Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Day At The Shooting Range Pending Magazine Ban.

Chasing New Jersey continues to follow the possible unintended consequences of New Jersey’s pending ten-round magazine law.


Anonymous said...

Well, folks, we need to do something here that is long past due. Our Republic is governed by "The consent of the governed."
So, to borrow some words from the wonderfully successful "war on drugs," it's time to say, "NO!"
And enforce this stance with whatever effort it takes to prevail.
That is, we are dealing with idiots and no amount of logic will fix this. No means NO. Class dismissed.

John said...

45 cents a round for reloaded .223? Guess they haven't been paying attention to the current pricing out there.

Chris in NJ said...

'No discernible difference, positive or negative on crime stats'. The money shot is right there. I like the video of the Fat Bastard Sweeney wiping the alligator tears from his eyes while he knifes a million of us in the back.

Anonymous said...

The bastards will never admit it but I believe that they truly LIKE the idea that they will be creating possibly millions of new felons. Either they will frighten some into disarming themselves, or they will have an excuse to incarcerate potential rebels. That it hurts innocents such as little Shyanne Roberts (nice Rem 597 she has there) is actually plus in their book. These people do not enjoy the shooting sports and relish any opportunity to impose their standards on others. I do not believe anything short of a well placed rifle round can do any good now. The first step should be to publish names and physical addresses for all legislators voting for this abomination, with party leadership at the top of the list. I think that the names/address of all local political and community leaders who have publicly stumped for the measures along with any/all media types - print, radio and television alike - who have pontificated, bloviated and editorialized in support of it. It might also be useful to put a graphic consisting of a simple line drawing of a house with a set of cross hairs superimposed over it at the top of the list.

Anonymous said...

Actually, concealed carry has had a very positive crime reduction effect wherever it is allowed. That has been studied and proven over and over again.