Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Claire Wolfe interviews me for SWAT magazine.

Toys For Totalitarians - Enemy At The Gates


j said...

OUTSTANDING!!! This is classic! Kudos all around.

Anonymous said...

Mike, that was outstanding.

May God continue to bless you and your efforts for liberty as God intended.

As you recently told me, "drink water and drive on,"

And, yes, your friends far outnumber those who would foolishly stand against you.

Bob, your friend and neighbor here in Georgia.

Anonymous said...

An excellent introduction to the many who have not yet had the blessing of your tutelage.

Anonymous said...

Claire wrote a great article . What a legacy of courage . It reminded me a little of a gun smuggler for Ireland in the mid 1920's . His name was Robert Erskine Childers . He eventually faced a British firing squad for smuggling a single .32 caliber pistol. While refusing a blindfold he made the famous quote "Take one or two steps closer and make it easier on you fellas".
We all will be facing some sort of retribution during the upcoming unpleasantness I hope to have your courage.

CzarChasmIII said...

Talk about advancing right into the belly of the beast! Awesome Mike!

As the late, great Duane Allman once said of his late, great friend, King Curtis, "That man is an example of how to live!"

As are you, Mike, as are you.

Capitalist Eric said...

Simply excellent.