Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Why, in the end, our next civil war will happen because of the same reasons that caused the last one: political failures of corrupt political parties.

How Mitch McConnell crushed the tea party


Anonymous said...

The democrats just may remove him for us. Question is, can we still take the Senate without Mitch McConnell's seat?

Mike in KY said...

Yeah. Bevin wasn't perfect but man it sure would've been nice to have both him and Rand as my senators. Now, with both Bevin's defeat and Rand's bewildering support of McConnell, I'm not sure there's enough liquor to get me through the next six years (senate term).

A little while ago I watched Bevin's concession speech. He's a better man than me. I say burn the GOP to the ground.

Meanwhile, I recommend buying stock in Seagrams.

Anonymous said...

No male with the balls of a dust bunny would stand and do nothing against the rape or abuse of his mom or little sis. And there are many of us who feel the same about another grand lady: Our Nation as Lady Liberty.
When TSHTF, and it's coming, blood will not just be spilled by those in the everyday walk of life. No, it will carry to those who have created this mess.
Politicians will not see this until that Ribbon of Darkness settles over them.
America will be restored, and, then, sadly, it will all begin again.

Anonymous said...

Same old shit, different day....

And yet we STILL have people visiting this site telling us to vote the lesser of two evils and put a Republicrat back in office, when the answer is to stop listening to media and start forming an opinion of local candidates based on what you can learn about them yourself.

Clearly this Bevin guy got the media hatchet job to ensure McConnell would win the primary.

The media has as much invested in the two party paradigm, divide and conquer strategy as the ruling elite....and apparently there are those in the IIIper movement who are too blind to see it.

Anonymous said...

Mitch - along with the silent speaker need to be ousted. If it means going to the general and voting Mitch and John out by voting for the Democrat - alongside party faithful democrats - so be it.

Crush the Tea Party? Hardly. One cannot crush an idea.
What better way to show who crushes who, rather what crushes who, than by a republican landslide where both republican leaders are removed in the process?

That's what SMART voters will do because it will rock the Republican Party to its core. Hell, it would rock the beltway to its core.

Anonymous said...

I know that this just gave my vote to the democrats as I just cannot hold my nose and vote for this turd

Anonymous said...

Partial list of criminal leftists and / or outright
communists that will need to rounded up and fitted
for orange jump suits after the smoke clears from
the coming collapse and civil war.

All these folks are involved in Obama's 'green initiative and have stolen tax payer dollars through shady green energy deals. They are also socialists and mean to take over our country. Obama, the enabler and public face for all of this, is not named here. He's just a puppet. These are the drivers and manipulators.

This "The List".

John Kerry
John Doerr
Al Gore
Denis McDonough
John Podesta
George Soros
Morton H. Halperin
Valerie Jarrett
Peter Rouse
Martin J. Whitman
Heather Podesta
Cathy Zoi
Tony Podesta
Harry Reid
Jim Rogers
Elon Musk
Nicholas J. Pritzker
Nancy Ann DeParle
Diana Taylor
Michael Bloomberg
Melody Barnes
Cassandra Butts
Carol M. Browner
Michael Froman
TJ Glauthier
Lisa Jackson
David Sandalow
Steve Spinner
Tom Wheeler
Heather Zichal
Lawrence Summers
Van Jones
Stephen Chu
Steve Isakowitz
Matt Rogers
Jonathon Silver
Kristina Johnson
James Markowsky
Steven Westly
Sanjay Wagle
David Danielson
David Sandalow
David Prend
Rahm Emanuel
David Crane
Robert Rubin
Timothy Geithner
Tom Steyer
Jack Lew
Jerry Brown
Jonathon Silver
Lewis “Lew” Hay, III
John Doerr
Ernest Moniz
John Bryson
Bernie Toon
Jeffrey Immelt
Dan Reicher
Sergey Brin
David Drummond
Vint Cerf
Larry Page
Peter Darbee
Fred Hochberg
Alice Albright-Madeleine Albright’s daughter
José Villarreal
David Shaw
Larry Rasky

Anonymous said...

This is a very long read, Threepers. But it tells a story and names names as to who was and is behind this "green" effort to turn our country into a communist state called the USSA. United Socialist States of America.

I'm can't say for sure that all the individuals named below are, in fact, communists, but if you strapped any and all of them to a table and pumped truth serum into their veins, you would find out that they all think that communism is preferable to Capitalism, at least as it relates to the masses. What they all for sure believe in is government control of literally everything in the economic column. Pretty much our entire lives.

This group set up, wrote, contributed to and profited from the 2009 Stimulus Act. They pocketed literally Billions of borrowed money that our children and grand children will have to pay back. They have set us up for biggest financial bubble burst the world will ever see.

They are statists that believe in and follow the Cloward / Piven model, which states, if you want to advance communism, you must first collapse the Capitalist system.
When chaos erupts, you suspend election, suspend the constitution and declare marshal law.

They are preparing. The civilian police forces are being militarized. The second amendment, the one thing they fear, is being chipped away. Free speech is being restricted. By this fall, 4.5 trillion dollars that will be languishing in banks will flood the economy and it will collapse.

This will end up causing the civil war Mike speaks of.

Read this piece. Know who the culprits are. Prepare.
If the democrats win in the next two election cycles, we lose sooner rather than later. If the republicans win, we still lose because they will surely deregulate, (over regulation is why all the pumping by the Fed is not working), and they will lower taxes. You may think this is great, but it will cause all that excess currency in those banks to hit the market causing massive inflation. Then the economy will collapse. The 17.6 trillion debt will come due and we won't be able to pay even the interest.

Hard times are coming. There will be violence. There will be state oppression and wide spread rights violations. We will have to fight our way out of this mess. I just pray that we can grab the people listed in this article and make historic examples of them so that maybe, just maybe, we can finally deliver a death blow to world wide socialism.

Pray for deliverance.