Friday, May 23, 2014

But, but, how will the secret political policemen of the FBI fabricate cases anymore? Putting a crimp in the American Stasi's traditional way of lying.

FBI, federal agencies to record interrogations.
The Justice Department has made a major reversal of its policy and now presumes that the FBI, the DEA, the ATF, and the USMS all begin video and audio recording of suspect interrogations from July 11. In addition, the memo recommends that agents and their supervisors determine other areas of the investigation process where recordings will help improve the documentation trail.
This policy reversal has been welcomed by defense attorneys as well. They claim that the earlier system of the FBI and other federal agencies using one agent to interrogate the suspect and another to record it on paper lead to many false testimonies and incorrect verdicts. The defense attorneys claimed that when the suspects denied that they had made the statements that the prosecution attributed to them, they faced a situation where the jury was likely to believe the two federal agents against the word of a single suspect.
As I have written before and discussed at some length in other places, the FBI's use of hand-written 302's as the only record of interviews puts you at an inherent disadvantage. It is automatically their version of what you say that gets memorialized and no jury will believe that TWO FBI agents will concoct a narrative to prove their case. Yeah, right. I mean, the tape recorder was only invented in the 1930s. You have to ask yourself why it wasn't until now that the federal police agencies didn't make use of it. The answer of course is that to do so would have cramped their style in the creation of official lies.
I can only presume that next we will see "wag the dog" CGI-altered records as the next predictable step, since secret policemen will always find a way to protect the bureaucracy.


Anonymous said...

Not only recordings of interrogations, but in an age where cops have dashcams and lapel cameras, it's overdue for FED agents to have them also.Waco, Ruby Ridge and Gordon Kahl may have all looked quite different than FED testimony descriptions. I wouldn't believe these guys as a jurist, but that's why i never get picked. I pray that someday their tune "the Secret Policeman's Ball" changes to "Dancin' with Myself"...

SWIFT said...

In the aftermath of Flight 800, many witnesses saw false statements attributed to them on FBI 302's. Were these just errors due to the massive size of the investigation? Nope. They were outright lies used to support the official narrative of what happened to that plane. I use the example of flight 800, but the list of falsehoods is endless. No matter what changes the FBI makes, never trust those thugs.

Anonymous said...

This is almost laughable. The words, "presume, recommend, and policy" should clue you. In other words, the DOJ is covering THEIR ass. Meanwhile, the FBI is collectively rolling on the floor in gut splitting laughter while winking at each other. Right. Video ..tape..


They'll simply shoot them now. And then "review" and close the case.

Mark Matis said...

It only takes TWO words to describe the FBI:



Anonymous said...

This is why you should never ever say ANYTHING to a police officer.

Anonymous said...

The new Amerikhan Police State is "too big to fail"

Everyone needs to recognize that any encounter with LE has a huge potential to turn violent with LE as aggressors. Everything you say and do will be used against you to justify their aggressions. Understand clearly that they will obfuscate, deny and fabricate to defend their aggressions.

They're protected by their own bureaucracy's and the courts. Constitution be damned.