM, that can never be reconciled. Locally, in San Juan County, all services, gas, food, laundry, sales, should be denied to employees of BLM. All the people, must stand united, against these nazi thugs.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised at the somewhat balanced report from the leftist rag Salt Lake Tribune. Reading the comments to their article will give perspective.

from: Heart_the_Hunter

"Our government (for the people, by the people, of the people) should go all Waco, TX on these idiots."

You will NEVER get an accurate account of things like this from outlets such as the Tribune. The greenies and their ilk bleat on and on about destruction of the archaeological sites. Hell, the road has been there for decades before the closing; wouldn't you think that by now the sites would be completely wiped out?

No. Because the road does not run over the sites. It goes around and below the sites. The ATV riders aren't out to destroy history, they simply want to ride a trail that has been there over a hundred years.

Compare this to Canyonlands National Park. Similar geography, similar artifacts, still has motorized access. Gotta pay to get in though.

The Salt Creek (Canyonlands) was closed to motorized access many years ago even though it had been ranched since the 1890s complete with a cabin.

Southeastern Utah is an amazing place. It is so big that access by jeep or ATV is perhaps the best way to see it. Despite SUWA, Sierra Club and the rest of the environmental NAZIS, you can still access much of it in a vehicle.

Anonymous said...

Commoners on King Obamas land ? That will never do, off with their heads.

AJ said...

We have all of this public land that the public isn't allowed to use. Sounds kinda screwy, doesn't it?

Paul X said...

Shades of the Jarbridge Brigade:

(Pardon me for quoting Mother Jones for this one, heh.)

Anonymous said...


That foolishness is because we have a private corporation masquerading as a constitutional government. How can "government " just take over General Motors and fire it's CEO? Well, it's just one company taking over another.

The land is the same thing. Public land? Yeah, owned by the "public" corporation with all the rights of any other private property. See how slick that is?

See that sign at the entrance to your local town? Incorporated - 1913. "Government" is nothing but another company. THATS WHERE the foolishness of public lands not being used by the public comes from.

I'm not slamming private corporations. I believe in them absolutely. It's just that governments themselves aren't supposed to be incorporated!