Tuesday, December 31, 2013

"The state police (are) investigating." Red Queen of CT news "reporters" does another story without an interview. I'm starting to think she's only interested in one point of view. Go figure.

Mary O'Leary, the Red Queen of CT news "reporters," has done another story on the CT end of the Toys for Totalitarians program.
State Senate Majoriy Leader Martin M. Looney said he would have preferred to receive a different type of magazine for a Christmas present.
“I wish he had sent me a New Yorker, the New Republic or the Atlantic,” Looney said when told he was the recipient of a high-capacity gun magazine.
Specifically, both Looney, D-New Haven, and state Sen. John McKinney, R-Fairfield, each were sent one 28-round standard capacity AR-15 magazine, manufactured by C Products Defense Inc. of Bradenton, Fla.
It was part of Alabama gun activist Mike Vanderboegh’s “Toys for Totalitarians” campaign, in which he is sending banned high-capacity magazines to some legislators after he finished sending various examples of magazines to the governors of Colorado, Maryland, New York and, as of Monday, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy.
Looney said he was informed by Capitol Police Sgt. Timothy Boyle of the present late Monday.
The majority leader said he didn’t accept it and a spokesman for the police said the three empty magazines have been turned over to the Connecticut State Police major crime squad.
Ooooh. Now I'm really scared. The "state police major crime squad." Is that the same bunch of jack-booted thugs who are negating the First Amendment right along with the Second?
Looney said some people think the entire Constitution resides in the Second Amendment, rather than understanding the totality of the document.
The “gifts” were sent to governors where gun control legislation passed in 2013 as a response to the mass shootings in Newtown and Aurora, Colo., among other incidents.
The magazines for Looney and McKinney, who is among a growing field of likely Republican candidates for governor next year, were addressed to the Senate Democratic offices.
Brett Cody, spokesman for McKinney, said the senator, when informed of the present, also declined to accept it.
Andrew Doba, spokesman for Malloy, would only say a magazine had been received and the state police were investigating.
Lt. Paul Vance, spokesman for the state police, said detectives are examining “the types of circumstances of the receipt of it and state laws to ensure that no laws were violated.”
It doesn’t appear that sending an empty gun magazine in the mail is illegal and an agent in the New Haven field office of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms said ATF has no rules governing this.
Well, I know that comes as distinct disappointment to Little Jimmy Vann of the ATF Chief Counsel's office. However, they're ignoring the fact that we are continually smuggling other magazines by various routes into Connecticut. I have even announced my own complicity in such smuggling on the steps of their state capitol months ago.
Connecticut has banned ownership of high-capacity magazines since April 4, while residents who owned them before that had to register them with the state by Tuesday, or face a fine for an initial violation, then a possible jail term and the loss of the right to own any firearms.
The new state law in Connecticut forbids the importing of high-capacity magazines, said Michael Lawlor, Malloy’s chief policy person on criminal matters.
Vanderboegh has been taunting the governors and lawmakers who passed gun legislation off and on this year and by sending the contraband magazines he told several of them, in long letters attached to the gifts, to “go arrest yourself.”
In the latest posting on his blog, Sipsey Street Irregulars, Vanderboegh said four more were in the mail on Monday, for a total of seven sent. Included among the recipients is David Gregory of NBC News. He said the last four “are the best of all.”
Oh, I see, she's interviewing MY BLOG. So THAT'S what passes for "journalism" in CT these days.
Vanderboegh said he has allegedly smuggled 300 magazines into Connecticut, New York, Maryland and Colorado and he has appealed to his supporters to send more to him, along with the funds to mail them.
Lawlor said if someone receives an illegal substance in the mail, an arrest would go to “the intent to possess,” which leaves unknowning recipients of banned magazines off the hook.
Vanderboegh was one of the speakers at an April pro-gun rally at the Capitol just after lawmakers had adopted the strict new gun control legislation. He said then that he already helped bring the banned magazines into the state and urged the crowd to engage in civil disobedience.
Oh, so they DID notice that little speech.
Vanderboegh sent Malloy a 30-round standard capacity AR15/M4 magazine, which he said was manufactured by Ammunition Storage Components in New Britain.
He tells Malloy that “your efforts to disarm your fellow citizens will play an important role in your re-election next year.” He said 50 banned magazines have been given to Connecticut citizens since the state’s gun law went into effect.
Vanderboegh said he was at least “guilty of defying your unconstitutional tyranny” and he invited him to try to make a case against him.
Yup. Sure did.
Story first, interview later.  Off with his head.
The Red Queen of CT "journalism."


Anonymous said...

State Senate Majoriy Leader Martin M. Looney lecturing anyone on the Constitution is funny. Perhaps he should go back to grade school. And that so-called reporter? She must be a looney too! And when they sing a duet, it's a Looney Toon.

bondmen said...

Is the Red Queen of CT news reporters a close relative of or merely an imperfect reincarnation of another commontator who looks frighteningly similar to this http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-WKhe8MnX-iA/UsJ0yhOV23I/AAAAAAAAZ6U/tUC4iPGUKls/s320/annethegungrabber.jpg ?

Maybe being anti-gun makes one's eyes and skin do really funny things to one's face.

Anonymous said...

'Intent to possess' will come into play when joe schmoe is tagged with one of these products.

Joe will have the full weight of these pompous pricks and their enforcers dropped on him.

Hapless Joe simply doesn't have the immunities extended to these ruling class pukes.

SWIFT said...

I had a gut feeling, due to the types of questions the Red Queen asked, that this was exactly how things would turn out. I never once felt she would follow through with an interview. I've posted about it before, that when I was ordered to Viet-Nam, we were given a pamphlet titled, Know Your Enemy. I studied it and have never forgotten the lesson. It should be required reading for anyone dealing with government,or fifth columnists, in the fourth estate.

Roger J said...

Interesting that the "Major Crimes Unit" is investigating this in preference to narcotics smuggling or teenage girls coerced into prostitution, an activity that unfortunately is going on just about everyplace. Virginia State Police recently busted such a ring near (where else?) Washington. But then the VSP is not spinning its wheels trying to enforce ridiculous and useless gun laws.

Mt Top Patriot said...

If Mary O'Leary is a truth speaking journalist, she would do well to not ignore the history of Freemen and their Liberty.
Personally, I suspect Ms. O'Leary deliberately has avoided considered discourse with you Mike in order to control the narrative in her published piece. That is not journalism by any moral or honest definition. It is outright lying.

Ms. O'Leary and who she is associated with would do well to note those who ignore the past end up taking the tyrants dirt nap first when the purges begin.
It is then she and her kind will greatly regret not having a very many large capacity ammunition feeding devices because of their part in denying the Liberty to own such things to defend from tyranny.
It is those who inhibit peaceful redress who cause violent revolution.

Mt Top Patriot said...

It is interesting to see a photo of Ms. O'Leary. To me it is the face of somebody who has not been faced with the reality of the tyranny she enables with her obfuscation's and dissimulation's. It is the face of a petty tyrant. One who abuses trust and wields power over gullible people with half truths, lies and agitprop.

But what strikes me most is the arrogance of her hubris in her eyes. It is a look that is wholly unprepared for the consequences of her immoral acts of assisting in imposing tyranny on others.

And I try to imagine the look of horror and helplessness that will shatter her mask of hubris, when the day comes Ms. O'Leary herself becomes a victim of her own acts of disarmament. The ultimate realization she herself sold her liberty and soul, and thus disarmed of virtue and the means of defense, having relinquished morality and dignity of liberty, she is liquidated by the very ilk of tyranny she herself assisted in placing in absolute power with her lies to begin with.

It is the way of all tyrants, that to secure their power and eliminate all enemies to that power, those who where ignorant enough to ignore the past, betray their fellow man in the long march of usurpation, can not be trusted and must be eliminated in the purges and pogrom of all intellectuals and potential resistors.

Careful what you wish for Ms. O'Leary.
It is not rifle magazines in the hands of Freemen you need be fearful of.

Anonymous said...

Death To Tyrants.

Anonymous said...

We have a saying down on the farm:

"When the breeding gear has ceased to opperate - off to the slaughter house!"


Carl Stevenson said...

Is this cow the one that kicked over the lantern and started the great Chicago fire?