Friday, May 30, 2014

Evil is the Motive of Evil

From Sultan Knish:
Mass murderers act like aspiring celebrities because that's what they are. They want to be famous. They are compulsive narcissists who need everyone to pay attention to them.
Analyzing their manifestos for motive is a waste of time. Rodger, like Dorner, Breivik and Bin Laden, was obsessed with power fantasies. They all killed people to gain power over them and over the larger audience beyond their victims. They wanted to make the rest of the world see them the way they saw themselves. Their videos and manifestos were a pose like everything else about them.
A hundred years ago we would have called them evil. Today we pore over their writings trying to understand what made them snap. And when we do that, we make the mistake of assuming that their complaints made them kill, instead of being the excuse that allowed them to kill.


Anonymous said...

He stabbed three guys in their sleep, shot at two woman, and then used his car as a weapon.

Even Sigmund Freud would throw up his hands in frustration and declare in vain to the heavens: "Let's file this case under the letter "D", for "Dies Focker ist kömpletely nüts!"

FedUp said...

Anybody else think the brush is painting too wide a swath when Bin Laden's jihadic terrorism and Dorner's workplace retribution are said to be the same as Breivik and Rodger's mass killings?

Crotalus said...

Thank you, Sultan! You explained the situation perfectly.

Anonymous said...

Oregon supporter here Mike, very well said sir.
Thank you.

Dakota said...

It is too bad that these animals always kill themselves off. It proves that they are true cowards and are too much a pussy to stand up for the evil that they have done.

I wish that just once they would live so that they could be executed in the street and then hung from a lamp post until they rotted and fell off. Maybe that would curtail any glory that these psycho assholes have illusions of.

Windy Wilson said...

"We make the mistake of assuming that their complaints made them kill, instead of being the excuse that allowed them to kill."

This is the key takeaway here.

As not raving psychotic narcissists, we need reasons to go to the extremis of murdering others who are not threatening us. These mass murderers hold the reasons in their minds, and they are unique to them, something like people who are aroused by the sight of ladies navy blue pumps, or the cover of the Sears Catalog because they know the ladies underwear section is inside. To think that if we removed the excuse the deeds would no longer be done is out of the same reasoning that believes that if the tool were unavailable the deed would not occur.

Anonymous said...

to FedUp: we must err on the side of
the children. Even if it kills them.