Sunday, December 15, 2013

NRA Board candidate Brandon Webb is a "wolf in sheep's clothing."

This just in from a reader:
Brandon Webb is a former Navy SEAL (who goes to lengths to remind people of it), who's written some books about how he was a great instructor; and recently made an announcement to run for the NRA board in 2015.
It may just be a publicity stunt - the more one reads about this guy, the more frayed the edges of his stories look; but on the other hand, he's also a writer and publicity hound who might get some attention, and may have some financial backing because he speaks in leftist code, calling civilian firearms ownership a "sport", talking about "compromise" with no specifics, and throwing around things like "common sense" ... and more overtly, saying "idiots shouldn't own guns", and that there should be mandatory training. Helps that he used to be an instructor... and tried to get an huge range complex built east of San Diego.
It's a long, long post because there are a lot of quotes.
Links to much more of his "compromise" derp are throughout the post, but I copy/pasted some screenshots from original locations for a sample.
After he started calling gun rights folks "crazies" on twitter, he asked for PMs to volunteer to debate him, one guy sent a pretty vehement one, and Webb responded thus, publishing the private message, too:
Classy, no?
Dunno if you know of the guy, but on the off chance you do, reading the words for what they say, over and over, and over and over - because he's consistent, shows that he's basically pretty much a statist control freak on the gun rights issue, and will readily dismiss anyone who resists his ideas as "crazy" and "fanatics". Regardless of personal opinion, it's pretty clear by what he wrote over and over again, in various ways.
The phrase that keeps coming to mind with regards to compromise and government, especially with gun grabbers is "just the tip, baby".
There's a lot to the post, and several other links, including to one where Webb talks about the necessity for compromise after Sandy Hook.
MAC/Sturmgewer at Military Arms Channel/The Bang Switch has a long post about keeping Webb off the board of directors, and Soldier Systems posted Webb's response to "crazies" and asked what people thought of it. Both are linked in the long Patriot Perspective blog post.
There's also a very, very informative thread on about Webb here.
There's a lot of discussion and conclusions reached - some mirror mine - that he seems to think he's better than everyone, that he's an elitist who believes in control and organization and regimented structure - because that's how he was introduced to firearms. Because of that, he doesn't view mandatory training or licensing as a gateway to confiscation, but as "common sense compromise"... because he doesn't know firearms outside of a very structured military setting. And he also doesn't understand that the Second Amendment is a bulwark against tyranny, and that it creates the armed society that creates polite society and stability... He views it as "sport".
And that's probably the nicest way to analyze it.
It'd be really interesting if Bloomberg or somebody threw money behind him, as he talks in gun-grabber code.
I'm a veteran Marine, and based on the sources I've read, I'm pretty sure I have more time in combat than Webb, which makes some things seem plainer to me - the SEAL card doesn't awe me into obsequiousness. I've seen his attitude play out in bad-tempered military instructors before - arrogance, throwing out credentials all the time, lots of bluster, and avoiding pointed questions... and a lot of it comes from a haughty stance of them thinking they know best and thinking they should always be in charge, and accompanied by violent rejection of criticism.
- ShortTimer


Gregory K. Sloat said...

I shared this article, and several of the links within it, on my Facebook Timeline and News Feed. This needs a wide distribution and people need to see it, and they will. Thanks for helping to keep us informed on important issues (I check in every day).

Roger J said...

Wonder if Bloomberg money is behind this candidacy? I can hear Hizzoner now: "How could NRA members NOT elect a Seal?"

Anonymous said...

I will have to read the links in Mike's post before I pass judgement on Mr. Webb's fitness for NRA board member,ut one thing that raises my hackles a little is his reference to UDT/SEAL class 215.As a Former SEAL he should know the correct format is BUD/S class 215. You are not a SEAL until completion of SQT.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't put it past the Bloomberg types to try to slip one of their own - and out-right gun-grabber fifth columnist - on the NRA board.

Matt Bracken said...

Just because a guy was a SEAL it doesn't mean he's a patriot or gives a damn about the Constitution. Plenty of SEALs get out of the military and transition directly to any state, local or federal SWAT team that will have them. What many of these guys love above all is the adrenaline rush that comes with kicking in doors and throwing flashbangs. Their attitude toward the Constitution is, "The department has lawyers to worry about that shit. I'm an operator, and my job is pulling triggers."

Anonymous said...

"Wouldn't put it past the Bloomberg types to try to slip one of their own - and out-right gun-grabber fifth columnist - on the NRA board."

Like.... We don't have any on there now?

Anonymous said...

The NRA is an anti-gun group posing as a pro-gun org. NRA comprises on all gun legislation. So Brandon will fit right in.

Anonymous said...

If being a former sniper qualifies one to negotiate with gun grabbers, then I vote for Dr. Ruth Westheimer, (the little female, four foot tall sex therapist who served as a sniper in the IDF in her younger years). Somehow, I think that even she would give more unabashed and uncompromising support to the 2nd amendment than this Webb guy. Screw him!

Also, I guess my repeated decision to NOT donate to the NRA with every gun related purchase at Midway USA was a good one.

Anonymous said...

Donate to the NRA? I think I'd rather buy more powder and primers.

skybill said...

Hi Mike,
Has anyone "vetted" this guy?? UDT/SEAL class 215...BUD?S class 215??? I used to work with a guy who claimed SEAL status. Certain comments he made didn't pass the smell test. One of my co-workers did some investigating and the dude is now on the SEAL's "Wall of shame" and on the POW Network's imposter list. All it takes is a little "diggin'."

Anonymous said...

"New blood on the NRA board"? "Bury our heads on anti-gun legislation"? NRA needs to participate in anti-gun legislation?"

Might be humorous if someone delivers his head in a box and his blood in a quart jar to the NRA board. 'Any' gun legislation is an infringement on that which "shall not be infringed".

You don't negotiate with collectivists. You shoot 'em.

Anonymous said...

A sister of one of the Newtown dead was on Fox this AM. She is currently a sponsored anti-gun celebrity on the circuit for Bloomberg. She said Biden and Obama BOTH told her privately that, to paraphrase, "...there were people who refused to change the slavery laws but eventually things changed."
Funny how the new analogy to freedom is slavery. Even more chilling is how slavery laws were changed.

Gunny G said...

Just read some of Webb's twaddle. MORE common sense legislation? In other words, gun control laws. He even stated that gun owners should be able to pass an NRA basic qual course or "go back to licking windows."

Quite obviously Webb is in love with Webb and Webb can't hear us over the sound of how awesome he is!

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna explain something to the collectivist bastards who think controlling guns is right and just.

"A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."

Let's break it down...(not that there is much to 'break down).

"A well regulated militia...." That would be a gathering of regular guys, farmers, ranchers, fathers, husbands, store owners and such, all carrying their privately owned firearms and more than likely electing a it was normally done in those days.

"..being necessary to the security of a free state..." Secure from what? Marauding bears, deer and raccoons? I don't think so. That line was used in the context of providing security and maintaining state freedom in spite of outside threats and antagonists from other states or federal, COLLECTIVIST governments.

"The right OF THE PEOPLE to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." This statement assumes the existence of law abiding, free men and women who keep and bear firearms for the procurement of food, personal protection and the common defense of the free state. Any law that restricts IN ANY WAY the keeping and bearing of firearms by the law abiding citizen is an infringement.

Proof of that can easily be seen in that even convicted, non-violent criminals of the day were given back their firearms after they had served their time in prison. It was not the existence of the firearm, but instead it was the crime that was punished. It's what we should do today. 1st degree murder, with or without the use of a firearm, should get the death penalty. Assault and battery, even with a firearm, should get a very long sentence in prison. But punishing the law abiding, firearm owning citizen for the acts of others is a clear infringement of the right to keep and bear.

That being said, the real reason why collectivists want to restrict and eliminate private firearm ownership has nothing to do with saving lives or keeping the peace. It has to do with the how difficult they find it to dictate to an armed society. You just can't boss around a man armed with a rifle. End of story. ANYONE who thinks it is OK to disarm common folk so they can be more easily dictated to surely deserves a well aimed 7.62mm 'vote' right in the center of mas

Allen said...

"I was a navy seal!"

"yes..but who are you now?

"I was a navy seal!"

"ah yes..I define yourself by your previous job, which has nothing to do with WHO YOU ARE. my guess is you don't know who you are outside of the military discipline and confines of an authoritarian system, which you are trying to replicate for everyone. you're a fish out of water, praying for a flood to drown all us air-breathers so we can be just like you."

Anonymous said...

Actions speak louder than credentials. This person's actions do not impress. Looks like one of Bloomberg's camels trying to slip his nose under the tent.

Mr. Bracken's comments are particularly sensible.

Anonymous said...

The NRA is indeed the biggest and best disguised gun control organization in this country. Any objective look at its past and current "accomplishments" prove that beyond doubt.

Think of it this way - what better way to REMOVE the right to SELF defense is there than convincing the supporters of this RIGHT to willingly concede the duty to defend the right itself to another? The presence of the NRA itself is a undermining factor! It's members abdicate their own duty to defend the right of self defense - thinking that the NRA will have their best interest at heart. That's like claiming GOVERNMENT has your best interest at heart!!

The NRA is not what many think it to be. Indeed it is exactly the opposite. It IS itself a usurpation of rights - for it not only grabs the right of defense but also it bans that whole petition government for redress of grievance as well! Registered lobbyists anyone?

No liberty defender would have "someone else " protect and defend what is individual rights. Indeed, each must do so themselves or there is no such thing as individual liberty - but actually nothing more than a collectivist illusion of it.

Time to choose America.
Choose wisely.

AJ said...

About the time UDT/frogmen started being called SEALs is about the time that they had become nothing more than the CIA's wetwork hit squad.
So, BFD if he was a seal. I have no respect for remorseless killers, and have no need for one to 'represent' me on the NRA board.

Anonymous said...

I think he's just a Web guy.

Does remind me of the Boy Scouts though.

Anonymous said...

It seems a tremendous number of 'seals' are popping out of the woodwork these days, intent on impressing us lowly grunts with their prowess. As though only seals have the answer, are worth (and worthy) of our adulation.
For one, I do admire SeAls and respect their courage and abilities, but I do not regard them as gods or worthy of my respect just because they are SeALs.
As once was once referenced toward the Ranger tab upon my shoulder, the question, "So what?" was asked of me. Now I ask it of this man using his Budweiser as a badge of endorsement, "So what?" When all your compatriots line up to endorse you, then I may consider your worthiness. Until then, you're a plebe standing in the handout line, as we all are.

Crustyrusty said...

214. Produce a 214.

And ditto what Bracken said up there. Those types are WHY civilian LE is the way it is.