Sunday, December 1, 2013

More along the lines of "The Militia is the Enemy of the People."

The Houston Chronicle reports that the poor little ATF is "underfunded and under the gun" with the comment "It is not a secret that the agency has drawn plenty of enemies as it has gone up against street gangs, militia members and outlaw bikers."
"Militia members?" Really?
Larry Karson, an assistant professor of criminal justice at the University of Houston-Downtown, said the ATF has drawn plenty of controversy and taken plenty of heat but also sends agents into undercover missions that other agencies shy away from.
"Few other organizations will take the time, trouble and expense to deal with the dangers of going undercover against bikers or radical militia organizations," said Karson, a retired Customs Service agent.


Anonymous said...

Poor little BATFEces. Underfunded, oft maligned, whipping boy. Boo freakin' hoo.
If they would stick with their original mandate (whatever that was), and quit screwing the gun-owning public and manufacturers (large and small), they might find that we would give them some help and respect, albeit grudging.

This sounds like the bully complaining that no one like him, while DEMANDING that we "respect his authoritah."

B Woodman

countenance said...

ATF doesn't generally get down and dirty on street level because they don't have to or need to. Local/ground level LEAs uncover Federal offenses then the ATF moves in then the U.S. Attorneys move in.

The ATF doesn't need a huge budget.

SWIFT said...

Every POS person and group on the planet has it's apologists. No matter how low they stoop, someone will stoop to love them. ATF? Nuff to make you vomit.

Anonymous said...

"Bikers" ... are we now on the side of the Angels?