Saturday, May 24, 2014

“The Justin Beiber of Ranger Posers”

Forwarded to me by a friend: "Ryan Payne the fake Ranger at Bundy Ranch." Ranger, schmanger. All I KNOW from personal observation is that he's a sociopath.


dan said...

I don't have a hound in this hunt, but it seems there are a lot of pups barking up the wrong tree.
Col.Rogers would be amused...a Ranger isn't a ribbon or a unit to brag's a man, his honor,
his expertise and deportment. Pride isn't built by humiliating others.

Dutchman6 said...

My dear brave anonymous --

Some points to consider:

A small point of fact: Since I have been off all medications for some months now -- I don't even take an aspirin for pain -- I, by definition, cannot be "drug addled."

Another point of fact: Payne IS a sociopath. And a liar. And a few other things I could mention.

Point of principle: When you encounter people who claim to lead others, who in fact mislead by claiming to be what they are not, you have a DUTY to point that out to those who would otherwise be misled. Silence is complicity.

Point of common sense: If you don't like what I write, don't read it. You'll feel better in your ignorance, which will match nicely with your anonymity, I would think.

Unknown said...

Government bloggers trying to cause disruption. It's EASY for them to creep in and act like one us!! Keep up the good work Mike!

oughtsix said...

Points one, two, three and four,

Mike just showed anony the door.

Anony, don't let the door hit your... on second thought do.

HappyClinger said...

Hate mail? I didn't realize this was a mail site. Dontcha love to laugh at people who use the vilest profanity and then accuse YOU of being hateful? LOL!

Anonymous said...

I'm not anonymous, My name is Tony Shelton. My wife and I are long time Las Vegas residents and have owned multiple businesses in the state.

She is currently a candidate for State Assembly. This is a first for her. After 17 years of being a business owner, home schooler, home maker and wife, she attended a worship service that encourage to to "not be afraid" and take on whatever God puts before her to do.

She thought it would be some new venture in our business.....until a neighbor, high up in a political party asked her to run.

So, with much anguish, but no fear she threw her hat in the ring to go up against three gun hating democrats.

I'm a nobody. Just a business owner and a non-combat Navy Vet from the 80's when our only training with a weapon was two ten minute slots to shoot a .22 chambered 1911.

When we first heard of the Bundy situation we spent two nights up till 4 or 5 in the morning studying the history before we took a stance. Once we realized this was not about "Cliven paying his fees" but was much bigger than this, we went straight to the ranch.

When we arrived there there was NO security yet. Zero. We went right up and spoke with Ammon Ryan, and Cliven along with a few Utah and Idaho politicians right there at the house.

We asked questions, got information, and began a long quest to research data for a legal offense for the Bundys.

Meanwhile, security built up at the ranch. After a while we had to stop and announce our presence at the driveway entrance. We eventually met Booda and the rest of the security team and Jerry and his team. We spent a few nights in our car in the driveway doing what little we could to guard the ranch.

We're not professionals and my hat is off to those guys sleeping in the dirt. No matter what faction they come from. We saw nothing but professionalism from the people we met there. Booda wouldn't even talk to me much at first. His first words to me were something like "Don't expect me to tell you too much, I don't know who you are and you don't know me".

We saw nothing but professionalism. Nightly patrols, silence, no BS. I didn't meet anyone in the vicinity of the ranch who acted like a Rambo. The atmosphere was solemn, especially at night. There were numerous spontaneous instances of prayers at the ranch and among the militia especially when Jerry was around.

to be continued

Anonymous said...

continued from previous post

We were not at the standoff. After many days of working with the Bundys we had a choice to make. I had a 12 yr old with a birthday party that had been planned for months that we could continue with or cancel to go to the ranch. I made a call to the Bundys and asked. They told me to stay home for the party. So we stayed home that day.

Prior to that Shelly had been one of the first to open carry at the site a couple of weeks before. By now there were hundreds open carrying.

Shelly was the ONLY one open carrying in front of Metro at the protest and the ONLY one open carrying at the Overton protest with 20 BLM guys eyes fixed on her all the time.

But, she was "NOT AFRAID".

We were not afraid when guarding the ranch.

We had to hug on our 12 yr old each time we went to tell her how much we loved her and the importance of what we were doing in the long run.

We had to make arrangements for her grown brother to take her into his family if need be. The federal government is unpredictable. We did not know what we would be facing.

By the time of the afterparty there were OathKeepers shirts all over the place. We were astonished at the support from OathKeepers and went home to join with lifetime memberships.

I didn't have my wallet with me when I opened the page and I left it sitting there for a day or two.

Then all this garbage came up between Oathkeepers and Militia. I don't know where it came from and didn't care.

All I know is before the Oathkeepers arrived en masse' there was no conflict.

Then I listened to the videos of both sides. I also heard you rant and rave about Ryan Payne. Yet you still have not addressed the traitorous comments made by the Oath Keepers representatives on the Ralston show.

It amazes me that you can pick out a man who, to this point, has orchestrated a team that has kept the Bundys SAFE from harm and continue to badger him for claims he made while you cheer for the traitors who left in a huff and damaged our cause by appearing on the most liberal show in Nevada making the liberal case for the liberals!!!!!

These are the men you should be harping about. At least Ryan and his team stayed. The team is still there to this day. I spoke with them, Cliven and Carol last night.

I was introduced to you by a patriot and a freedom loving friend. He was an ardent follower of your work and frequently called me to discuss.

Now he, and I, believe that YOU are the deepest infiltrator to the freedom movement of all.

There is no other explanation as to why so much time would be spent attacking one who has been instrumental in keeping the Bundys SAFE while the real traitors, the "OathKeepers" took off and ran and proceeded to get on television and claim the good Americans who stood up and pointed weapons BACK at the BLM were committing "criminal acts" playing along with the liberal agenda. Not to mention airing dirty laundry that no enemy should ever be privy to.

Your continued glossing over of this subject after all this time speaks volumes.

And if there is any doubt about my story please feel free to search images for "shelly shelton bundy" or look at her campaign facebook site lvfreedom.

No, I am not anonymous.

Neither are your intentions at this point.

T. Paine said...

I guess first commenter anonymous was at Bundy's ranch, up front spitting in the BLM dudes cornflakes right? Didn't think so.

Beware troll!!

Anonymous said...

So Payne reads Sipsey? Good.

Sit down Son. You might learn something.

Dakota said...

Well Tony Shelton, if you have been thru as many situations as some of us you would not wonder why we question the likes of Ryan Paine. You might understand that there are always people who are trying to advance themselves, their agenda, or a host of other reasons, including agents who try and get a war started and are paid by other interests including the Feds.

We learned to check people out, and we found that usually people who lie about who and what they are cannot be trusted.

The Bundy mess is a modern day wake up call to all of us. All of us who have been sitting on our asses and waiting for something .... we aren't quite sure what it is, but we think we will know it when we see it. Because we refuse to organize and speak with one voice we have no organization and any dumb ass can come in and tough guy themselves into a position of power and effectively shut everyone else out. Might be OK sometimes, but not a very good plan for doing something the right way.

I can't speak about it too much, I was not there. I have talked to people I trust who were there. It was a cluster formation of the highest order. Oathkeepers did a fair to poor job at the Bundys, hopefully they learned something important ..... like maybe they need better leadership, and a National Board of strong leaders to advise them in future conflicts..... there will be more of them. I doubt if we will have the same luxuries we had on the Nevada adventure. You see our enemies learn very quickly,, and they anticipate, and plan accordingly. We aren't that smart.

It is not surprising that you have the opinion that you do. I suggest you stay home with your child and raise him/her and leave the serious stuff to those who been at it awhile. Next time it won't be all roses and birthday parties. Next time ....

Anonymous said...

Wait, so it Tony saying that Faux-Ranger Payne did not misrepresent himself?

Seriously, folks, how is this hard to understand?

Anonymous said...

Doen't it stike anyone as odd that this is the second guy to come to this blog and proclaim that digging into Payne is wrong and we should all look to the other direction?

Not sure if I smell a rat, a fed troll or if it is Payne trying to cover his ass. Something stinks. If I was either of the three above, I would be smart not to poke this particular bear into digging further into Mr. Payne. When you start shaking trees, you never know what will fall out.

Anonymous said...

Gubmint claims to keep people SAFE too.

There is always a tell. Always.


Anonymous said...

Let me get something straight. I don't know Ryan Payne. He might be a nutjob for all I know.

My concern is not about Ryan Payne.

I don't care what you guys think about him and the only thing I have to go on about him at all is the fact that the Bundys are still safe. Period.

My concern is the glossing over of this traitor and those who have NOT risen up to discredit this fool, Including MIKE:

Fighting a fight doesn't just require brawn. I might not have combat experience, but I was a private investigator in the 80's and 90's and using that skill I am telling you this guy is a rat. Ryan Payne, in my opinion, is being used as a distraction from the real dangerous opposition. - Tony Shelton

Anonymous said...

After reading this blog for awhile, and never being in the military or being at the Bundy ranch, i will choose my words as carefully as possible. Mr. Shelton, your wife Shelly was taking a huge chance open carrying in front of BLM agents at the ranch while running for office. I also noticed after doing a little research, that she is running for the GOP without a primary run-off. Which means whoever the high ranking Republican neighbor is, truly is high-ranking. If politics is similar in Nevada as to how it is here in NY she must be extremely well liked by this neighbor to be the shoe-in for the GOP. If a gun fight would have broken out with her in the middle, things would have looked very bad for the Nevada GOP. But one never did break out. Let me just say that from what i know about state politics, neither of the two major political parties would ever have one of their candidates armed in the middle of a volatile situation. The Democrat opponent should be using your situation for fodder in their campaign by now...My point to all this is, it's hard to believe, unless BLM and Metro knew who your wife was and that she was there. I'm not saying what you told us isn't true, just hard to believe. It quite possible could be a first in the political world.

Anonymous said...

A simple google image search of "Shelly Shelton Bundy" will provide all the proof you need of Shelly's commitment to the 2nd Amendment and support of the Bundy's fight against an armed invasion and the relentless effort by the feds and environmental groups to destroy his livelihood.

She really doesn't give a flying crap about what any republicans think about her open carrying.

She is running to represent the people, not a party.

I hope the Democrat who eventually runs against her uses the info. If the majority of the people in her district don't appreciate the constitutional right to defend freedom via the 2nd amendment, she would be doing them an injustice attempting to representing them.

And once again, a gunfight DIDN'T break out. That is the simple fact that so many complainers about the 2nd Amendment are glossing over. 600+ Americans with arms, then later countless militia from all over the country - yet not ONE SINGLE shot fired at another human being.

When are we going actively attack this false theory that we were "one shot away from calamity"?

We were 600 Americans away from Calamity.

Had those 600 Americans been in Waco or Ruby Ridge our country may have not degenerated to the point it is now.

Regardless of all that, it is a diversion from the original question:

That being, why so much time and effort is being spent on Ryan Payne and his possible lies or exaggerations vs the Oath Keepers and Robert Casillas who appeared on television and made the case against the 2nd amendment.

When is this question going to be addressed? - Tony Shelton