Friday, May 30, 2014

An excellent writeup on "Operation Choke Point" by David Hardy.

Operation Choke Point officially involved investigating banks that dealt with "high risk" businesses, in order to pressure them to drop their customers. Now it's becoming obvious that its targets include licensed firearms and ammunition dealers. (It also was expanded to payday lenders, for no apparent reason except that the government frowns upon them). Sounds to me like a possible case of tortious interference with contract.


Anonymous said...

Like they give a shit.

It's their "justice" department, their judges and their judiciary. The rubber stamps are already in place, and are being used with greater freedom with each passing year.

The word is treason and those so engaged are traitors, no mater how small their roles may be, they contribute to the greater evil and it's appetites.

Anonymous said...


Treason and traitors.

However, at this point in time and until there is a significant and serious change in government leadership, the present administration, Congress and the Senate will dictate the terms of our governance.

We see it clearly from our perspective as treasonous behavior. They give no credence to our view. They have worked diligently for half a century 'shaping' and preparing their battlegrounds.
They have lied, cajoled and bribed their way into a position where they can now use judicial and legislative coercion to control our lives and behaviors.
They have structured entire bureaucracies to support their political designs to ensure compliance with those designs.
We played checkers. They played chess.
Government, or our representative Republic as we once knew it is over. We have become the new global model for national social engineering through bureaucratic design shaped by financial corruption of political powers.

Our Tree Of Liberty has been poisoned at the root.

Time to plow the fields, turn the soil and plant anew.

Time to pray our vision is clear and true, our hands are steady and our steps are cautious as we undertake this dangerous venture into the future.

God Speed America. You will be missed.

God Bless America. May you reclaim your mantel and step forth as the shining beacon of personal liberty and political freedom in this and future worlds.

SWIFT said...

Let's look at the big picture, in the most honest, concise, intelligent, way possible. There is a war going on; the only ones who have not engaged in the fighting, are the patriots. If there is a dimension, or shady area, between a cold war and a hot one, that is where we are at. Delay any longer, will be at our peril.