Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Daily Collectivist comments on Joe the Plumber's "Your dead kids don’t trump my Constitutional rights"

Those of us who have been around the firearm rights struggle for a while have seen more than our share of blood dancing by the advocates of citizen disarmament in the wake of mass killings. But THIS is a new record: "Father of Isla Vista victim joins the ‘You don’t need’ chorus." Reflexively and immediately dancing in the blood of your own kid takes a certain amount of collectivist pre-programming.
"Joe the Plumber" was motivated to write this new face of gun confiscation, reminding him: "As harsh as this sounds – your dead kids don’t trump my Constitutional rights." Joe may not get points for timing or sensitivity but he is, of course, entirely correct.
The Daily Collectivist calls this "conservative sensitivity at its finest" and goes on with the confiscationist meme:"
This kind of absolutism disturbs those of us that see shades of gray. . . . I have previously laid out my own view when it comes to gun control. Guns should be treated like other potentially deadly instrumentalities. Automobiles are registered and their operators are licensed. Guns should be treated in a similar manner. Those that are designed with the express, and sole, purpose of killing people should be banned. The capacity of clips should be limited. Users should be licensed. There should be universal background checks and licensees should be required to demonstrate some degree of proficiency. We do not let drivers out onto the road without first demonstrating they can safely operate an automobile. Gun owners should be required to demonstrate they can safely operate their firearms.
The Daily Collectivist author, writing under the nom d'guerre of "Mets102," then quotes Gawker's Adam Weinstein:
Likewise for gun rights, where conservatives led by lobbyists and luddites like Joe the Plumber have abandoned talk about the good and replaced it with talk about the right. The good can be negotiated as hard cases arise. The right is non-negotiable. It is immutable. It is either respected or infringed. If you believe, as Joe and the NRA do, that the Second Amendment is an absolute right to personal firearms ownership—not merely that it's good for something, like self-defense or recreation, but that it's an immutable right — then even background checks or limits on multiple-magazine purchases or just simply talking about compromise and offering real sympathy to survivors is an infringement on that right. In this ideology, talk of social responsibility in the exercise of rights becomes synonymous with socialism.
Finally, a collectivist who is beginning to comprehend. But he hasn't thought it through. "What happens when you continue to push such people?" he should ask ask himself. The answer is civil war, you ninny. Or, if you want to personalize it, like Bill Clinton did to the Serbs in 1999, Weinstein could very easily get himself killed in such a conflict by advocating it.


Shawn McEwen said...

"...We do not let drivers out onto the road without first demonstrating they can safely operate an automobile."

Uh, we don't??? I drove the friggin freeways all day today and the number of proficient motorists I encountered numbered in the tens! Maybe not even that high.

If you want the world to forget how to shoot, put the government in charge of teaching people how to shoot... they suck at everything else, don't they?

Oops, they DON'T suck at wasting oxygen, or spending other peoples' money. I can't think of anything else they do well though.

Anonymous said...

Scumbag Marxists, pontificating for State power and control over everything.

You know, just as if they were reimplementing the American dream, except they are evil liars and one can only imagine where that evil leads. Oh wait, history teaches that lesson abundantly.
It's just that no one in the media will report it or approach the subject because they really want it to happen so badly, they can taste it.

In the encyclopaedia, the word "evil" should have photos of press credentials and government ID's affixed to the article.

Anonymous said...

Joe the plumber is absolutely right. 2nd Amendment is in the constitution. The right to safety isn't. If you want safety, don't live in So.Cal., Chicago or NYC

Anonymous said...

Seriously the affirmative action Navy yard shooter had a security clearance, & we can't even keep crack cocaine out of prisons or DC mayor Marian Barry.