Thursday, May 29, 2014

From bad to worse: Dr. Ben Carson cannot be trusted on gun rights

>You want a "conversation," Carson? Then listen closely: keep your filthy claws off our guns--or face the consequences. Conversation over.


Anonymous said...

Almost ALL media at this time is either antagonist in nature (i.e. blatantly one sided) or controlled opposition. It has been clear for some time. Not everyone buys into it, but they will not cross the line lest they be Mercedied.

Dr. Carson falls under the latter. He is "good conservative black guy" to Obammy's Mao Socialist bad cop routine. It's all pro wrestling for the sheeple.

Anonymous said...

Well said. The article, that is.

Carson was a brain surgeon, but his words about where guns should or should not be allowed indicates a serious lack of gray matter.

Personal integrity is NOT a sometimes thing; neither is the 2nd Amendment. I suggest Carson return to the OR.

Anonymous said...

The 'wrong people', i.e., criminals, getting their hands on guns is the responsibility of law enforcement. The 'right people' having assault weapons is nobody's business.

Carson blew it.

CzarChasmIII said...

I will likely vote for a Constitution Party candidate, maybe a Pro-Life Libertarian Party candidate if such an animal exists, but I will never, ever vote Republican again. Not that I think the Reps will necessarily ever nominate Carson, but it's just as likely that who they do nominate will be even worse than Carson on gun issues, like Christie for example. Whatever, I'm done with big-government, establishment politicians no matter what letter appears next to their names, which really means that I think a political solution is simply not possible anymore. Carson is becoming a clown who is only serving to give exposure to exactly how bad the Republicans are.

Reposted this link and Kurt's piece at USA Carry Forums. Thanks for it, Mike.

Anonymous said...

this is why i'm sick of terms like "Republican" or "conservative". Because the label gets people (non-thinking ones) to favor them. Look at what they stand for, not the label. The Republicans haven't done a damn thing for us in congress, barely slowing down the steady march toward serfdom, or outright slavery. And McCain calls himself a "conservative" so, nuf-said.

Unknown said...

Sitting on the fence and being squishy is not a good look for the Dr.

Anonymous said...

You could NOT be more wrong....Carson has repeatedly said he is:
1. AGAINST the registration of guns
2. He will firmly protect the 2nd Amendment

He did say that maybe people should own tanks.....joke

John Sousa

Jim Klein said...

He should be an easy one to persuade. "Dr. Carson, should one be free to avail oneself of whatever medical care is available, if that person can afford it?"

"Dr. Carson, should one be free to avail oneself of whatever self-defense is available, if that person can afford it?"

Pretty tough to distinguish those two. "But what about all the other people and their fear?" What about them? They have the right to try and stay alive too.

tom k. said...

I like the doctor,but,I believe Dr rand Paul would be a great leader along with mike lee or ted Cruz.These are men I can support.I say give the libertarian party a turn.Less government is good government.What say you Dutchman?

Anonymous said...

Carson said he doesn't understand why anyone needs an assault rifle. That shows he doesn't know the purpose of Amendment II.

I would not vote for him in a primary. If he got the nomination, he would be better than ANY Democrat and I would have to vote for him then.

- Old Greybeard

HappyClinger said...

If Dr. Carson thinks it's ok for him to issue edicts about what rights "should" consist of, he's too much of a statist for me. In fact, the mere utterance of the question disqualifies him from being president.

Dakota said...

Yeah, the tyrant we have now was a rock star too ...... how well did that turn out America.

I am convinced that this country could not pick or elect another POTUS that would make the hard decisions that "could" conceivably save this great nation.

I see no way in hell of electing a POTUS that would do the right things and make the hard decisions .... so then we go to plan B or C I suppose.

Frank in OK said...

Not to be racist but, when it's all said and swung, blacks agree with and vote for their color and that "color's" ideals.

It has yet to fail.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Carson doesn't understand the constitution and bill of rights.

He also has that damnable attitude that bespeaks an arrogance which states to anyone who doesn't agree with him, that they are wrong and he is right, no matter what.

Don't bother to run Ben, we don't need any more politicians or "friends" like you, and I'm done with conversing on the matter.

You are not qualified to tell me what I can and cannot do or have, without your permission. The law and history is on my side. All you have is an arrogant opinion backed up by nothing more than a belief in yourself and your point of view is all that matters to you.

Your not interested in my point of view. You only want to convince me that
I need to agree with you. That will NEVER happen. Go away. Go to Europe, they'll like you there.

Anonymous said...

John Sousa

I heard what he said and how he said it. He meant it. There was no wiggle room in it.

He is no friend to the second amendment, and that means he has no business running this country for a "free" people.

J. Travis said...

I'd rather have an admitted enemy in office, than a phony "conservative" or moderate who steals my vote, and uses his position to compromise with the leftists/collectivists.

Obama's happy gun control ideas got no traction.... if McCain had proposed the same crap, Bohner and the House Republicans could not have supported him quick enough to prove their "moderate" stance.

oughtsix said...

Once and for all Time, people:

There. Will. Be. NO! Voting. Our. Way. Out. Of. This. Mess! Period. Full Stop. The End.

No potentially electable candidate, from any conceivable party, could promulgate, promote, get passed and implement the steps necessary to save this nation from the one hundred(+?) years of the intentional subornation and degradation of Founding principles, practices and morality, much less the soon to be cataclysm of the debt 'n dollar fiasco.

Think about it. While we're fuming about "gun control," something cosmically bigger and much more final this way comes. And No One, least of all any politician whatsoever, is going to stop it.

If you like your guns, you can keep 'em. And you had better because that is all that is left to us. "They" haven't enough time left to even begin to take them away if you won't allow it.

Paul X said...

"I would not vote for him in a primary. If he got the nomination, he would be better than ANY Democrat and I would have to vote for him then."

Keep compromising, Old Greybeard. Pretty soon there won't be anything left to compromise with.

This shows the problem with an establishment Republican. If such is nominated, many gun owners will go to sleep. Then the gun control bills will be passed, because the Reps and Senators will have "cover" from their supposedly conservative President.

There will be no good President, from here on out. They all will be evil bastards.

We might as well support Hillary if the typical mushy R gets nominated. At least the gun owners will stay on their toes (rather than falling asleep) and stop bad legislation, and resist it if any gets passed. She'd be the perfect foil for the start of a Revolution, too.

If this bozo or Christie or almost any other R you can think of gets nominated, I'm voting Hillary (assuming I bother to vote at all). This country is long past due for a Revolution.

Anonymous said...

If you vote for anything other than a Republican or a Democrat for President, YOU ARE COMPROMISING BY WASTING YOUR VOTE! The ballot access laws in our country are very much against any candidate other than a Republican or a Democrat. That's a shame but unless that gets changed by the states, sometimes we must vote for the lessor of the two main evils. That's just the way it is for the time being. At least, Republicans aren't collectivists. That makes them better than Democrats.

So, go vote for a third party candidate. It is exactly the same thing as voting for the Democrat. Voting for Ross Perot got us Bill Clinton. If you vote for a 3rd party candidate, you will get us Hillary. Won't that be fun?
That's why I am
- The uncompromisingly Republican Old Greybeard.