Tuesday, May 20, 2014

‘Vigilantes’ with ‘illegal guns’ do to Boko Haram what government cannot

Once more, government, which has the power to deny human rights and enforce disarmament edicts with “legal” guns, is at the root of the problem. And moms (like the ones in the above photo) demanding an end to violence and terror notwithstanding, only determined people with guns actually have a chance to make that happen.


Anonymous said...

Just spotted this at The Hunger Site:

"Education Is Our Most Powerful Weapon"

Not sure if one can embed a URL in
coments here, but the caption speaks
for itself.

In one of Robert Conquest's books*
he relates how one scientist receiving
an honorary degree replied to a woman
offical [what capacity, I do not recall] who had proclaimed she hoped
spending for education would soon
outpace that for defence.

He: without defence, there will be
no spending for education.

and he observed: I have never seen
anyone so surprised in my life.

Unknown said...

I m simply not able to understand about the government's policy towards weapons. Keeping weapons for safety and providing good training as I was provided in Firearms Training MA is good thing. There you got to know about the pros and cons of firing a single bullet and what could be the result of that firing, as in real life result of uttering a single word in ill manner could be dangerous similarly firing a single bullet unnecessarily could be dangerous.