Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Brady New Jersey smart gun lawsuit demonstrates hypocrisy, anti-choice agenda

That makes the hypocrisy of the gun-grabbers all the more glaring. When they resort to demonstrable lies, like “The NRA wants to ban this gun,” and the Bradys amplify the meme with social media posts quoting articles deceptively claiming the goal is to “prevent these guns from ever reaching store shelves,” what’s intentionally left unsaid is that the opposition from gun rights advocates is to mandates. Were edicts like the one in New Jersey, that the Bradys are now suing to have imposed, not threatening to take all choice but theirs away, the “gun lobby” would never seek legislation to prohibit voluntary personalized gun ownership. The legal objections center wholly on gun owner choices being eliminated by diktat.

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Anonymous said...

This lawsuit will languish longer than Palmer.... Because actually addressing it means answering fundamental questions. The Brady's and the NRA crew want the questions left unanswered - in order to keep that bread buttered- and government wants to avoid answering those questions as well. For answering them truthfully destroys the gun control at the root while answering them dishonestly demonstrates that constitutional enumerations mean exactly nothing.

Of course there is blatant projection and hypocrisy exuding in this situation. Those in the mix are so corrupt that they don't care. They are literally protected by the idiocy if the vast majority of the American people.

Personally, I'm hoping the Brady Bunch succeeds in this effort. Why?
The best way to witness unjust laws removed is to enforce them far and wide. I think - check that - I know that we should be DARING the New Jersey "law enforcement" to go for it. Go ahead, dumbfucks. Go ahead and impose this. See just what you start when you do.

It's called civil war.