Thursday, May 22, 2014

Gander Mountain 'straw purchaser' lawsuit newest anti-gun Catch-22

So gun dealers risk lawsuits if they accept cash for gun purchases (despite cash being defined by law as legal tender)--and they are systematically being "choked" off from banking and credit. What are they supposed to take as payment--gold bullion?


Anonymous said...

I might have to start looking at these "bitcoin" thingies.

Anonymous said...

Top down, bottom up, inside out.

Anybody else noticing the pace of tyranny accelerating?

I expect a coup attempt.

Anonymous said...

I almost have to spit when I say this, but gun manufacturers and their authorized dealers need to set their own credit union, (that 'u' word is hard to spit out), and start issuing credit cards for the specific purpose of firearms and accessory purchases. Being exclusive to gun enthusiasts, they could also set it all up in a way that thwarts federal snooping into their client records.