Friday, May 23, 2014

DOJ Admits Fast & Furious Docs Should Be Released Under FOIA After Indefinitely Delaying JW’s Suit

Can a federal agency trying to cover up wrongdoing lawfully withhold documents under executive privilege—reserved for the president of the United States—when the records don’t even involve the commander-in-chief? That’s the question being argued before a federal court in Washington D.C. and the ruling could have a widespread impact on how government unscrupulously hides information from the public as well as Congress. The feud involves a congressional committee investigating a disastrous Obama administration experiment that allowed Mexican drug traffickers to obtain U.S.-sold weapons that later ended up in a multitude of crime scenes, including the murder of a Border Patrol agent.


DAN III said...

Come on...those documents will be no different than the soetoro-obama birth certificate released 3 years after his natural-born citizen status was challenged. The F & F docs will be redacted to be unreadable and or they will be changed to eliminate references to FUSA gun-running policies.

The FUSA federal .gov is a sham. And soetoro-obama and his appointed minions are criminals at best.

Anonymous said...

Guess I'll need to start a whole new criminal list starting with holder and jones

Anonymous said...

"But... But... But... It was just a sting operation gone bad!

Joliet Jake did it much better IMHO!