Saturday, May 24, 2014

Another self-discrediting blow to the rule of law (such as it is).

The rule of man reigns: Judge Rules Conyers Can Be on Primary Ballot Despite Not Meeting Signature Requirements.


FedUp said...

Dear Presidente first became an Illinois lawmaker by disputing everybody else off the Demoncratic primary ballot.

Without having his first non-city office handed to him by his opponents' laziness in managing their petitions for office, Obama never would have been a state senator, federal senator, or presidential candidate, and he wouldn't have been in a position to nominate Matthew Leitman to the bench.

FedUp said...

The NY Times described it accurately in the opening paragraph. He was GRANTED a place on the ballot by a federal judge:

Representative John Conyers Jr. of Michigan narrowly escaped a political fiasco on Friday when a federal judge granted him a place on the Democratic primary ballot in August, allowing him to survive a campaign misstep that left him hundreds of valid signatures short on his petitions for re-election.

Paul X said...

"There is evidence that their failure to comply with the Registration Statute was the result of good faith mistakes and that they believed they were in compliance with the statute,"

Ah, I see. As long as the "mistakes" are "good faith mistakes", even by the people who actually make laws and should therefore be able to understand them, then the law can be ignored? As long as you can find a judge who is willing to designate them as "good faith mistakes", then the law can be ignored?

Laws are for the peons, not for the ruling class. I don't see how it can be shown any more plainly.

Anonymous said...

Rahm arranged the same thing - ballot access by judicial fiat despite obvious and blatant nonqualification according to openly stated "rules".

Folks gotta get it through their heads that elections are indeed fixed and that voter fraud is indeed real BUT that the real control and the real usurpation rests in ballot access and denial.

If one person threatens to rock the boat, and they can out oust them ala Jack Ryan, then they run multiple candidates to split the vote. If neither is possible then they sick lawyers to disqualify signatures. Now, fold have learned to turn that back on them, and that's what we see here. But lookie here - even when beaten at their own game - they change the rules to afford themselves the win.

Folks may disagree with me here but I believe the ballot box solution is passed. There is no way to beat them fair and square. This has been true locally for some time but now we witness it's true nationally as well. It's not about if anymore, it's about when.

The title of nobility class is emboldened and will continue unashamed to install anyone they see fit in any way they see fit. Civil war WILL result - it's only a matter of time at this point.

Anonymous said...

he is not eligible .. if appealed it would be heard quickly and he will be booted off ... this is normal election fare..and judges are not impartial in these cases

Carl Stevenson said...

Crooked is as crooked does.