Thursday, May 22, 2014

Right questions on guns and more could complicate presumptive Hillary power bid

“Hillary Clinton’s views on gun control change as frequently as her hairstyles,” Emily Miller writes in a Monday Fox News report. She’s referring to public statements by Clinton that, while seemingly bipolar, are more reflective of political opportunism and pandering. But while the widely-presumed potential Democrat presidential candidate talks duck hunting to one crowd of useful idiots, and gun registration to another, her underlying affinity for gun-grabbing remains unquestioned for those who keep an eye on such things. That's because it reflects a history of deception on disarmament that goes back to the early years in Arkansas.

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Paul X said...

Why are we fighting Hillary? She's almost certain to be an even better salesperson for firearms than Obama, which is mind-boggling. And she might even kick off the Revolution, something this country sorely needs. It's time to embrace the suck...

Oh, and what better person to have in power when the economy finally collapses? Would you rather have a decent Republican (assuming one can be found! - and elected!) in that position to take the blame?