Thursday, May 22, 2014

Eeek! An Armed Citizen!

The presence of a single, non-violent citizen openly carrying a firearm is sufficient to cause panic in people habituated to the evil idea that only state functionaries should be armed. So acutely alarmed do such people become that their first reaction is to call the police, thereby inviting the intervention of additional armed strangers who – owing to the indoctrination they've received, and the “qualified immunity” they enjoy – are immeasurably more dangerous than the first.


Anonymous said...

It's also worth adding (or emphasizing) that said armed strangers (with badges) generally tend to use disproportionate force and when they shoot, tend to be less accurate than the average private citizen who regularly practices their marksmanship. End result: exponential increase of likelihood for the injury or death of innocent bystanders. Only a statist would "feel safe" in such an environment!!

Anonymous said...

Watch out for signs on Waffle House restaurants which forbid guns on their property. Just keep yours concealed and the local employees don't care. If there is such a sign in a particular Waffle House, local employees won't say a word as long as the gun is not visible. If you like, call Waffle House headquarters in Atlanta and tell them what you think of their signs. Only company-owned restaurants seem to be displaying the signs.

- Old Greybeard